Merch Store Mondays

I hope we didn’t hype it up way too much, but it is definitely Merch Store Monday, so I hope you guys are all excited and put in some effort for you and there’s some new swag in the store.

So we’ll go ahead and chat in that link and then maybe you reply back and put in the comments. What’s your favorite merch and what you’ll be purchasing soon? Each week is going to be refreshing this and put some new items in there and some of them will be with your brand. All of these things, if you don’t have your brand properly completed, then we can’t put it in the store. I have to do is send that all over to  Megan and she’ll get it completed for you. So let’s take a spin through the merch store. Who’s excited? Oh, there we go. All right, so as we go ahead and tour through the Murchú, we’re going to see some different things. So it’s weird where they end up putting some of the items.

So I don’t know how we change the alignment of them, but as we  scroll down through the different items in the store, then we’re going to see there’s a bunch of stickers. So a lot of people have stickers put in the store. So you’ll notice your stickers are probably in there. You can go ahead and get them. And in addition to that, we have

one of my favorite items there. If we stop there for just a minute, we’ve got a few awesome ones on the screen. So we have the Shana socks, which are, I’m sure, going to be flying off the shelves and we’ll get some of those in for sure. The kids will definitely like getting those in there as a Christmas present. And then we have the producer. Oh, so he has his own sticker in there. So if you want one of those like I did, I just put one on our fridge, then you can
go ahead and pick one of those up from the store. Probably should bump the price up on. Those are going to be pretty valuable. Collector Edition for sure. So then we scroll down and we put some mugs in here so a bunch of the agents have mugs on them.

And then one of my favorite items that I want to purchase is the shepherd the shepherd pillow definitely. So if you want to lay your head right down and just be looking at Logan all night, then that is an option for you. That pillow is just I don’t even know the price from here, but it’s it’s well, well worth it then. We have some additional stickers there and the Shauna bean bag. So if you can not get enough of Shana and you’re like, I need a bean bag with Shanaa all over it, then now you have that opportunity to purchase that. We have a bunch of those different things there and we have shirts and jackets and whatever you  want. We’ll put your swag all together for you in the store and it should all be at cost. So we’re not making any money on this occasionally. Meghan just like puts like an additional charge on there for you guys and ups the price. I think she’s taking that money and it in her piggy bank to buy extra swag. But I’d love to see something on there with Megan in the very near future.

Megan, you pick it out and put that in the merge store. So big thanks to Meghan and let’s see what else we can do. I think we should get to our next topic, but be excited about Murchú Monday, get your order and soon. I think there are. I was just looking I think there’s one 142 socks left, which on his face on them.

So they’ll be flying by. Make sure you get yours before they’re all gone. Supplies are limited to fast.

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