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Let’s go ahead and pull up the merch store and switch to that and show you guys some of the new stuff that’s in the store.

So I’m going to take a stand here and let’s look. So we got some Shepp stickers. You had those for a couple of weeks now. The stickers come in three different sizes and they’re pretty nice. I put some on my Nalgene the other day and it put some on the fridge. So those are interesting. If you guys need those for Christmas, then you go ahead and grab those. So some of those have been up here for a little while. You probably already have your this and that sticker. I think they come in three to four inch and five inch squared stickers. Those are actually incredibly difficult to put on the around the house with. My sticker is a very difficult sticker to apply and it’s thin. And like when you put that sticker on, there’s a lot of moving parts there. So good luck on that one. But the other stickers are relatively easy to use. Your fanny pack, you’re saying?

Yeah, I’m going to get one. It’s not your granny’s fanny pack to Granny’s fanny. Thanks for the mouse to wear them like over your shoulder. Now that’s how you wear it. It’s what I’ve been told. All right. So that’s a possibility. Yeah.

The flip flops. Are the socks sold out? Nope. There are three there. There are three pairs left. We started with one hundred and forty four with a solid gross and now we are down to just a couple of pairs of socks left. So make sure you get them super quick because they are going fast enough that the hat is going to be a big seller. And so now that the temperatures are changing, you have a couple of different choices for your color. Yeah, there’s a Navy and a gray and there only one size, one size fits all melon. And so that’s an option for you, too. Well, yeah. Like your hats, your head’s a melon, right?

There is some good things I was supposed to show off. I didn’t get the good things, but we will have it pulled up here in just a second and get down to the back to the store. We’ll check back. Click that link in for you. My bad. Maybe it’s a Monday back at the merge store. Let’s get down to the new stuff so we see it. It kind of goes in this order. News, new stuff. Yes. There’s a rock and star ranch bag that maybe you want to get yourself cut back. There is a Katy Cup and come back because that’s the bean bag.

Really weird. No, it goes are all around it and like, sit right, right next to Shawna. No, that’s just weird. Y’all the masks y’all.

We got some it kind of looks like Brandon we have Kym’s got her own t shirt now so that’s pretty good. Some notebook action, some gangster hats if you’re into the flat brimmed hat. I am. I want a flat brimmed hat. Well that’s there for you. Postcards for Shepard. So if you’re looking for some postcards, that might be a popular one and it might be for Shapur, for anyone else. Right. So if you want those design for yourself, then just let Megan know and she’ll get some postcards on there. It’s going to come to raining season a little bit soon. So if you want yourself a packable packable jacket with your logo on it, then just let us know and we’ll get that bad boy thrown in there. It’s only thirty-eight bucks. It’s not much more that it’s cheaper than you can find it anywhere else and it folds within itself. So that’s good that this and that bag has been selling like crazy.

So grab that. The dad hat I think is pretty good. You’re like a gator. Yeah. All right. Yeah, there’s a gator and that ‘ll have a logo on it as well. I just don’t think it kind of shows up. Yeah, no, basically they’re cool. I think I hit the wrong back button and maybe I have a problem again. All right. So anyways, a bunch of new merged today. I wanted you guys each to get to see it.

And, you know, if you’re looking for for any gear for your holiday shopping, just please let them know. The Shana sticker also there for you. If you want some stuff, let us know, tell Megan in Tokyo and you can be featured on Merch Store Monday next week. But that’s why it’s super important to have your logo all done, super important to have high quality imagery of either yourself and your logo and your stuff. And you guys can have the stuff. It’s all done. We have no profit on it. So it gets shipped directly fulfilled. And I bought some of the things and are actually pretty cool. So if you see something you like, let’s get it added and yeah. So get your picture taken with it and we can put those online on Merch Store Monday. So we’ll highlight anyone that purchases anything on Mondays and social media.

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