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Hello and thank you for joining us today on TNT. We’re going to talk about the new digital guest registration format that is Shauna and she’s going to be walking us through this. We have some videos to show you guys. We’re going to show you an example of it. We’re going to show you how to use it. And we’re going to tell you what would be the best way to get involved with it. What is this?

Yeah, this is for if you’re if you are hosting an open house, this is a great way for you to gather information digitally instead of having them handwritten. What kind of upped our game a little bit and we’re going to show it off right now.

Yeah. Very good, Shana. Thank you. So this is something that we’ve been working on for a little while. We’ve heard that people wanted to have a nice, easy way, that you could have somebody put in their name, their email address and their phone number and have that information go directly to you. So this page was put here and this is a Zoho form. So what I’m going to do is show you guys that here real quick.

So if you’re taking a look, this is a Zoho related product here for Acquisto Real Estate. And this is customization is information. That’s what we’re showing off here. But each person does have one in particular. And if you go ahead and take a look here, the person would just put in their first name and her last name.

Those are standard items, their cell phone number, their email address. And do they have an agent that they’re currently working with, with a sign, a representation agreement, and then they would go ahead and hit submit?

I like one of the choices is it’s complicated. OK, so that’s not a yes, not a no.

Yup. So, I mean, so those types of things that do happen from time to time. So what happens is when that is submitted, then it goes directly in and it goes to to yourself. So we’ll go ahead and show a video that Katie put together for this. So you know exactly what’s going on. Maybe I spoke maybe I spoke right about that in particular. Let’s go ahead and play. This video now shows exactly how this works.

Welcome to our new digital guest registration. Each of you now has your own personal guest registration link that is customized with a banner, with your picture information and contact details. These these questions are all standard on each one of yours, but can be customized if you want to add additional questions regarding pre approval, price range, etc.. So I want to show you some of the features when you register.

And I’m going to put in an email address that I know is not in here so that it will come up in Zoho. Do you have a signed representation agreement with the realtor? No. Yes, it’s complicated. I’m going to hit submit. No registration is complete. And what you’ll see is that it gets rerouted directly to your agent page. So if someone is on their phone, their Web browser is now going to be you and all of your accolades and your bio and everything. So from there, if we go over to your to Zoho, let me refresh this just so I can show you the back end.

That friend will now push directly into Zoho, which we can see down here as Katie Druce. And what’s great is that it’s automatically assigned to Shana. So if each one of your links is programmed to push into your user ID, so if someone registers under my open house link, it will automatically assign me as the friend owner. Something else that’s great is you will get an automatic email that gets sent out to you that says congratulations. You had a new guest register your open house.

Don’t forget to send a follow up text with your digital business card attached easily click the mobile below to make their open house experience next level. So you could from your phone. If you are if you’re on your phone and you get this email, you can click that hyperlink for the phone number and go directly into your contact, your your text messages and send them your digital business card right away.

And then it’s also we’ll also have each one of your confirmation emails. We’ll have your digital business card attached so that if it’s not at the top of your gallery, you can just quickly download it and then resend it, because we know how hard it can. Sometimes it just gets lost with all the photos that we’re taking. Lastly, this this link or this registration platform can be accessed through a customized linked or it can also be accessed through a QR code that you guys will all have branded in your personal assets that you can print off to have posted at your open houses.

So when people come in, no longer do you need to have a notepad and a pen and paper or try to decipher the handwriting. You can just have them scan this on their phone. You can have an iPad that already has an open or you can scan on your phone and hand it to them to fill out just to kind of embrace the the contactless area that we’re in.

And then also make this is streamlined and digital and automatic as we can for you. A lot of these a lot of the details are customizable. So if you want to have an input on the questions that are on that registration page or you want to look at the we’re working through design people right now to get all of your banners created. But when you get your link, if there’s anything that you want to change, just shoot me an email with your requests and I’ll be happy to take care of that.

That is awesome. I love that and, you know, this doesn’t have to just be for an open house. If you meet somebody, send them that link, have them, you know, hey, let me have your contact information. I think that’s a great way to also, you know, get some contact information from others and it’ll go right into your file. So, again, this is strictly straight to you, which is what you guys have been asking for. Yeah.

So we tried to listen to the rest. We could just understand I’m a guy and it doesn’t come first. Doesn’t come easy for me sometimes. So we did listen and thank you to Shana for that suggestion. When meeting with the agents. It was one of the items that you guys definitely wanted and Katie put in some serious effort. Yes.

Thank you, Katy. And able to get really cool. Now, you guys need to get with Meghan and make sure you have your agent pages set up and have all of that in order so this can all work. So you can’t skip a step. You have to do all the proper steps to be able to get that great end result. So make sure you guys are doing that.

Yeah. So let’s show off some more items here. This is and will copy and paste this in for you and put it in the description for you on chat this link in. But this is a guest registration links so each person has their own here. So if you’ll peruse through this, you’ll have your own link with your own customized stuff here, including Newport home builders. So they have one as well. Let’s see what else we have here. Yeah, so the three links were the actual registration and then all of these as well.

So you guys now each have your own. And like Katy said, if there’s some additional customization that you want in there and you’d like to use it for something different than maybe an open house and you’d like to have an additional one for somebody to be able to put in their information, then you absolutely could. And then it strictly assigns that person directly to you as the agent.

So Katy just mentioned, she’s also working on an icon on your agent page to quickly get to the registration page if the QR code or link isn’t easily accessible. So that’s great.

The whole purpose is we want the agent page for you to become more central to what you’re doing. You want to push everybody right there. So we’re trying to find the easiest path to get somebody to that page, to put in the information and to start that. So it’s assigned directly to you. So these are a couple of tools that we think should help out.

And Katy’s done a good job and tried to listen. And I think we’re getting pretty close. So keep your pages updated. If there’s anything on your agent page that you’d like to update even more than maybe you can work directly with CNN, send all that stuff over to her and she’ll get those pages updated for you. It should be consistent work in progress that you’re always updating that with new items on your agent page to Acquisto.

And that’s the only thing. You know, we’ve made it easy where it’s your page. All you have to do is worry about managing that, giving us the content, and we do everything else. We’re going to, you know, push out and get gain more followers, you know, all of that for you guys.

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