Nature Color Sampling

Hello, Mike, Acquisto, that’s Shana Acquisto, we’re here to talk about nature color sampling to show you off what that kind of means, but nature does an amazing job with colors and some of the most beautiful things that you’ll see. Obviously outdoors can be like just nature itself.

So beautiful things. Yeah. And the more you travel, the more you see in different places, the more it kind of shows up. So we’re going to go ahead and transition over to the screen and show you kind of what we’re talking about. All right.

But we’re trying to describe this with great provenance as far as real estate goes and what we’re looking at. Well, you know, when you can put something and give it an additional value and describe it and given emotion, then that’s the case.

So what we kind of have here is this is a particular picture that was taken outdoors and it was taken specifically at Yellowstone by actually Colin Stone. Oh, and so he had taken that. And yeah, as we’re kind of going through this, what we have is a picture of nature.

And then you went through and took the color palettes that are related to it as well. Ok. And he sampled from it. So as you see, he went from right to left that he has the clear picture. He blurs it, he blurs it, and he selects the colors from inside here.

And he sampled nature with colors because nature does a great job of this type of thing. Ok, OK. So what? This is a great way to come up with a kind of a color scheme, but there’s all different ways that you can do it. So we’re going to go ahead and show off some additional pictures to feel like you’re outdoors, indoors.

The idea that we’re trying to come up with here is to show off what it looks like in nature, right? So that would be an exterior type picture. So let’s kind of show this off. It’s something that we’re working through and trying to come up with here. So let’s scroll down just a little bit if we can home car. And we’re showing off a few things here that you can take several different colors from the same thing, you can kind of make it look like you want it to.

And you can select the colors and you see how you get additional Pantone’s. Ok, right? So it kind of comes up with some of that and is if we go down just a little bit more, you can always continue to expand on the Pantone’s.

But then what you can do is represent the colors across it and show off what you’re kind of looking looking to show. All right. So this would be a good way to kind of describe that. I think it comes across well that people could see the colors that you want to show here.

And the next thing that we’re going to end up showing here is kind of what it looks like next to a picture and the Pantone’s next to it. So if you want to show like a before and after, say, like, we’re going to update this room to this color or your clients are like, Hey, we want, we need to paint before we do something. But we want to update it and we want it to look like this or look like that.

Yeah, paint does a lot. But these are some of the different things that you could put along with that. Ok. Ok. And then, of course, you can sample interior, so the interior colors are going to be different.

Now what we had seen with this is as far as the interior colors go, that it’s kind of helpful if you use different areas or different locations. So let me continue to scroll down here just a little bit, if you can.

All right. Wow, it was crazy, I don’t think this exported correctly. We removed some of the different places from here. So those are some interior kind of colors. Yeah. Let me grab this mouse for a second if I can here Omar, and I’m going to scroll over and see if I can open something up here for.

I think it’s pretty cool because then you can actually see it.

No, you totally can.

And you know, now when we’re marketing, we have to be careful with that, that we’re not, you know, that we we must disclose. What do we disclose under or oh, yes, that would be an important item to kind of look through. Yeah. And let me see if I can update this right here.

What? No, I think we’re OK. Ok. Yep. All right. And this is going to show us off some additional items here, what I was trying to show was where these colors were kind of showing up in nature. So on the interior colors and schemes that you might go with are more like wintery ones.

So you can have the color that was kind of a Breckenridge color or a veil color or one of those items. And it would show more of the lighter colors, and the exterior colors would be more of the colors that are from different areas, such as these exterior photos.

So when I exported that, I’m not sure why some of those did not go across, but we’re just trying to show off what this kind of can look like, right? And it just give you some ideas on how the colors look next to the items and kind of off you go, Wow, you know, you’ve done a great job in here displaying all this stuff. Where are you going? Nice job. Look. Yeah. No. And the textures and the colors and the stuff starts to really look very good.

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Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 12.17.21

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