New features in NTREIS. New features? Yeah. Well done, Shana. That’s awesome. All right, so.

It’s a little. I like this little feature. We’re going to get over to my s log in so I can log in and show you guys just a quick little thing here. But if you are in nitrous and you’re searching for a property and you see inaccurate information, there’s now a way that you can report that just with a click of a button. So let me show you. We’re just going to pop in Frisco here. Now we have to select the city.

Some new changes. All right. So when you’re looking at a property, all right, and you click on it, you’re going to now notice up here there’s a little triangle with an exclamation mark. So if you see that maybe a school’s wrong or somebody has put something in here that you know is against the rules that you shouldn’t do, like no showings for ten days, something like that.

Or you see that you’ve talked to an agent, you’re like, look, they’ve they’ve told you they’ve already accepted an offer and it’s still showing active. Then you can report that. So when you click on the the little yellow button what happened will happen.

Listing data checker dot com. So it has parcel ID. So if your parcel id is incorrect, I don’t know who would know that, but maybe somebody would address verification. This could fall into we’ve had those issues with property following in Prosper or Salina and someone may want it in one city, but it goes by your taxation city and then change in status, inaccurate information.

So if you see that and inappropriate words in the remarks, this is basically for fair housing violations. If somebody is putting inappropriate things that you feel are offensive, then now there’s a button and you can report that. So you could put that information in here. It goes directly to your MLS board and there it goes to the brokers and and the appropriate people.

So you don’t you don’t have to send it to Terry at our mills. You just do it right here. So there you go. So use that, you guys, if you see something, it takes 20 seconds to do. So please make sure you’re doing that and using that button.

And I would feel that that’s important as well because what we have there is the whole thing with being a realtor is having the best database and having the correct information when the information is wrong or you dilute the database or you don’t have all of the data, that’s when the whole realtor thing starts to crumble. Yeah. And when it starts not working. So I do highly encourage people.

And you make sure That you’re. I also want to remind people, you know, and this is what I tell people, I am starting to hear a lot from other agents just because of my position at CCAR. They reach directly out directly to me with these different things and I say, you know what? If this is something that you’re frustrated with or you feel needs to be changed, then send an email, send an email to me, I’ll forward it on.

Or you can just go straight to CCAR, but you have to voice your concerns or your suggestions or your frustrations or nothing happens. So don’t keep talking about something. Take action and do something about it, and that’s going to make us all better.

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