Metal Survey Stakes – permanent properly lines

Metal Survey Stakes. How were they used for four surveys and what can that do for you? What we’re going to do is take a look at what this is all about, show you how you and your clients can have a long term solution that works for them instead of just having those like pink flags all over the place.

And if somebody goes along and moves them, what does that look like and how can we do that going forward? So let’s go ahead and share my screen and go over and highlight this link for us here and show that off if we could. Omkar. Now. I think he’s having a connection problem.

Let’s go to Talking Head screen and there we go. All right. So here we are. Survey markers. These are how you can purchase them on Amazon. They are $32.99 for four of them. It’s a four pack. And what happens with those is these are items that you can actually take and insert under the ground. There’s a great example of this. I’m going to take control of the mouse here and show us what these look like.

So when the surveyor comes out and puts those pink flags out there, those are only going to stay there so long. I would strongly suggest that you go out and replace them with something just like this. It makes it nice and easy. I’m going to run this quick video and show you exactly how this gentleman goes about doing this.

So let’s hit play on this. We’ll see how he puts them in the ground and how that all works. It’s super short. And and we’ll finish this topic up. So here we go.

Hi, I’m Will with Seaside Supply. Today, I’m going to show you some installation tips for a patent pending low profile survey. Steaks, they’re all hot tip galvanized to protect against corrosion. And we have some models where the heads are painted for increased visibility.

Depending on your soil type, there’s different ways to install them. The easiest method is you can take it and start it in the ground and then you can stomp it the rest of the way in with your foot. If you have a rubber mallet, you can simply hit it with a rubber mallet and install it. If you don’t have a rubber mallet, all you have is a metal hammer, just like you wouldn’t want to hit a painted bicycle or automobile with a metal object.

The simplest thing is just to take your packaging that the state came in and roll it up and put it over the painted head while you hit it with the metal hammer to install it. The stakes have tons of uses for all fields, property, corners, septic drain fields, underground utilities, etc.

Now we’re going to get the lawnmower out and mow over. One last tip is that when you install them, kind of make sure they are where you want them because they do not come out of the ground as easy as you think. You’ll probably need to take a shovel and pry them to get them back out of the ground. Thank you. This product has hundreds of uses and will be around for lifetimes.

Well, that’s good to see. They’re glad to see that gentleman.

Hi, I’m Will with Seaside Supply. I’m going to share with you some advantages of our patent pending low profile service days. They come in two models. We have a six inch model with approximately two and a quarter inch head, and we have an XL ten inch model.

Make sure that you have the lasting impact here. My guess is you need more than four of them. It’ll help you locate those lines and put a permanent thing down. You can then go back years later and find them with a metal detector and make it nice and easy on yourself or just kind of know where they are.

But it’s nice and permanent people come by and as soon as they mow the lawn, they move those, you know, the stakes and then you have yourself a problem. So another way to find it is to use an X on x is another way that you have your property boundaries.

They’re pretty close, but this is a little bit more accurate. Just don’t waste the money that you have from the survey stakes and make them permanent. Highly, highly suggested, ladies and gentlemen. And we’re done with that topic. See you.

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