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Go on vacation. Are you a realtor and you think to yourself, I’m currently busy, but I’ve been working every single day, there’s a realtor, you know, that you work on Monday, work on Tuesday, you work on Wednesdays, work on Thursday, work on Friday, because people expect you to be in the office during the normal business hours. Then suddenly it comes to Saturday and people like, well, that’s a great time to see your property.

So why don’t you work then? And then it’s Sunday and it’s like, well, I have some free time. I’d like to see properties on Sunday. So you call your realtor. Well, real quick, we’re all of a sudden at all seven days of the week, then we’ll start in the morning and they’re like, you know, before I go to work, I’m going to send a note off to my realtor and they’ll probably respond right away.

So they expect you to work from sun up or before. And then they think it’s a great time to call you on their way to work during something like maybe you’re like, hey, this is inconvenient for me, but they expect you to be working first thing in the morning and taking calls from them on the way to work.

Then they expect you to be working, give them information back while they are working during 9:00 to 5:00 for those extended hours.

Then as soon as they get done with work, they have some free time and they’re thinking to themselves, well, that’s a great time for me to call my realtor on the way home from work and I’m driving or while I’m cooking dinner or while I’m waiting for dinner, one of those things or just after dinner, because now I have a couple of free minutes. Maybe they’re saying, well, hey, this is a time to call my realtor because it’s eight o’clock at night or 9:00 or 10:00 at night.

And I just got done with all the stuff that I wanted to do for the day. So I should call nine or ten o’clock all of a sudden. What that means is you’re working all day and all night for everybody else, but not yourself. Right? You’re thinking, oh, my gosh, I’m getting burnt out. So what do you do? You’re like, I need to go on vacation. So you go ahead and do that. Then what happens and you go on vacation is you get twice as busy. Every single listing that you have goes under contract and people are calling and they’re wanting to see it.

And you’re like, hey, right now would be a great time to go. Look at this property. Your clients are all like, oh, wow, this new listing just came up and I’m super excited about it. So what does that mean? All of a sudden? They want to see it and they’re like, oh, it’s going to go super fast. It’s probably going to go into multiple offices. Exactly the property I wanted.

But you’re on vacation. The rule of thumb is any time you go on vacation, you’re going to do like twice as much business as you ever did. So if you plan a super exciting trip, the further you go away, go away from home, the more money you spend, the more you are excited about it. The bigger the deal that’s going to come in is going to happen.

You’re going to just double your business, triple your business, go out of the country, go somewhere super warm, go somewhere exciting. You’ll quadruple your business while you’re gone. It’s just the craziest thing ever. So how do you deal with that? You’re thinking to yourself, that sounds like a great concept. What I should do is go on vacation. I should be trying to relieve from some stress because I was super busy. And now you’re two times as busy, three times as busy as ever.

All my clients want to go see some stuff. So you probably should have prepared for that. You should have had an assistant in mind, something that you’re going to share work with somebody that you can say, hey, I’m going on vacation next week. How about I cover you while you’re gone and you cover me while I’m gone? And we can have this exchange of stuff here at Acquisto Real Estate.

You should be paired up. You should have a buddy, so to speak, that you’re able to work with. So when that comes up. I’d love to be everybody’s buddy, but that’s not happening, I can’t actively go out and do that for every single person, nor do I expect you to do it for me when I’m out of town. So find another agent that you work really well with and get some coverage. Are you going on a working vacation? That’s kind of one of those er quote things that like I’m on vacation, I’m going to work.

Well how do you manage that. Right. What I found best is get up super early in the morning and work like before the sun rises. Get all of your stuff done as early as you can in the day, respond to everybody, then come back, carve out just a little bit of time before dinner and respond to any of those messages. And you should be good.

So if you give people er each of your clients a way that they can get in touch with you first thing in the morning, and then at the end of the day, I think you’re pretty much good on vacation and you should be able to work through any of those other details, which just may be a phone call or a text or an email throughout the day. And it should be able to work if you’re on what you er quote as a working vacation.

But ladies and gentlemen, you do need to recharge yourself and you do need to rest at different times. And the most typical time for any type of vacation is the 4th of July weekend. I believe it’s the busiest vacation day vacation week of the year.

And if you are taking it this week, I’m glad for you. You do need to rest. You do need to recharge. We are supposed to be taking it nice and easy on support this week. There’s supposed to be taking the week off and just like relaxing themselves because they work the same as you work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and from sunup to sundown.

They’re also there for you, those same hours, but they work January, February, March, April. Right. They work all these months and all of a sudden time adds up. And they’ve worked all these all these days and all these weeks and all these months.

So we’re asking support to relax, take some time, do something you enjoy. Right. So thank you guys very much for respecting support this week and doing your absolute best to take care of everything on your own. Make sure that you do rest and recharge, and that’s about it.But if you do want to be busy and you do want more business, go on vacation because it never fails, you’ll get twice as busy as soon as you go on vacation.

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