The next topic here is our mentor program for new agents. Yes.

So this is a new program that we’re implementing and it’s kind of, I guess, currently in a beta testing sort of right now. But, you know, we’ve been talking about this for quite some time now. And I know that a couple of agents have even brought it up, you know, in our meetings and we’ve discussed it.

So we’ve thought about this and thought about, you know, we want to make sure that anybody that’s new has somebody that they can kind of have their go to person, that they can answer their questions and kind of help them navigate through the process.

So if they’re on a training split, you know, they’ve got 10 buys and 10 cells that you must do to be what we consider experience experienced.

And then you go on a different on a different split. So during that time, there’s lots of questions and we want to make sure someone’s always available for you.

So what we’re going to do is we’re going to give and we’re going to talk to the agents. And there’s going to be some criteria if you become this. But we’re going to have a mentorship program for the new for the new agents. So it’s going to be somebody that is experienced and someone that we feel this is important to us, you guys, because we know how important this is.

It’s going to be somebody that follows our process to a T.. OK, because when you follow the process, it makes it easy on the support team, on us as brokers, everyone. So this person must be classified as experienced and pretty much a badass because you have got to follow this process. And, you know, because if you don’t and you’re going to train somebody to also do bad habits, that’s not what we’re looking for. So we’re going to be extremely picky on how we do this.

And what we’ll do is we’ll assign we’ll ask you first and you you can approve, but if we reach out and say, hey, I think you would be a good match for this new agent to train them and be there for them, we don’t want you doing the work for them, but we want you to be there. If they have a question or they get stuck along the way and to review their contracts before they go out, you should be double checking everything that they do and guiding them to make sure that they become, you know, the best that they can be.

And they they get started on the right foot. So how we’re going to do that is we’re going to pay that mentor. We’re going to do this. We’re going to pay that mentor a percentage of the deal when it closes. So we’ll talk through that with you when you know, when we reach out to you and and ask you if you wanted to be a mentor.

And then we may get to a point that we once we get through a couple of these and work out some caves and kind of see what challenges we may have, will probably then have a mentor SCHIP program and have its own training so you can properly learn.

And you know what this does to me? This makes you know, it helps you guys become leaders yourself. So now you are taking all of these skills and all of these things that you’ve learned from beginning until now, you’re experienced and you’re now able to transfer that information and instill upon someone else. So I think it’s really I love it. It’s it’s putting you in a more of a leadership role. And I think that each and every one of you are plenty capable.

But I think you’re capable that if you’re not following the process and we’re always going to have to remind you to do certain things, then that’s not going to be a person that we’re comfortable with, you know, mentoring it, just getting the person has to be a great leader and be willing to do each of those things and obviously all the process.

But there’s a few questions that kind of come up on this. Yeah, OK, so the first one is, well, are you becoming like E.S.P? And so that’s like one that I have a problem. OK, so what XP does is they are like a recruiting engine, right? So XP is designed to like bring in this person and I don’t work and I recruit people who also don’t work, but also recruit more agents and like nobody sells at the end. And it’s like this weird model. So that’s not the model we’re going after.

And at some point we’re going to hit you’re going to run to a wall, right? Because at that person, I don’t know. I know. We don’t like that that concept.

Look, there’s lots and lots of different brokerages out there and we understand that and we try to, again, go back to what our core values are and and really stick to to fairness in the big picture, the big.

So if we’re looking at this to the individual, you know, most likely has went through and also been a successful person, probably one company awards is probably most logically you want to make sure that this individual that you’re putting to be able to mentor has accomplished and has like skins on the wall, so so to speak. Right. So you have to kind of achieve to get there and achieve it at the highest levels and be leading somebody. And you need to achieve those things. So a good standard to kind of think about when you’re thinking through this is have you won the bad ass award? And if you’ve kind of done that, then you would seem to be a person that would have exuded the initial attributes to be able to do something along those lines. Not a firm thing, but kind of like a good measuring stick.

So we’re going to be rolling this out over the next few months. So we have to figure it out. We have to work through it. And to be fair, and we want to do the right thing and we want to make this, you know, easy on everybody. Yeah, right.

And but I can see where different people mentoring different people at different times. So maybe one person is good at sellers and one person is good at buyers or, you know, for you do this person for two transactions and then you try that person for two transactions and see what works, because it’s supposed to be designed to help the newer agent continue to learn and be available and help them out. So everyone has different tactics on how they do things. I do real estate decidedly different than you. So if you want more information on the mentorship program, please let us know. Do you have a specific way that you want that to kind of go to reach out to?

Well, in the beginning, we’re going to be setting this up, so we are going to approve this matchmake, OK, in the beginning. And like I said, we’re kind of role in out. So as it evolves and we do more of them, then it’ll become clear on on different policies that we’ve put in place for so.

But just know that that’s a thing now. And, you know, it’s giving you guys a chance to step up and lead, which I like. I like the idea whenever whenever I think it should work out.

Now, Mike mentioned something about recruiting, so I don’t want this to seem that, hey, I’m going to bring on 15 people and I’m going to mentor all of them and they’re going to be my minions or whatever. No, that’s not how it’s going to be. We personally don’t believe in the big team approach. There’s a different way to do a team. And if you want to bring people on and you want to create this, we have ideas on that and we can talk about that. We’re not going to talk about that right now, but I encourage you guys to all do that. But what’s most important there is we

want everybody to be their own person branded individually. And how you collaborate together is totally different. And I do encourage that. But that’s not what this is. So bringing people on and getting a compensation for that, for bringing new people on is not a model that we’re going to be about or be a part of because I don’t feel comfortable with it. This is not a multilevel marketing company.

This is real estate. And that’s what that’s what we’re doing. So very good sense.

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