MLS Client Search in NTREIS Via Matrix – Hello, that’s Shana Acquisto, that’s my co-host. She’s a luxury real estate broker, and I just happened to be her husband. We’re going to talk about MLS client search in NTREIS

Well, so that was a lot going on to make sure that you guys are aware of this. So if you have a there’s two parts to this. If you have a client search in MLS, you need to go in there and and redo their search, basically start over. And the reason you need to do this is we have now added Louisiana. Yes. Louisiana is now part of our MLS in some of the cities that we may have here may also exist in another state.

So if you have a client search set up, then you need to go back in there and, you know, recreate it. OK, that’s one thing you will find April 1st. We have a new client portal coming in. So the way the portal that we have in Ntreis right now is going to go away and we’re going to come up with this. It’s a new portal called One Home. Now, Montana, as you know, we’re licensed in Montana, is currently using one home. I don’t see a whole lot of difference, but the look and feel of it is a little bit different. And I think that they’re going to start adding different features as well.

It’s never been a more exciting or challenging.
So we’re going to play this video for us.

Yeah, Omkar. Well, hold on a sec. So this is in your dashboard. So you we’re going to play this for you guys right now. But you can go in there and see it yourself and maybe some of you already have. But April 1st, it’s going to change. So before April 1st, please make sure you go in there and you you change your client searches and make sure that they’re not going to miss anything. OK, it’s not a play this.

There you go. Can’t take it away.

Big time to be a real estate agent. Ordinary families often feel overwhelmed with the complexities of buying a home. They know buying a home is one of the most important decisions of their lives, and they need a trusted resource to guide them through. We know helping families manage these complexities is an essential part of your relationship with clients. They look to you to make sense of the hundreds of options out there, the promise to help them find, buy and ensure their homes. They trust you.

This is why CoreLogic has created the future of client service with one home as a member of your family. You may already be familiar with the Matrix Portal to collaborate with your clients. One home takes that experience to a whole new level. CoreLogic has thought through every step of clients define by ensure and approve a home and a shared and collaborative space, giving you the tools to be the trusted guide your clients need.

One home will now become the single hub for everything that means where your clients search for a new home, where you share your listings that meet their needs, where you go way beyond just beds, baths and square footage to truly find what your clients need. And from within the single solution, your clients can easily interact and transact their mortgage. Insurance and home improvement needs one place, one solution, one trusted guide along the way, while other companies design technology solutions to automate the transaction and remove the agent from that relationship, CoreLogic does the opposite.

We know the real estate professional is the most important person in our industry, which is why we worked tirelessly to innovate a new way to make your client relationships more personal, valuable and rewarding. We take this commitment seriously and hope you see one home as the future of client service.

All right, so go in there and familiarize yourself with that. And one thing I noticed here, something we talk about here is about your attire as a realtor. And I was just looking at that video and I thought, I think the realtors over here and look, this was kind of a cartoonish video, but make sure in such a busy season that we’re in and, you know, remain a professional, your attire matters, right? You should stand out. From your client in what you’re wearing, and I didn’t I noticed in there I was like, wait a minute. So there’s just one thing I noticed as I was looking over their.

It’s fine. So would you recommend, you know, there’s an exception to every rule right now or just be professional, don’t you think? Oh, I got to show this home and I haven’t showered. I’m just going to go out my yoga pants and my UGS. No, no, don’t do that. So stay professional, my friends.

Do you have any suggestions for me?

I know. I used to buy all your clothes and then you started buying your own and.

We end up here. All right, Ladies and gentlemen, we are so excited that we have all this going on with CoreLogic and with Matrix and what’s going on there. And I’m super psyched that we’re going to give them all our data and then eventually they are going to sell and we’re going to be totally hosed again. Hey, we saw it with Zillow. We saw it with real selling them. That was crazy. We saw it with showing time. We gave them all our data and then they sold it. And let’s do it one more time just for fun with Matrix, OK?

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 3.25.21

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