Merch store Monday, I’m excited about this, I don’t I don’t know what’s coming, you don’t know what’s coming now. It’s coming at you. Full blast.

Thanks to Megan, Megan puts the together for another life. I know. Thanks again for being around forever. All right.

Let’s go ahead and split the screen and merge Storm Monday. We’re going to also chat in this link. It’s going to be down below the light button as you pass by the like button, if you like. Some of these new items, just smash on there until. Megan, thank you. A big shout out to Megan for some of these different things.

So if you’re looking for a new mousepad, we have the rising star mousepad that’s brought to you and that’s Kim Miller. It’s only seven dollars. Seven bucks. That is pretty good. Yes, nice.

And it’s sticky on the bottom. So it’s not going to move. It’s just amazing. Yeah. If you see this and you’re like, I like Kim Miller animals bad. And then that’s something maybe, Kim, for you for your wedding anniversary, you could give this to your husband. He could be reminded of you all the time, every time he moves the mouse.

And he’d be able to see that, you know, he’s still amazed by mouse pads. I mean, I guess you have one.

I have a mouse. I have a mouse pad. So this is my mouse bad here. I actually have a baseball home plate.

It’s leather and it’s Rowlings and it’s made in the USA. I have no mousepad, no mousepad.

All right, well, let’s go back to the next item here and see what else we got some cool things.

And remember that use an agent can always have anything that you need customized in here as well. So the idea is just showing off a new product and showing what’s going on there. And if you’re like, oh, I want my face on a mouse pad, then you can absolutely have that as well, right?

I think I’ve got some merch we’re going to be adding.

Oh, I like to stay tuned. Oh, and then we have a Kim Miller poster. So the poster is there. Kim, does it roll up?

You know how many of you had a poster of I want to know what posters you had in your room as a kid. Oh, Chat in now your poster. Yes. What posters would you have?

Oh, you know, I had sports posters of different people. You know, I have like bands the posters that were on my on my wall had this blue stuff on the back that I just stick it on with because my parents were like, don’t use attack. Yeah. Or tape. And then when we ended up moving like, like all these spots on the wall like that didn’t help anyway.

No, I will just throw an attack in there and then we have selling in suburbia. Next one down. Brand new item. Great photo.

So can you take someone’s merch and put it on like a bag.

Yeah, so you OK? Yes, so the idea is we’re showing off the type of merch, right? So this one here in particular, when we took a look at Hannah’s, we’ll go back to where Hannah was. Hannah in the navigation of this is not perfect. So if we take a look at it, we have a poster. Yeah, it’s another poster, but this is a different size.

So I’m going to take control the mouse here. And we have different sizes. This is 12 by six. How freaked out would you be if you walked in a home when you saw all of your all of a sudden somebody.

So so. So there’s and there’s Hannah just hanging out with her selling in suburbia. It looks really, really cool.

And all you do is hit the back button on a car camera. And that’s how we got to Bon Jovi. There you go. So, yes. So, Shawna, back to what you were saying. If anyone wants a pair of socks and they want to put their face on the song. Yeah. And give it to their husband at my house and.

Yeah, kind of awkward. Yeah. So, like, that’s something you could do, right? If you want to have a sticker, you can have your own sticker like it’s not a problem. There’s different sizes. You want your own logo on your cell phone in case you totally can. Just let Megan know when she’ll put it up there for you guys to try it.

Yeah, exactly. Nice job, Megan. We’re trying to help you guys out and give you ideas, right?

If you’re totally into fanny packs and you need them, then you can absolutely have them sent off to you, cops, whatever it is, bags you come up with, whatever it is and megamall, throw it in there. You just get it designed through design, Pikul, and you can essentially have whatever you so desire kind of put together in different colors. There’s all types of options.

We’re just trying to give you ideas and then it’s fulfilled and shipped directly to you. We make zero money on it. That’s the whole idea, is that you get whatever you want customized for yourself in the nicest, cleanest, easiest way possible. OK, OK. And then you can just buy one. You want to buy a whole ton of them, you can try it out and see what you like. Yeah. That’s good. I love it. Let’s talk Megan. Yeah. Megan does a great job. Thank you. Murchú. Megan Monday hit the bell.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 3.22.21

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