Merch Store (Agent Trick or Treat)

No tricks, just treats for you as an agent. Why is it so Halloween’s coming up? So what we’d like you to do is we are going to show off the merch store. The what the merch store, that’s when all the cool kids are doing is they have a merch store, you know, we used to have these cool shirts and we change the shirts all the time.

So this is going to be a good way to kind of bring those back and bring back the shirts.

Yeah. So this is customization. Yeah. This is truly from us to you and we need to show this off. Yeah. Maybe let’s go ahead and we’re going to just give you a super quick preview right here. Let’s take a look. I knew there was a reason I didn’t buy that Lululemon fanny pack, because now that we’re actually here at the merch store, so this is something that all the streamers are doing now, is they have emerged or where they can get things.

But what we went ahead and done is customized it for you as the agent so you can get some of your stuff done here. And Megan has went along and put in your personalized stuff. So maybe let’s see if we can pull that off and take a quick spin through the merch store and see what people can get. We went ahead and lowered all the pricing down for everything, for everybody. And this is a no profit center for us at all. But the merch store here, you can buy some stuff for yourself. It’s all fulfilled and sent directly to you or put your information in. And if you are like, you know, I really need a selling in suburbia sticker in a small, medium or large format. Here is where you can absolutely get that for the low, low price of either for six or eight dollars. You can have this sticker sent directly to you with only ordering one of them and that’ll come down directly to your door. If you’re like, I need some more Low-down with Logan and, you know, hash tag around the house with Mike has really is just it’s a thing. And if you need one of those on your fridge, then you can go ahead and grab that for yourself. So we’ll put all these in here for you guys a little bit more. If you’re needing this and that put on your cup, then that’s a possibility.

Now, you can have that sticker in addition to all the stickers as we go down, we have different things that can get you can get like cell phone cases in the fanny pack that Sean was looking for from Lululemon is here as well.

We can customize flipflops, hats, rain jackets, backpacks, sweatshirts in any color cups, tight shirts, blue shirts, yellow shirts, backpacks, cups, masks.

Yeah. You were thinking yourself this can’t get any better, but it does. You can get a sticker up. Sean.

I think the sales on that are nice guy, right? I’m selling the picture of Sean and I would put it right here on the side of my coffee mug.

And you have done it there every time. Is it a bubble one like we had of the kids like it now?  

It’s amazing. So, ladies and gentlemen, the stories here for you. There are no tricks at all with this one.

Just great treats. Thank you to Meghan for putting this together for us. And we’ll continue to add more items. If you see something in particular that you like, I totally need it.

And you want something else, customize. Just please let us know. We’ll put that in there for you.

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