Motivational Monday – Are you looking for some motivation on Monday? This is Shana Acquisto. She’s a luxury real estate broker and a local real estate celebrity. Super happy to have her here. And she has some motivation for us today on a Monday, Shana, to tell us all about being glass half full.

Yes. So a lot of times people use that phrase glass half full, be a know half full, not a half empty person. This morning I was at my workout and the instructor said something that it just, you know, sometimes things just kind of stick with you. And I thought I would share it because this week, I don’t know if you guys are aware and we’re not going to I’m not going to jinx it or say anything about the number because things can happen.

But I think we are on track to have our biggest week of closings, like most closings in one week. So as Stacey mentioned in her update, behind everyone is kind of at the max of their stress level title companies. Everybody’s wanting to you know, they have back to back closings and then all of a sudden somebody is like, I can’t do that time. I need to do this time. So there’s a lot of stress there with the lenders, with the realtors doing walk through and your clients.

So when all this is happening, I want to share this, you know, something for you guys to think about. So each one of you, I want you to think about the one thing recent one thing that you are super proud of that you accomplished that you’re like, I’m really proud of that. So think about that and be proud. Right.

Think about the one thing that you’re most proud of recently and that you’ve had success with. And then when things start to get stressful and you’re like about to pull your hair out, keep reminding yourself of that. So this morning I was at my workout. So it’s nine, nine or five now. Is that my workout at 5:30? And I heard that you work out at 5:00 a.m. I’ve thought of just about 3 times since then. I was like, I don’t know why I was stressed between then now.

But you’ve been stressed three times.

But no, I wasn’t. But it it just stuck with me and I thought it would be nice to share because we do have a busy week this week. So when you’re juggling everything, just think about yourself for a minute and what you have accomplished, because you’ve all done a lot of great things. But just narrow it down to one and think about that, think about it. Do that all week. That’s my motivation to you for.

Very good. So you should all have that in your mind right now so you can crystallize it right. Because it’s important to take action and complete things. So take that one action item right now and think about it. Put it in your mind. Give it vivid pictures and colors and images. Give it a smell, a taste of feel, whatever that happens to be. Enjoy that success when you can understand it more vividly and make it as real as could be and relive that moment mentally, then it’s even more clear and it’ll help you out even as time passes.

You know, the excitement of it passes, too. But you need to remind yourself of all those little things, like how did you accomplish what you accomplished? Right. And all the steps that led up to that. So I think if you just really focus on that and think about all the things that went into making that a big accomplishment for yourself, that, you know, it’ll keep you positive.

And focusing on it is normally called visualization. Again, the use of air quotes way overused today by myself, but visualization is kind of what I just spoke about, allowing you to really relive that moment and smell the things. Like what? What did it smell like? The grass was it was wet. Was it cold? Can you feel the temperature right now? Can you feel the humidity? Right. What was it? What were you wearing? What was the other person wearing? And when you can visualize those things and you remember it more seem even more realistic. So I just feel like I was like helping you motivate you to meditate.

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