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Membership basics of CCAR. That’s Shana Acquisto. She knows what she’s doing and what she’s talking about with CCAR. So she’s going to talk about some of the things about the cost, the timing, the training.

When do you get in? When do you pay? What’s going on? Why should you join? Who has to join all of that and much more? You have a choice. Yeah. Omkar, let’s show off. And Shana,

So CCAR dot net is where you go. So CCAR is the Collin County Association Association of Real Tours, and this is our MLS membership and our association.

So if you are a real tour, you must be a member of an association. So ours is CCAR. So all of you guys who are under the Acquisto Real Estate brand will. Oops. Sorry about that over here. Well, need to be members of CCAR so that there’s no choice in that.

Now, Mike, on the other hand, is a separate brokerage, a Cousteau Group LLC, his he is not a member of an association, so anybody that he sponsors also doesn’t have to be a member of the association or can’t be.

Right, that’s true. So. I wanted to show you this, so I got to go over here, so we’ve heard a couple of people want, you know, ask the question about what are the do’s?

How much are they? I think I have autopay all of these things. So from the beginning, if you go to join CCAR, then you get a breakdown of what the dues should be for the month that you’re joining.

Ok. So right here you would go down. You would not be the designated realtor. That’s the broker. The non designated realtor is who you are.

So if you go to the dues, it’s going to break it down per month. Look at that and it kind of tells you what it includes. So this is straight from their website.

Ccar, dot net and IT Pro rates its new member dues based on the month of your Trek sponsorship. Ok. So. If just know that the later you get in the year, the less your dues will become for the membership because you’re only a member, you know, for a shorter period of time that in December the twenty twenty two or the following year, those dues will be due, if you will. So say you join in November, you’re going to have November of this fee.

Plus in December, you’re going to have. The next year’s DOS, so it’s like a Christmas gift that really give you.

Every quarter on top of that, so you have your membership dues and then every quarter to have MLS access, you pay quarterly MLS fees. And those are one hundred and thirteen dollars. Plus there’s a five dollar fee that goes to our non-profit organization.

Oh. Yeah, it’s very good. So I want to kind of show you this old car if you could bring over the the next screen. So when you’re a member of CCAR, you will have a portal that you log into and that’s where you pay your dues. Ok.

So right now, we’re in my portal. So up in the top you’ll log in. And when you log in, you’ll either have your own CCAR dot net log in or you can log in with your MLW’s credentials. Keep it simple, so you’ll have to remember one thing. So this is my portal.

You’re going to have your billing information, any classes and events you can register for here, any if you belong to any committees, things like that you’re going to have over here.

Billing information mine shows everybody’s because we’re the sponsoring broker so you can set your dues up on auto pay.

Oh, it sounds like so. They send out a they send it out well in advance at least a month in advance of your MLS quarterly dues that are coming up, and then you’re going to get a notice for your twenty twenty two dues coming up.

So just so you guys know I would, I like to set that up on auto pay that way. You don’t forget it because if you do forget it, they’re very, very.

Good about not shutting your mills off, but after a certain period of time, they do what I have noticed that a lot of you when you sign up and get your real estate license, you don’t have a broker affiliation yet, so you’re using an email address.

That’s a Gmail or, you know, a your own personal email address. That’s where track is sending all of your notices. So you might want to go in there and change that with track and with your real estate association to make sure that you don’t miss an alert.

I personally would put these on my calendar, so I know they’re coming due and planned for it when you’re planning your your next year’s budget and and working through your expenses.

So at least a little tip. So I just want to show you that you guys can log in and see what you’ve paid and understand all of these things.

Wow, you have zero do. That’s good.

That’s not true. Oh, oh, okay, yeah, so billing. We have have open invoices, so you guys all have your fourth quarter dues. They are.

The due date on those are October 1st, so that’s going to be your last, your fourth quarter dues and then you’re going to start getting your reminder and notices for your membership dues that will be January 1st is the due date on this. Okay.

Okay. It’s really nice that these all comes around in December when you have like, yeah, that. So if you have any questions on that, let me know, but I thought that might be helpful for you guys. All right.

Good. Oh, Shana, thank you for covering that topic. I appreciate it. I think we’re good to proceed to the next one. Is that right? Yeah. Okay.

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