Mike’s rock collection

That’s what you’re thinking about is my rock collection and you’re like, what could I why do you have this? Why do you show it off? Why do you talk about it? And what’s with the rock collection?

So, yeah, Ana lost her wedding pictures. That’s no good. That’s totally no good. And that’s totally a thumbs down.

But don’t like thumbs down that video because that’s not what we’re really looking for. So what we need to talk about is a rock collection. So I pulled the screen down here behind us and I have this rock collection up here. You can’t see that all that well, but it’s right in the middle. And you can see it when you walk in and you’re like, why are there just a whole bunch of rocks? And what I’m going to do is pull some of them down and be able to share that with you. And what I have done is I’ve taken the garage to create unique experiences and to be able to share with clients when they come in.

So the clients see these things. And what it does is gives an opportunity to create a bond, a common bond between others and to be able to share off and have stories and show things that are kind of important to you. So this is one of my newest rocks in this rock here is from room to room to room. And that was a challenge that we just completed, the Grand Canyon here in 2020. Right. And you guys recently kind of heard about that. It’s a rock that I picked up down at the bottom and we carried out.

Now this to me symbolizes kind of what what was going on during that time and an accomplishment that we created and completed. So I kind of do that and share and share this.

But other people are able to be like, no, I’ve been to the Grand Canyon and they realize that. So then I pick up other ones.

And this is from the subway and this is from Zion National Park in 2019. Now, as I pick up the other ones, I see them from other places. So this is from Mount Saint Michele. And I don’t know that I’m saying that right. But I believe this was in France and I believe this is like one of those islands that has a castle on the water floods. And if somebody attacks them at different times, high tide and low tide, it goes up or goes down. And like all the people drowned. But it was one of those places that was like super hard to capture. And so I show that off. So there’s just tons of different rocks up here from different places I’ve been. So it’s important to me, but it’s also sharing a piece of me with somebody else and trying to create this bond.

So sometimes people like you should do all these different things in sales. Like you shouldn’t near the other person. Why you should go ahead and, like, nod your head or you should do these affirmation things and that’s sales.

And we all know that in real estate, what you can’t do is you can’t sell real estate.

The purchase price is too high. You can sell something like maybe you can sell a pen. You can sell a person on buying a specific color of like a Yati Yati comp or something. You might be able to convince them that they needed a Apple over a Samsung or vice versa or whatever that is. You could sell something like that. If you’re a sales person, maybe you can sell advertising or marketing or something like that.

But what you can’t do is you can’t sell real estate. It’s too expensive. And if they don’t need it, then they’re not going to buy it. And if it’s not what’s right for them, then they’re not going to do it or they shouldn’t do it. At least what you can do is you can consult. You can assist. You can tell things about here’s what I did and why in this starts the foundation of that rather than selling anything. How about you share a piece of you? And that’s kind of what we do here from our perspective on real estate is rather not say this is what you should do, but rather say, you know, in that same situation, this is what I did and why. And now all of a sudden you start creating a deeper bond. It’s not about mirroring, but it’s about sharing and allowing somebody in. And when you do that, you create this bond and then they trust you. So now they’re going to know and like you and trust you. So these are all  opportunities for you to gain maybe a deeper insight in the more that you share, what you’re going to find is the person that you’re sitting across from is going to share with you. Now you have information and if you listen to ears and speak with one mouth and use them in that proportion. And listen more than you speak, what you’re going to be able to do is give amazing suggestions. And those suggestions come from experience and from knowing and most importantly, from caring. So when you invest into your clientS, when you invest into relationships like Matthew Farmer, like we spoke about earlier. When you invest in those relationships. When you’re thankful for the things that you’ve been able to do, that Captain Dave’s been able to take us on these vacations, that we’ve been able to spend time with my wife, that you’re able to share those stories and those memories, that’s when you create bonds. And that’s kind of what real estate is about. If you want that person to buy that first home with you and lease it and then buy it and then sell it and make more money and have a family and whatever that is. And help them buy that second home as well. So those are the things where you create a real career in real estate. So I’m showing you something super simple, and that’s how it works with me for my rock collection. But at the end of the day, it’s not about rocks. It’s about sharing a piece of you. OK, and when you do that and you let people in and maybe it’s maybe it’s you’re a touch vulnerable, I don’t know, but you share and when you do that, people enjoy it, people respect it. And you create a career, not just a job. And you don’t have a transaction. You have a lifetime worth of income.

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