Merch Store  Monday, we have a couple of new items in here, we’re going to chat Merch store and we’re going to share the screen here, just a few items. We have some money and we’re going to hit it quick. No, not might emerge, but we do have a list with me, OK? List with me right in the middle. And we have a phone case that Susan must have wanted there. So we have Susan in a brand new phone case for we have new Qarabag. So if Sean is looking for a bag there, you got one for yourself as

Accessories come with the bag? No, it’s just the iPad glasses. Those are examples of items that can fit inside the bag. So if you’re wanting any one of these items designed just for yourself, then go ahead and let us know. We do have Anna taking care of the merch store now. So if there’s something specific that you’re like cheese, that would be really nice. If I had that, then let’s go ahead and get that made for you and customize and put it in the merch stores. You can get a purchase for yourself.

Yes. And I noticed Kim was out running, I think it was last weekend, and I noticed she had her workout shirt on. So, you know, it’s a great way for you to promote yourself and, you know,

Use your merch. Very good. Awesome. Thank you, Ana, for putting that together for us. We look for new and creative items each week to be coming out and just giving you guys some ideas that you can go ahead and do and you can take advantage of. So very nice and easy.

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Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 6.1.21

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