Merch Store Monday -Hello, Shana Acquisto, broker of Acquisto Real Estate and new badass Rachel Wester, is here as our guest today on TNT. We’re so happy to have her. So, you know, we have some new merch in our merch store and it is merch store Monday. So we’re going to look at it. This is not in the merch store, right? This is something you have to earn. But we’re going to have Omkar show us some new merch. And you might want to get your credit card out and get to ordering these, because I feel like they could go very quickly and tell them about the show.

Yeah. So, yeah, as you guys know, Hannah and I went to California recently and we’re traveling across talking to people our first night there, we were super tired getting ready for bed. I was talking to Mike on the phone and I looked over at Hannah and like, what is she doing? And I looked over and she had my socks on.

So, you know, I was like, do you have my socks on? And it was really odd and weird and funny all at the same time. But I thought, that’s kind of cool. You know what? I would like some Hannah socks so I can wear them. So you’ll see in our merch merch store here, we have some new Hannah socks that are fourteen dollars. That is a bargain.

So if you would like to support Hannah on your feet, there you go. I highly recommend them. And then we’ve got a new a Questo workout shirt. So Kim did a great job with putting this her Real Housewife workout shirt out there. And so we also put one together that has a Questa real estate on it. So we’ve got that added. And if you scroll on down, Omkar, we’ve got a couple other things.

We’ve got yoga pants. I’m really picky about my yoga pants, so I’m excited about these are thirty seven dollars, that’s a bargain for yoga pants. Many of you have been looking and then we have a next to the yoga pants there. We have a yoga towel, a sweat towel, so you can wipe your sweat off on Hannah and be reminded of her every time you workout. So we got lots of workout. That’s a hint. Guys, get out there and work out how you do it. You’ve got to be ready for this summer season.

There’s nothing like agent videos to make you go

The right where these socks and our videos, that could be our thing. You know, some people wear bow ties. We could do agent socks go. Is there anything else?

Yeah, you have to. All right, next to the thing.

Oh, we do have something else. Where are they, right next to the towel.

I know earlier, but we lost it

Next to the hand of, you know, the fanny pack. That’s a fanny Pack. It’s not belts. Oh, so we do have a bad ass fanny pack. If you have been a previous bad ass, then you can order one of these. If you have not, then you need to become a bad ass and then you can have a fanny pack, a bad ass wearing a fanny pack. I’m not quite sure they they mix that and they might.

And then I think this is new. If you scroll down one more, this bag and all these accessories, what is that so bad ass listing agreement. Signed, sealed, delivered. That’s interesting. So we have a whole like bag of goodies there. So awesome. So way to go, Megan, for getting more in our merch store. And, you know, hopefully Mike is over there ordering these yoga pants for me and I want them. OK, we’re going to move on.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 4.12.21

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