New Contracts in ZipForms

There’s new contracts, yeah, in Zip forms So it took them a little time once we have a contract change, typically they go in a few months, they go under Zip form so you can start to get acquainted with them. Yes. And they didn’t this time, but they are in there now. And it’s, I think, the beginning of the week that they put them in or zip forms.

So they are available. Now, I invite all of you to please look in there and go through it and become familiar. And if you have any questions, let’s discuss them in our weekly meetings, because we want to know we want to make sure that we’re, you know, we’re on top of it and filling them out properly and understand what these new changes are. The biggest one being, you know, the title company can now accept the earnest money and the option fee. So you know that that’s a big deal and a big relief.

Actually, that’s one that I’m excited standpoint. Yes, it helps me because of it.
Or just mind if I can you go drop this off? And he’s like, sure.

And then the agents would bring checks here. And I’d like I don’t have time money like it’s got time for that. No, this is great. This is great. So. Yeah, thanks to the company, and I think they actually like it, too, because they have to account for all of this as well.

So, well, once they receive one, you might as well receive the other. And it’s like, OK, good places.
So it gets a little complicated, but we’ll see how it works out there. Totally fine.

Yeah, I’m just going to zip forms and, you know, do a buyer transaction and become familiar. Sounds good to me. It’s way better to do it in advance is my suggestion. Do not wait for the last minute. All of a sudden you call Shana. Yeah. Don’t please, please, please don’t call Shana Sunday night at nine o’clock at night and like, hey, I had my first one. Would you say about what new contract deformed.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 3.26.21

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