Hey there, Michael Acquisto in the luxury real estate broker Shana Acquisto, oh, no, millennials are moving to Frisco in droves. Let’s talk about that and much more.

Mm hmm. So let’s define a millennial. A millennial is the age of, what, twenty five to thirty nine? That’s a huge span.

Is it that. Is it that. I don’t know.

I think so. Well, I’m glad you put me on the spot to give the exact definition. I don’t know. No, I don’t have it memorized. It’s a little bit older than you think that is truly are. When I think of a millennial right now, I think of a classic like twenty five plus or minus light, probably four years. That’s in my mind when I think about a millennial. But the classic definition I do believe is touch older,

Just a little older. So they’re moving to Frisco in droves.

Millennials are Moving to Frisco

So let’s share this article and split the screen, OK? And so they are making up the largest share of home buyers, according to the National Association.

So we heard a different story a couple of years ago that millennials were not purchasing homes. They were taking longer to purchase and they were renting. But according to a study last year, 20 20, they make up the largest percentage of home buyers, which is awesome. And they’re moving to Frisco. So. Do the math, guys. So is this actually a good thing?

Allegedly, this is a good thing. There’s just a ton of people moving here and it’s interesting that a lot of millennials in nature and so they’re coming from outside the area

And out of the state and in, you know, and then so they have a good. So the ones that would be coming here probably have good jobs, have different things. I don’t know why the word millennial, I feel like has become a negative word. And I’m not sure exactly what the reason is and why when when people say it, it always feels like the current generation that’s in the workforce feels that like the future generation underneath them and has all these different characteristics. And it’s been over time.

So if you look back in history, they’re going to say like they’re lazy, they’re not motivated, they’re not as smart, they don’t work as hard. Right. And that everyone’s worried for the future. And you can go back and look at this all through, like Roman history to, you know, all the way up to the current time. And it’s amazing.

But, you know, what’s really interesting about that is, like I was actually talking I think it was Tanner yesterday. We were talking about this and he was like, you know, it’s kind of funny. People talk about millennials, but you guys raised us. And I was like, that’s it. That’s a good point. You’re right. So he you know, and I think about when I was a kid, you know, I thought the same thing about my parents. It just wasn’t exposed to the world through social media and everything else that we have now.  

All right. So here’s a point for you. As real realtors, here’s what we have to consider. So millennials are moving to Frisco in droves. Yeah. What does that mean for you as an agent? It means that we have to learn and understand what they’re looking for, understand the trends in the homes that are important to them, understand their price point, understand what they want access to what those priorities are. Our schools are important to them.

Are the jobs important? Is it access to the outdoors? Is it open park space? Is it open floor plans? Is it one story or are these things important? Right. Is it living by maybe the new PGA golf course? Is it by living, by shopping, by entertainment? These are all things that you kind of have to think about. So as we walk through it, I think it’s important to identify what is going on and what the other side is of what we need to provide as well.

Yeah, and I think if you have friends that have kids, you may not have kids that age. We do. If you’d love to come and interview them and find out what they’re looking for, we can sign you up for that. And maybe you want to get on tick tock. Tick tock. So. All right, tap in to that because there’s a lot of them moving here in droves, they say. Very good. Well, thank you for The Dallas Observer for bringing that up. Yeah. And we’re in Frisco, Texas.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 4.6.21

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