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There’s a lot to talk about here. A ton to talk about, probably can get to it all today. But I do want to talk about to start I want to kind of update you guys on Zillow, y’all.

You guys ever heard of Zillow? I think they have. So as we know, a lot of the the consumers and our clients find things through Zillow and they have a pretty sophisticated site.

I would say it is user friendly. However, the information that they’ve been receiving and getting some of its guests right, because they didn’t have the ability to receive certain data, sold information, certain things.

Now, Zillow, they’ve they’ve always had this, but they are now going to become a broker just like us and that it’s going to change.

So I think it’s important for you to know when you have clients that are searching through Zillow, it’s going to now have different information on there. It’s going to have their listings. So they’re going to have the same, you know, data feed as we do and other people have on their sites. So it is going to change.

I think it’s just be aware of that and be more information or less information now or different information, different information. So they have to go from being more of a I don’t know how you would say it to more of a broker.

So they you know, our contract, the contract that Ntreis had with Zillow and CoreLogic to be able to give certain information is going to change. So, you know, they will have the ability to have the same data as we have.

But there’s there’s rules and guidelines that they can’t they can’t you know, they can’t display the solid information and certain things. So it is going to change.

Ok, and so the data feed, there’s a lot to kind of discuss around this. And we’ve had a lot of great fortune recently with some of the things we’ve done. Sometimes you just happen into something and sometimes it’s like intentional. And this one here in general, we maybe happened upon it for different reasons, but it like worked out in our favor.

It’s like a bank error in our favor with some things that we could get as far as data goes. So let’s go ahead and show the screen here and I’ll show you some of the things that we were talking about here. So with Ntreis, they have a couple of different types of feeds that you can get. And so if you look over here on the left hand part of the page, it says Accessing Ntreis data, they have brokers’ vendors and agents. And I was like, that’s interesting. What’s this

tender feet all about? So we start going through the vendor feed and getting more information about it. And because you can get certain feeds and the data comes in all different places. So we found this vendor feed, which I found to be incredibly interesting. And the vendor feed has all of the true information, has basically everything from Nattrass. It’s like really, really awesome. And that includes like all the fields. We’re just looking through it from the vendor perspective and like what comes into it. So we were logged in as diLusso marketing and that is a vendor, the marketing firm, and they’re able to have the information that comes across from the vendor perspective and a client science office quest, a real estate of that in this vendor dad. And now that you get is able to be displayed and controlled in a really nice way. So diLusso is the vendor and a Questa real estate is the client of the vendor. And you get this new unique, awesome feed that has a lot of information. You know, I always hesitate to say all the information we are comparing today, but it’s yeah, it’s got a lot.

It should pretty much be Ntreis right on the site.

So what we’ll do is control with log in that the access that we should allow for and have just about most of the information would be behind your agent. Log in and the client to our new website, to the new website will have the same exact access through Ntreis right on the website. So you have all this different stuff. But so it’s a little confusing. So you don’t want, like, really a client to be using your Ntreis search No. One, because they can’t like number two, because it’s there’s almost too much data and it’s confusing. There’s too many fields, too many things to search by. So if you look like Zillow has like an amazing feat. Right. And they they’re like considered the industry best in realtor. This is really good as well in terms of mapping and just have different things, right, so there is it’s how it’s displayed, but essentially what they do is they take and they they give less fields and more do we graphical user interface for all my tech friends out there.

What that does is that brings all the stuff together and it makes it easier. So for the for the clients that are searching on there with their log in, they’ll have a more simplified user experience and then they’ll have to turn to their agent.

Ok, I’d like to have a little bit more information. Do you have any better tools? And I do like. Yes, we do.

So we can take in that same feed where the agent where the client logs inadequacy to real estate, dotcom, and then we can expand upon that search and show them more their search there. And yes, we all have to like. Yeah, yeah. So this is speaking of problems that past Mike used to have, was all of these different things with data silos and clients logging in different places and like people being like, oh, there’s way better search options on this page and I’d have to go over here to do this. And like, Ntreis has to do this. And I both agreed this search. No, like, oh, no. So hopefully future Mike solves the problem that past Mike was having. And it wasn’t really Mike or any of those things. It was more about looking into things and being kind of just in the right place and happening upon us. So anyways, super excited about what that brings for us in all the different fields that we will be able to search now. And there’s a right way to do it.

And then there’s API integrations and like taking the feed and not showing it with within it, within an iFrame site. So there’s like all these supertech nerdy things. Yeah. But when you type in an address of a property now we just want to show.

No, not I do. I just like to get things to work. And so you just want to type and things happen and I want that to happen for you as well.

And I’m trying to explain because there’s some people out there that really care, right? I see people on the edge of their seat and they’re like, Mike, tell me more about the super nerdy tech stuff.

I mean, it is really cool and I love it. I just.

So anyways, we’ll start showing up in the feeds when you type in an address. So if you type in like one five, six three, one word to drive Frisco, Texas and five zero three five or so is maybe it’s going to be for sale soon. I don’t know. Is it is it coming soon?

Isn’t it coming soon? Status. No, not yet. Is it an incoming. No, not that either anyways.

So when you type in the address that would show up at a real estate dot com backslash one five six three one, which would drive like in the searches when you typed in address, you know, you see some of them will start to show up there because we have like the real true data and thank you, Ntreis and thank you APIs and thank you guys asanas this.

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