Midway Reflection

Hello, midway reflection time, we’re halfway through the year, that is Shana Acquisto, she’s a luxury real estate broker and I happen to get to sit next to her on a daily basis. And we need to talk about what we do when we’re halfway through the year. Let’s go ahead and think about where we currently reside. OK, all right.

So we’re halfway through. And have you done the amount of business you want? Are you laying the foundation? Do you have the amount of business that you need going into the next half of the year to finish up with the same amount and or more than the beginning of the year?

And have you kind of maybe cushioned yourself for the second half of the year, maybe not being as strong as the first part of the year? So I think it’s a good time to reflect back on your goals that you set for yourself in January, you know, and look back and always know where you stand. You know, you should know instantly. I’ve done I’ve had this many closings. Right. I’ve had this many listings. I’ve had this many. So you should know where you stand.

Very good. And if you have not done enough business or you want to do more or you have anything that you need, now is a great time to kind of reflect on that and see what we can do. So please reach out to me directly during agent one on one time. I’d like to set up those with you and discuss where you currently stand and what you would like. So if you need more deals from the Friendship Division, please let us know if you want to start working in different areas or you want to raise your price points like any one of those things. It’s a really good time.

It really is. And to just I need you guys to communicate that with us, like, hey, I’m about to have my last closing. This is what I need and that’s what we are here for. We’re here to coach you through that and talk to you about it and make sure that you stay consistent with your business. You know, Susan and I were talking this morning how everything kind of comes in waves. Right.

But you need to be able you want to make sure that you you ride that wave all the way through the end of the year. So this is what we’re here for. And we’re very happy to have these conversations with you. We can’t read your minds. So if you’re like, hey, I’ve you know, I really haven’t had a closing or have had a client in a month, then you need to be reaching out to us. And let’s talk through how we get you back in front of people.

Yeah, we just have no idea sometimes what’s going on with everybody independently. You guys do a good job to keep us informed of what’s going on in the world. But sometimes we don’t actually know those things. Right. And maybe you tell me something or not, Shana or any one of those. So if anything ever does come up that you need from us, we need to know. Yes, please let us know.

All right. So that’s kind of our reflection on mid-year. I was going through the numbers and I was looking at the amount of people that were on track to break one hundred thousand dollars a year or very close to or whatever those numbers were, you know, just by multiplying their number by two. And I was really impressed.

I think this would be the year we set a goal earlier on, I think maybe three years ago that we felt we would be kind of successful if we had ten people here in total and Acquisto Real Estate that did one hundred thousand dollars a year or more in income. And I believe we’re going to be there and when he says successful, not necessarily Mike and I, but as a company and we we feel that was a goal that we set, that we wanted anyone who came on board with us, that that was our hope for them, you know, and we wanted to get you there.

So, you know, the average commission for a realtor annually is what it was, forty forty two thousand. I think it’s bumped up a little bit to maybe forty five, not much. So just think about that for a minute. The average realtor. Earns an income of forty. To forty five thousand a year, mm hmm. So think about that, and that is, you know. After they’ve had one or two years in the business, so typically it takes one or two years to get there.

So if you’ve been in the business under three years and you’re there, then kudos to you and you worked really hard. Yeah, we feel it’s our job to help you out with your business as you’re growing and help you get there quicker, help you stay there. And when you have those slower times and if you’re not doing one every single month or you’re not doing to every single month, whatever your normal cadences and all of a sudden you have this month that you need to fill in. Right. We have to know about it in advance.

You have to be looking out in advance. Look like it’s not like, oh, do you have anything that will close in 15 days? I need something to finish the month and say, well, we’re not magicians, you know, just can’t you know, you know, if we hear, amongst others that, hey, this person hasn’t been feeling well, they’ve got this going on that’s going on in our mind. We’re like, oh, they’re they’re maybe they’re overwhelmed. So that’s why it’s important to hear from you individually that, hey, this is where I am, where I need to be, because that’s what we thrive on. We want to get you there.

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