Hey, the new iPad 5 is out in real terms, this could help you out show shows the old one. Show us a new one. You’re a luxury real estate broker and you bring this with you all the time.

I love my iPad. I make notes on it. I do. You can do everything on your iPad. It’s just like a a larger version of a phone. But a lot of the apps are desktop. You can have the desktop version.

So that’s the older one. And this is the newer one. I think they’re the exact same size. They have some upgraded cameras that are in here. This is the larger one. You love the pen, right? I love it. Very good. So that helps you out quite a bit. And you use this all the time when I get there. Right. And what I think helps with real estate tech, specifically the iPad, is it makes you appear way more tech savvy.

You know, it is funny that when I have that and I’m writing on it, I get a comment every time. Wow. What is that? How do you do that? Is that an iPad? So I get it sparks a lot of conversation.

It seems like a super simple thing, but then all of a sudden you have this and especially one like the one you have is connected to the Internet. So you get mobile service on it and it acts kind of just like a cell phone that you can look things up on the Internet and pull them up. It’s easy to share and show when you can stand it up and there’s a bunch of different items with it.

So we have a link for this that we’re going to chat in. We’re going to split the screen and we’re going to just kind of show you off a couple of the options that are available for us. So as we take a look here on the split screen, thank you all. Credit was extremely well. Great how you did that. We see that we have the new fifth generation won out and that one does have 5G service on it.

But it still has two colors. Two colors. Yes, that’s OK. Would you like more color options? Look at the fourth.

Yes, the fourth generation has a bunch of them for sure. Yes, well, that’s the ER that would be kind of a little bit more common. And then we have the iPad than the smaller ones. Right. But the problem is one that we’re kind of looking at here. It just seems like if you’re going to make an impression, then go ahead and do it.

I like the big one. It doesn’t matter on the color. You put a case on it anyway. I was just kidding.

Yeah. So we do have to kind of. I’m sure they’re probably the most popular color choices with the space grey. And it’s just I don’t know if it’s a silver or whatever that is. So it shows you the prices for them. And if you have cell service on them, I do kind of highly recommend the cell service. It’s not all that expensive to add it to your plan. I don’t know. I think it’s 15 bucks a month to add cell service to it and it really seems to work out. Yeah, you use this all the time.

I take it everywhere. Tell me some things that you can do on it. We’ll go back to just talking about

Something that I do a lot is I upload into my notability app, which, you know, that app is my favorite app. I upload a home inspection into notability and I’m able to make notes on it in notability and then send it right back to the client. And then we can have the conversation of, you know, let’s go through these points and they can see my notes. You can also upload a contract and have your client sign in notability. And, you know, it makes it super easy and convenient.

So that’s notability and they have a pen with it. So let’s grab the pen and we’ll be able to show that off for you. I think that that’s very, very helpful. Yeah, nice. It’s a good pen. And then there’s a couple of different tips that kind of come on it in case you have new challenges if you need to replace them. But it has a tip on there so that you can write. Here’s a Tip. Yes. Make sure so you have to charge it. On your iPad, you have to charge it in this way, but you want to always store your pin somewhere else.

This sounds like there’s a specific reason you’re telling us.

Yes, I actually had this in the back of a seat on the airplane. And I guess when I pulled it up, the pin came out or fell off of this and. I can never find it, so I’m sure that’s what happened, So we got to buy that. And again, those things are going to happen. But now talk about real estate specific things that you do besides using notability, like how does it work with

You to have you know, you have your MLS that’s available on your iPad. And like I said, you can go to the desktop version, not the mobile, the sometimes mobile versions of things. You don’t get all the features. You’re not able to maneuver in the same way. So a lot of the apps have a desktop version that you can use on your iPad, which is very helpful.

Very good. So that would help you out there. And this would go for you broke contracts on there. I mean, there’s all types of things that you can do.

Yeah. Your zip form. So we pay also to upgrade our zip forms to where you have the mobile version automatically so you don’t have to pay for that. So your zip forms will work on your iPad. That’s a feature that’s a feature of a Questo real estate.

What about OnX maps, OnX maps that we haven’t talked about yet, but yes, so if you’re out in the field, you can pull up Onex maps. It’s going to be another topic that we’re going to have. And you can if you have GPS and the mobile version, so you can walk around and see where you are on the iPad, which is really beneficial.

And then once you download that map, you don’t necessarily have to be online. But sometimes you go to some really

Bad service and you’re out in the middle of nowhere that doesn’t have good service, then it’s automatically downloaded and will function. So it’s really cool.

Pretty good. Sean, I’m impressed you do a great job of utilizing real estate technology, and I would highly encourage anyone else out there to look into the right device. And now that, you know, the new one came out, it has a better camera.

So that will help you out. So it’s going to be zooming more off and on over. Then you’ll be able to go ahead and do that. You can Zoom. I do my zoom meetings on my iPad and I’ll set up my iPad and zoom and then I have my computer. If I’m having to do anything else or look up something or if it’s a really boring zoom, you can work. Just kidding.

Very good. You can watch TNT on it. Yeah.

And another thing, when you’re on vacation, you can stream a lot of the hotels now will have where you can we have Netflix and Hulu and everything, the app on our iPad and we can stream it and watch movies on TV in our hotel.

Oh very good. It’s worth it. There’s a lot of different things you could do and we seem to upgrade the Shawna’s technology a little bit more frequently than possibly most. But what we always do is then we’ll sell the old device and get the money back. So it’s not really that expensive to continually update.

They do hold their value pretty good as long as they’re not completely damaged. But yeah. So there you go. It’s not all that expensive. Look into it, see if it helps you out. And this is one of the most affordable ways that you can be perceived to have a lot of knowledge and to be tech tech forward.

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