Badass Award for Susan Cancemi

New Badass in town. So you know this you know what our badass is all about, and it’s someone who’s really going above and beyond. We’re all badasses in a sense here, but someone who really kind of goes above and beyond. And this person has had an incredible past 30 days. I think we have seen, I don’t know, five or six contracts, boom, boom, boom, boom. And it’s not just about the amount of contracts. It’s about how you conduct yourself and how you handle stressful situations, too.

And it’s just, you know, this person when it’s a she when she came on board with us was kind of like, I just want to do maybe one, two at a time and was happy with that. And then we kind of kept pushing and pushing. And before you know it, I mean, she was up to doing several at a time, this time doing five. And just I there’s not enough great things to say. We don’t have enough time. But a couple of things. One, she had a listing that this listing, you know, people would come in and, you know, love this home. It went to multiple offers. And what she did is she would, you know, reached out to in house to agents and said, hey, she did a great job matching people up.

And we ended up selling, I think, both of the listings that she had in this one particular neighborhood internally.

So, you know, I love that she cares enough about all of us first and it’s family first that she made all that happen. She also had a pretty difficult client looking for something super specific. And it was just very, very difficult. And we’re all experiencing that. But this was really crazy. I mean, they had a criteria of this big that they wanted to stay within. So she reached out to me personally all the time.

Hey, do you think your broker group or anybody has anything? This is what they’re looking for. And remind me to ask and reach out and see and, you know, just went above and beyond. So, you know, we had to take the belt from Jody, who’s also amazing, but once a badass, always a badass. So, hey, don’t worry about that. But now we’re going to announce our new badass, which is very good.

Very good. Oh, I get to show you on that show. Yeah, we’ll show it off. Yeah. Susan Cancemi. Yeah, very good, yeah, no, it’s a really big deal. The transformation that Susan’s went through in her career has been spectacular, obviously.

I mean, all smile on her face and, like, so sweet all the time. You know, I’m going to throw Amy out there. When Susan first came on, Amy was like, what’s up with this girl, Susan? Is she nice like this all the time? Or what’s the deal with her? And it’s like, no, she’s truly that way all the time.

So, yeah, no, truly, truly amazing. So it was funny yesterday that we’ve been trying to give her this award since, you know, for a while now. And I was going to give it we were planning to do it on Monday and then she’s like, no, I can’t come over on Monday. And so yesterday I she’s like, I can, you know, let’s get together. Eric, her husband had band practice tonight and maybe we could get together and have a happy hour. And I was like, oh, my gosh, everybody’s gone. Eric’s in a band. Yeah.

And so I thought, oh, my gosh, what are we going to do? So I told Mike, I said, we’ll just do this. And I reached out to Eric and I said, let’s let’s figure out a way to get Susan over here. He said, OK, that’s that’s fine, let’s do it. And then Mike got a call for an appointment. He had to leave. So I was like, what are we going to do? So we got on Zoom with Stacy and had a little happy hour together and, you know, presented it to her that way. So it was fun.

Yeah. So this award can stay with you for however long you retain it. So it’s up to Susan to continue with that. Right. And let that continue to, to ride and continue to achieve those things. And it could be there for a day, could be there for a year or it’s just up to somebody else to go claim. It’s just like when you’re the heavyweight champion that somebody can come after you and, you know, you’re it until you, you know, can’t defend that title any longer.

Well, Susan did think the belt was she’s like, I’m going to Wonder Woman. It’s like, no, Susan, no wonder all about it. But, you know, do you, Susan, you are a wonder woman. So you can it can be your Wonder Woman. And she did a great job signing the back of it. Oh, yeah. She did a phenomenal job.

Yeah. So, yeah. Well, congratulations. Everyone gets to sign the back of the belt when they win that. And, you know, it’s kind of like a traveling trophy. Yeah, it is. And we hope Susan enjoys her rain with it. Now, Susan should be bringing it to every company event and we have anything. And just like throw it over your shoulder and come in if you need to have.

She does that. She did that. She yeah. Her shoulder. And it was really funny.Yeah. And I guess these pictures are going to be very, very indicative of what the heck I have to deal with every day. So this is this is Shana and Susan and just they just enjoy themselves. Right. So it’s really nice to know. It is. And I think all the agents have similar good times with you. So congratulations, Susan.

And thank you, Jody, for doing a great job. Well, also mentioned the past bad ass recipients in in order. So we started with Mike Shepherd and then we went to to Kim and then to Hannah and to Jody and now to Susan’s. And this is not a participation award. Oh, no, not in the least know in order to get any means. Yeah. You can repeat and you can just continue to take it. So just kind of is what it is. Congratulations to Susan.

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