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New Real Estate Agent- Good morning, Mike and Shana Acquisto here in real estate brokers and co-owners with Acquisto real estate. And if you’re a brand new agent or overwhelmed or just an agent who wants to kind of get back to basics and focus on some really key details, we’re going to sit here and talk about that and have a good discussion with you. So one of these items you want to concentrate on is sometimes it’s like, why would I worry about anything other than what’s the most important thing to do?

Because there’s things coming at you from all angles, right? Yeah. Like, you have so much to do. My new agent and what we kind of thought through was like just to what the most important thing is, and that’s getting good at talking about real estate and having discussions and set up meetings. So the goal would kind of be, as a new agent, to set up one meeting on a weekly basis. And you just need to get good and bring in that.

You’re an experienced agent setting one meeting, right?

Yeah. So what you want to do is you want to just first start by setting meetings and then you want to have people around you that can help close those meetings. So if you’re more experienced, then you’ll know how to close those. But if not, then you can rely on somebody else to kind of help you along.

But as you’re just starting, you’re kind of like thinking through that. And it’s like, why do you have to worry about teaching a person software? Why do you have to worry about telling them how to log in? Why do you have to worry about, like, teaching them the process, teaching anything? Because without step one, which is get yourself some clients. Right. It’s like putting the horse before the cart. It kind of is.

Yeah. So, you know, I was talking with the new agent and I was like, wow, that does make a lot of sense. And it just kind of came up with me, the guy saying, I have limited time and I can only focus on whatever this is. And I was like having a job. Yeah, you know, it’s hard. I was like, well, just bring the business in. Like, that’s all you have to do. You have a license? Yeah.

We’ll like to take care of the rest. Right. And you can receive a referral fee in her office and we’ll have somebody else close it and take care of it. But how about you set the goal of one meeting in some way, shape or form every single week and set it up and we’ll close it for you.

And so that’s really kind of a good theory to kind of work around, because if you really think about it, you might have to have three or four conversations to set one meeting if you’re talking to people in person. Right. Whatever that happens to be. And then you set that one meeting and then it takes a period of time and you have no idea if this person is a good candidate because you have to truly just do what’s in their best interest. So it could be like 90 days, could be one hundred and eighty days, could be two years before it’s the right thing.

New Real Estate Agent

You know, sit in a meeting where we all meet together and that takes a lot of pressure off of a new agent or someone who is a little, you know, unsure about the process and how everything’s going to work. And it gives them a chance to learn. What I found is it seems like when  people try to learn everything and then they’re going through this and going through that, and then when it comes time to actually do a transaction, they’re like, wait, what do I do? They’ve kind of forgotten all of that because it didn’t make sense to them. It didn’t apply at the time. They couldn’t relate to what was happening.

So I think that’s great. And for your long term success, you do need to continue to set meetings all the time. And it should kind of be everybody’s goal out there. Right, to have you help me to have one meeting in a week or so ago. You have to have, like, called in the big dog to help me out. What was that with? I just had a little bit of a challenge. Oh, yeah, with one. No problem at all. So what happens is just once a week a meeting, right, just to talk about real estate. And so the question is, how do you get to that one meeting a week? And I guess it depends on you.

Right. So you have to think about who you are. So the gentleman I was speaking with is a brand-new agent just passed his exam. And it was a he. Right. So it was a guy. And he has a different way that he likes to do things. So what we like to do is we like to talk about what we did, not what we should do. Right. So I kind of talked about it from my perspective and said, like, here’s some things I like to do in here, some things I don’t like to do in. Here’s what helps me out. Right.

So anyways, we talk through it, and I think it’s important to always just be knowledgeable and gain information from TNT or from other sources just about real estate in general. And it’s all the nontraditional things that, you know, that will help you.

All right. So, one of the topics we’re talking about next is how to turn the water off. Right. And it’s super random. But it’s these important things to kind of know, yeah, and you can just randomly talk about items that have to do with the home, right. And there’s all types of things. And it’s very difficult to say. Do you want to buy or sell a house today? Like, it’s like. Like what? That’s a crazy conversation. So instead, just like be around and be their friend, you start out with, like, friends, right.

So continue to be their friend and and not high pressure Scelzi type person. Just be their friend in the state.

And so some ways that I, I try to do that is I’m always trying to give something right. So I might say like, hey, I’ve got a guy for that. So the conversation comes up and it’s like I’ve got a guy and that could be like I have a referral for you for any one of these different items. And it could be real estate related or not. But you just become a source, a trusted source for them. And then eventually they continue to ask you like, oh, you had a good guy for that. Do you have somebody for this? And after doing that one or two times, then all of a sudden they’re like, hey, like, do you have someone to do this?

You know, like your hair right now? I know it does become that. It really does. It’s really funny.

So just always help out and be there. So that was one of the things that I recommended. And then, you know, from a from a male perspective, like no more things around around the house. So like around the house, Mike. And what if you know more things, then you can add in all the time on whatever those happen to be. And that will help you set your one meeting a week.

You know, when our kids were little and they had one math teacher, they always said everything you do every single day involves math in some way, shape or form. And I believe that about real estate, I believe that whatever we do throughout a day, it can all kind of go back to having something to do with real estate in some way, shape or form.

And you don’t have to make it about you just make it where you’re additive in. You’re helping. Right. And it can almost be whatever your hobbies are. So if you like, you’re a runner, like how close are you to the trail if you’re a biker, like, where do you get to the bike paths? And yeah, like there’s just all these different things, you know what I mean? That you kind of can speak on. And that’s what you need to do, is just be there and be present and help out and get over thave advice and don’t overthink it.

So if you are a new agent, your goal should be to set one meeting a week and that’s it, to discuss real estate, whether it’s in person, whether it’s remote, whether it’s to like set up a search for somebody to give them home valuations and to have somebody who knows a little bit more than you at the company help you out. And if that happens to be us, that’s amazing. And we’ll be here for you right now. If you need if you have a mentor or any one of those things, reach out to that person and have them help you close them.

But just get really, really good at doing that one key item, which is to bring in business. It’s the most important  part. It is. And if you like, get way too good at that, then you can just keep doing it over and over and over. Don’t worry about it. Then do two and three and four and do ten. No one cares. You’ll make just a ton of money and you’ll just be really, really that.

And it’s life will be good. Yeah. So work on that one item then after that then you can continue to learn the next skill, whatever that skill happens to be. We’ll have to make that point. You’ll have something to work on. Right. But but then you have a real career. But if you can’t do step one, which is set a meeting.

Then it’s going to be really difficult. You’re going to be relying on somebody else, right? And you want to be self- reliant. That’s why you started to work for yourself. That’s why you’re an angel.

You know, when you hear the rule of, you know, most new agents don’t last two years in the business. And I think that’s why they’re trying to focus on all these things that aren’t bringing in business.

So if you don’t bring the business, then obviously and it’s super simple when you’re setting up a meeting, you just to ask for a couple of pieces of detail so you can start. So you get like name, email address, phone number in a couple of notes and that’s it. You put them in. And if you even don’t have some of those and you can, like, dummy the data so you can put it in if you need to, but then you go ahead and set the meeting, then you clarify all the rest of the data.

So if you don’t have the person’s last name, then you put, like, no name or whatever. And if you don’t have the email, just get it during the meeting and do your part. And that’s how you start your real estate career. And if you’ve been around for a long time, that’s how you grow your career.
The more you know, the more you grow. All right. Very good. That makes sense to you. Certainly.

-New Real Estate Agent-

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