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Hello. Great to see you guys today. We’re going to talk about the update on Omkar. Super nice to give us an update directly from India on what was going on there. You talked about two important things. He talked about Amazon going in there and what that kind of meant. And then he also talked about the real estate economy and what was going on there.

And it made me realize what a small world we live in, that we have Omkar in India hosting our TNT. Right. I thought that was really incredible.

Yeah. So the things I want to talk about, his own car was saying a few things. So the first thing he talked about was Amazon. And with Amazon, what was going on there that was like a seismic shift. So if we think about India in particular and you just kind of close your mind and you think classic India economy, what you’re thinking is like somebody, you know, kind of outside that might harvest something for the day, that might make something that would be super, super micro business. Right.

Like on the corner, on the street, servicing the person doing the best they possibly can in making things work. But that’s like what I think in my mind. Right. But what’s going on there is that would be a cash economy that would be taking place and they would be selling things to local people and they’d be doing business just like you would kind of think. But then all of a sudden Amazon comes in, in this virus happens and we have a whole different thing. So it’s a seismic shift.

So when you move from a cash economy to an online or a card or cashless or touchless or any of those different words, then you have a totally different thing going on here, right? Yeah. So now all of a sudden the government can track you, they can tax you much better, which is a real a real item. And what Amazon also did is allowed for people to be home and have those deliveries made directly to them. And when that happens, people were getting two, three, four deliveries a day, just like you might be getting right now, and it totally revolutionized the whole economy almost overnight.

Right. And when that took place and people are getting things delivered, then it also has a huge effect on the barter economy, because people over there, when you think about it, used to like to barter and you’d go down the street. You want to buy this book? No, I want this many for this price or I want this quality or I want that one instead of this one.

But whatever it is. Right, you could haggle, negotiate, barter, whatever word you want to use. But I’ve never been successful in partnering with Amazon. OK, so if you think about that, it’s a huge shift, cash to card, to barter to Amazon, to delivery, to logistics, to all these different items that are going on. Right. And they’re huge.

I don’t know is at one point three billion people and in the whole country of India. And I think they’re going to have a huge, huge shift. We also talk about the Internet and that they have a huge change going on there with the Internet and 5G and people getting great service and what’s going on there. And they’re connected world. So I think they’re about to make a huge, huge shift.

And how does that affect you as a realtor? Right. So that’s ultimately what you’re kind of thinking about. And that’s a big change for you, because those things are going to trickle down relatively quickly here to the United States, to what we have going on. And so if you have clients that are used to negotiating things with you, maybe real quick they’re going to realize that’s not how it’s done.

Why wouldn’t that be nice?

No, it really wouldn’t be right. So those are things that would affect you as an agent. They might understand pricing a little bit better and that could possibly help out. I think they’re still going to be super analytical. That’s not going to be changing. They’re going to be comparison shopping. They’re going to be looking for more features, functions and all those things.

Analytical things. Right. All the time. But then what do you also talked about is that they have the same thing going on in their economy over there as well, that they had, you know, diffusion of people moving all over the place and that the real estate there in the cities, people are trying to get out and get a little bit more space. And he talked about Starlink Internet and Elon Musk.

And isn’t it crazy that the things that we speak about here every single day also translate over there to India as well? It really is. And what the Internet is going to all these different places really means how people can stay connected, how they can work from home, how they can be on vacation and still be working, how you could live in a smaller community a little bit further out and still work.

And go ahead. Well, how long do you think it takes a trend like that to trickle down? Right? Is it years? Is it?

Well, I mean, the virus had that immediate impact, it almost revolutionized things and we look at it and we think that it kind of crippled an economy or it did all these things. What the economy came roaring back right away. And then we look at that and then we talk about all these things that had seismic shifts. And I think we’re going to look at this and not you know, I was on record right away that I thought this is going to be one of the huge paradigm shifts that we’ve seen.

I thought it was going to be as big as the Industrial Revolution. I thought it is going to be as big as the Internet revolution. I thought it was going to be as big as any one of those different things here, right. Where people are going to be relocating all over the place and the country or the world. It’s going to be totally different. And people are just going to like.

Scattered all over the place they are and they did, and they have and those items are all over the place. Yeah, I know you crazy, you know, so the things that really changed the Internet space, people needing multiple home offices, people needing to change and transform the place they live, that an older space doesn’t really work for them anymore because it’s different.

And then I’m nervous about this and I want to be safe and I want to have this, but I need to be close enough to this that. But all of a sudden, all I need is Amazon in the Internet. It’s really weird. So you take your loved ones and you get Amazon and Starlink and all of a sudden you’re fine.

So ladies and gentlemen, it’s happening not just here in the United States. It’s but it’s happening across the globe. And that’s what stood out to me, is the whole bartering, you know, way of life is how that would affect affect that. Right. That’s huge.

Yeah. So maybe we can get an update from Ana in Mexico City relatively soon and have her on and discuss the same thing and see if she has that same thing going on there. Because when you start to see it happen, right. And we saw it happening in in certain places here in the US, we saw people getting a little bit more land where we were. And then all of a sudden it was like hot things are slower in the city, but they’re bigger in the rural areas. And we saw this change going on.

You see people taking bigger lives rather than moving across the street. They’re moving. Yeah, out of state or, you know, all it takes is a plane, a train, an automobile, any one of those things I think there is a movie about that wasn’t there. All right. OK, thank you guys very much. That was amazing and real estate is up huge there. It’s up where we are right now, right? Things are busy. We’re in an Airbnb right now are viable. I don’t even know which one, but Airbnb. That’s funny.

And being dropped there. There’s no more air just being made. All right. That’s cool. It’s a bed and breakfast now. Good enough, whatever. I’m cool with it, but anyways, I was talking to a guy that owns this place and he’s booked a lot, so he started talking through his days that he was booked and how often. And he’s like, oh, I’m booked from I would book from the middle of June or the middle of May all the way through the middle of September. And he said, I think there’s only like two open dates on his calendar. It’s crazy. It’s a real thing.

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