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Hey, there. That’s Shana Acquisto. She’s a luxury real estate broker. You’re also an NAR board director with a voting member, right? So you can vote.

I can vote. All right. So tell us what you’re currently doing locally. But I wanted to describe during this conversation what goes on because you were just present at the NAR board meeting and there was a vote. Right. So they do this every how often. But start with where you are at CCR and what’s coming up now.

So tomorrow or Friday, I will be installed as the incoming president for CCAR, which means next year, incoming twenty twenty three, I’ll be president. So when you become, it’s considered the executive committee. When its president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, then you have a the president elect and president become an NA director, OK.

So with that, you attend the board meetings. So there’s a thousand members on the NA board and they consist of all across the country, the leadership at the local associations. And I think they represent.

But I saw there was one point five million realtors at one

Point five million realtors.

Yes, and they were represented by these thousand people, yes,

At the board. So I feel it’s super important and I have a lot of takeaways that Mike and I talked about, but that as a director, you know, I need to go to them with things that we hear. Right, and bring it to NA and represent what the general consensus is of our membership. So when I went to the board meeting, I didn’t know what to expect. I kind of felt like I was in Washington, D.C., like it was sectioned off by regions.

It was insane. So yeah, we in person, I think there were close to nine hundred people in one room, you know, ready to vote on all these topics.

So let’s kind of break that down just a little bit. So about how many voting items were there that got put up to vote? Gosh.

25-30 Ok. And it was a yes or a no on them or for or against

So that’s how it’s worded for each one of them. And then if we looked at any one of the items, not a specific one, but the process, they educated you on that in advance, they did.

So the week prior, we had a lot of little roundtable discussions about these topics. I couldn’t attend all of them, but I attended the one. Mls was important, so I definitely attended that. So you go and you’re kind of, you know, they kind of break it down and explain and then they let people get up and and discuss how they feel about each topic.

So you hear both sides so you can make an informed vote when you go. And it was really interesting because I would, you know, not that I’m wishy washy, but you hear one side that’s so passionate for it. And then just the same, you hear on the other side how they’re so passionate against it.

And it’s really came down to me. If you’re a big large board or if you’re a small board association, you have different views and where you live in the country, these things may not affect us who live in.

We do more suburban real estate, but the people who do land or do it differently or in disclosure, states, whatever those situations are, I think totally different. So it opened my mind to really not be so narrow minded, but to really understand both sides and think about it and how it could, you know, really benefit as a whole. And then you go and you vote.

That’s amazing. So that’s how that was. And now there’s all these people in there, and then there’s one guy up at the front of the room. He’s got a really cool voice. He kind of sounds like a like a radio personality.

He’s really pretty funny. The current president of Nader’s name is Charlie Eppler, and I got a chance to talk to him a few times. He’s pretty funny. He’s from New Jersey, so I told him my husband probably would like him. And he was cracking up why? Because he’s from I’m from Arkansas.

I don’t have a problem with you, but if you met my husband and you tell him you’re from New Jersey and I don’t know you, that was really. Well, no, they feel insecure about it. New Jersey people, if you say like, I’m New York and their New Jersey, it’s kind of like Texas, Oklahoma that they they just know where they stand.

And so the president is up there. He’s running the whole meeting. So it took the meetings. If you’ve ever been in a committee meeting at CCAR, it takes that and it magnifies it, and it’s on steroids and it’s insane. So you follow the same Robert’s rules of order.

You have your parliamentarian who really has to get involved because people will throw out an amendment and an amendment to an amendment. And it’s kind of hard to keep track of what you’re actually. Are you voting on the motion or the amendment? So, you know, to me, the parliamentarian is very impressive because they keep everything on track and legal.

So it was OK. And then so the actual voting is they would put it up on the screen and people could vote remotely to if they were.

We had an app that went directly, you had a link, you couldn’t. You couldn’t forward it to another email, it came to your email and it was only one time and you could open it up and you know, they would. Once we were ready for the vote, they would open up the vote and you would have. We went from 20 seconds to 40 seconds, but you had 40 seconds to make the vote.

You could edit it up until like a couple of seconds before if you wanted to change your mind. And then it tallied them up instantly.

And I would and I would say if it passed or failed or whatever, and you’d hear all the grumblings or claps, I mean, people got really into it.

Ok, that’s awesome. Thank you very much for sharing. I think that’s a great topic. Yeah, and it’s a good insight. Not many people get to actually go through that process. And so congratulations on that. Really appreciate the sharing, and we’ll try to cover more items like this in the near future. Great. Thanks.

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