New development in Celina – Here’s an affordable home community in Celina, Texas, that’s coming to you really soon. Yeah, I’m Mike Acquisto, and this is luxury real estate broker and co-owner of Acquisto Real Estate Shana Acquisto. Let’s go ahead and show off this 783 unit. New development in Celina, huh? And let’s go ahead and scroll through this, Omkar, if you don’t mind, and cannister, Gandhi Evans of Candy Sterling, the owner and good friend of Shana’s, had this article and kind of broke this information. You want talk through just a little bit short of that.

So thank you, Candy’s Dirt for this article we’re going to share. There’s this new community coming in, I think what it say. Seven hundred and eighty homes coming in to Celina and the price points I was very surprised by are going to be two hundred to four hundred thousand. And the reason being is these two developers said they cut out the middle guy and are able to, I guess, a tribute to the prices being substantially affordable.

All right. So we have Taylor Morrison, American legend, and Perry Holmes. Yeah. So that’s good.

Which we’re all familiar with.
Yeah. And so it’s west of Preston.

So it’s west of Preston, if you’ll stop right there, Omkar. So, well, that tells about the toll. So the tollway is going to go through right from 380 all the way to farm to market for twenty eight in Celina. And this is going to be just west of Preston. So off Louisiana I think is what it said. I don’t see it in there. But as you know, back there in that hot little pocket where the town is, Celina is deemed.

Very good. Yeah, I think this is a community to kind of keep your eye out for. And maybe we can get some of our buyers who are struggling to secure a home out there to this community. So maybe we reach out and see about even getting on a list early, but. There it is.

Very nice. Check it out. Looks good to me. Yeah, awesome. Perfect. No answer to that. No, I don’t have any more. Probably great. Very distinct. One new real word, so we’re going to cover appraised value today. I hear that all the time. We do raise the value market value

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 4.5.21

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