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Hey there, it’s just me today, Mike Acquisto, the Acquisto real estate, we’re going over our mentoring program here to Acquisto Real Estate, what it is, answering some common questions for you. We’re going to tell you how it works, what kind of goes on with commissions, how it’s on a case by case basis for each person. And a lot of it has to do with availability and fair as well as transaction type.

So we’re going to discuss all of those things and more. So I hope you’re excited about that. The concept of the mentoring program, ladies and gentlemen, is that there are new agents and there are experienced agents, two different types. Right. And we want to make sure that we give all of the help and support that we possibly can to anyone that is new and or just starting and not considered experienced based on our commission agreements.

So what we’re trying to do is match them with an experienced person that has been here working with us for a while that understands the way real estate’s done, what we’re looking for, that knows the ins and outs of our brokerage and is kind of had the experience to kind of go along with that.

So in this match up, this is the thing that we’re trying to do on a case by case basis. It does not mean that it has to be the same person in perpetuity as we’re going through it. We have tons of different agents.

We have tons of different personalities. And we actually do think that it’s really good for you to have different experiences with those different experiences. You learn many different items, right? So we’re not keeping to the requirement that it has to be the same person all the time. In fact, you know, I think it’s good to have that variety there. So that’s how it works. In general.

If you have any questions and you’re a newer agent, then what happens is Shana will be assigning and coordinating that for you to make sure that you have somebody set up to be able to assist you to answer all of your questions. So if anything comes up along the way, they’re going to be the person that’s reviewing the contract.

They’re going to be the person that’s helping you out before you submit it. They’re going to be answering the questions like, hey, I don’t know how to log in here. Hey, where do I find this? How do I get back? What’s the next step? Or do I have to plan on? Do I have all the documents? Could we review this together? Should I check box one or box two? What does this really mean? Where is the title company? How do I get the money to them? How do I upload this document to Stacey?

All of those types of things are questions that go directly to your mentor and they’ll be helping walking through that. Now, from the mentor standpoint, I believe that it is a really good program that you can learn quite a bit from, because as you teach, you also learn yourself. You take the time to kind of slow down and understand what’s going on.

So you’re trying to pass on a piece of you and the things that you have learned to them. So it’s kind of a pretty cool program in that regard. Then as far as compensation goes, compensation you’ll receive as a mentor directly from the brokerage. So we’re going to be compensating you as the mentor from our piece of the transaction. It does not affect the the agent that is working on the file directly as the newer agent.

It doesn’t affect them their compensation one bit. So, however, it does come directly from our portion as you are helping them. So I hope that answers some of the compensation questions. Then there’s as we’re looking at it, there’s many different types of transactions. Right? So we might have a first time homebuyer or somebody that’s starting out on a Web console version in person.

We might have an agent that is better at that type of transaction than another. So in that particular circumstance, we want to make sure that you have the best possible experience. So we might place you with an agent who is better and has had more proven success with a Web console.

If that’s how we’re initially starting this, if we’re not sure how it’s going to exactly go, then we might have a different transaction that might require a lot of documentation. Maybe a person is getting divorced and there’s a lot of stickiness in the situation. So we would go for something like that with an agent who has experience there. It’s possible that the transaction has something else, like maybe it has a referral agreement or a relocation component to it.

Maybe it has a certain location, maybe it has a certain price point. Maybe it’s a new home, maybe it’s a existing there’s a lot of different components. So with that, we want you to have the opportunity to learn from many different people and share their collective experiences.

Right. There’s also people that are really good in Zoho. So it’s possible that we want to have the. You have the experience of working with somebody who is really good with our software and in that you’ll continue to learn something different from each person.

So if you see that you have a hole in something that you would like to learn, then that is a point that maybe you share with Shauna when she’s trying to assign the mentor and you discuss that with you. Now, Sean is going to carefully consider the workflow of the other person, because what we are going to have to find out is the person who has to have enough time to walk through to guy to train to do each of those items.

So their workflow has to kind of be down just a little bit, or at least not at full, full capacity. Right. So what we’re going to do is find out that person that is the best fit based on learning and the best fit based on the current availability. Right. So if the person’s currently on vacation, not a great place to start as a mentor. Right. So we would probably find somebody who is available and who is present to be able to help you out in person, somebody maybe who lives close to you.

Right. Those are all different things that would be important. So I hope that answers some of your questions about mentoring. If you have any other questions about it, then please go ahead and chat them in. Or if you feel that you kind of understand it, then also chat that in and let me know that you’re at least understanding what’s going on there. So I think we kind of covered that item commission again directly from us.

If you are available, then we can do it. If you would like to be considered for, then please go ahead and send that in as well. That’s something that Shawna will coordinate. And it is your job to continue to help that new agent with their learning process. Right. So as we finish up this topic, Omkar, I probably have about five seconds left here. You can go ahead with your next topic, get that ready and go ahead and start whatever you would like to. So that’s your five second warning here. And then we’ll hit the bell and move on.

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