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Research shows that Media Day matters, and we value that, as we have for a long time here to Acquisto Real Estate, we want to make sure that we fully discuss this with you.

We’re going to show you good. We’re going to show you bad. We’re going to show you articles related to this. We’re going to reference inmind. We’re going to talk about Megan Rutherford here at Acquisto Real Estate and what she does and how it makes it much better.

We’re going to talk about Logan Lawrence. Yes, he’s a real person. He’s a great man and he is a wonderful job with us. We’re going to talk about some of our photography companies with Frisco 3-D listings and what they do. We’re going to look at good, bad, otherwise, and we’re going to have a whole agent workshop on this, but not right now. Now it’s time for the Cliff Notes version.

Let’s go ahead and share the screen, Omkar, if we could, and see what we’re talking about. So we’re going to reference this article to give us some credibility here. And that is from inmind this article just came out. Megan referenced it and saw it. She was like, hey, we should totally discuss this on TNT. On the left, we have a photo. On the right, we have a photo. And what we have is a good photo and a bad photo. So this is courtesy. The image was sent to Overbuy Box Brownie. They showed the good, the bad and the otherwise here.

Right. So you hopefully like the one on the right, but not the one on the left showing just what it was going to look a little bit different. Those are all changes that can be made and modified to that to the property. If we scroll down, they’re going to tell us all about best practices. We’re going to take this length. We’re going to chat it in and send it over to you so you can view that in the description.

So there you’ll have that. And as we kind of scroll through here, we’re going to see there’s a bunch of different items that are going on here. Right. So this guy here, Pete, he’s wearing a suit, so he must know what he’s talking about. That’s evident. And we scroll down and he’s saying that less than 30 percent use the best practices of using a bracketed photography.

And that’s one of the things that we do here. So we do do record photography. And I want to make a note that I did just say doodoo. So I almost make it a point to stop now. And anyone that says those words back to back and just be like, did you just say? And the answer is, yes, I did. So let’s keep scrolling down here and see a couple of other items. There’s a video, there’s some dude, he looks like he kind of wants to point, he looks like he also wants to say, pull my finger. I don’t know exactly what that guy is doing, but he has sweet earrings.

So he must also know what he’s talking about and he’s trying to tell you how to use it. DSL, our camera. Right. Those are all things that we do all the time. We’re going to keep scrolling and there’s way more items related to this. But marketing matters and you have to fully put your property together. We’re going to show you some different examples of some of the things that we do on a regular basis. Omkar. Let me grab a handle on this. There we go.

And we’re to pull up some photography here. And I’m going to show you that we do a lot of drone photography on each property. The property just looks so much better when it’s shot from above. It’s kind of like when you take a selfie, right? And you do this, you don’t take a selfie and look like down on it because it gets your chin and that’s like a thing.

So you hold it up higher. Right. And as you do that, it shows a better angle for you, for your face, for whatever it is. The reason that this angle looks better on a residential property, because it’s one that you don’t often see. It takes all the other things out of play as well. So you see it from a totally different angle. This is a neighborhood shop, but look at all the care that shown to show everything else around it.

Also backing up, showing this. It looks like we have like a sewer line running across here. So that’s that’s a bonus. We can also see here that they do like to sprinkle their lawns. So this is the evidence of that on the fence that shown there shows exactly where this wall is. And it just gives a lot more detail so you can fully understand it. Right, Chozen relationship to everything, ton, a ton of aerial photography. So that’s going to help you market your property just a little bit better. We love doing things like that.

There’s also a video in here. So this video is going to be put in for each property was three minutes and five seconds and it was recorded, put together, produced and all that. And it’s not too darn bad. So thank you to everybody for putting that together there. First go 3D listings. We appreciate all the effort that they put in. We’re going to see how many people have pools in this neighborhood.

Let’s say this is kind of a bench neighborhood where the the home sites fall off and kind of come down. You’ll see all these different retaining walls in here. So you might look for some drainage related items in here. But there’s a decent amount of pools for how new this neighborhood seems to be. But there’s a lot of new home sites here that are still coming in. So to have that many new pools put in is impressive. If you continue to scroll through this picture, we’re going to see a bunch of different items here as we go inside.

These photos are well taken. The property is well prepared. So I’m not sure who the listing agent is on this one. But good job to you. As we’re scrolling through here, we see that I really like these colors. They’re combining the gray and the brown. And I don’t know, they call that a gray or something like that. Maybe it’s a brown gray. I don’t know the words that we’re supposed to use here, but they’re looking at this. This is something that I don’t know if we invented it, but we definitely enjoy it.

And these are kind of lifestyle photos showing something a little bit different. Normally, a person wouldn’t go ahead and take a picture of this, but we do. And why do we do that? Because we care and we put that effort in. It just shows something a little bit different. It cost extra money and it’s kind of going above and beyond. What we’re trying to do is have somebody hit the pause button like, oh, and just take a look and see what’s going on here.

And that’s what this photo is designed to do. It’s showing off the banister and what’s going on here. And some of the details it’s showing off on nicer carpet, looks at makes just feel super homey, showing off a couple of these things, fireplace, the chair, I don’t know. It just feels cozy.

And you can see yourself standing here and understanding that. So it just it kind of feels right. So those are some different items that we do with our photography. This here is also another lifestyle photo. It shows off just the lighting accent of what it is and it gets you to just pause as you’re scrolling through the malaise of looking at like next picture, next picture, next picture.

All of a sudden we want to kind of stop your eyes. And we’re doing that here with this, showing the upclose of what the range happens to be. So let’s you quickly understand what’s going on here. You know, I’m a huge fan of what’s going on here.

They did a great job preparing this property and put it all together. This one also shows off the ceiling and the ceilings got some nice detail. So so they were able to highlight that as well. So you do the same thing with photos and you do them with video and we discuss those items. Everybody is getting really, really good at doing the videos around here.

And I’m really, really proud of you guys. If you take a look here, this photo also is really nice. It shows off kind of how the room’s all set and it shows off that ceiling again, that I’m kind of a big fan of. So those are all real things. And we put this together and it ends up coming together really well. There’s all best practices and we try to follow every single one of them when we do our photography so that we get a great package.

At the end of the day, all we’re doing here is we showed off this article and then we. Clearly defined it and showed it well, looks like how nice is that photo? Look, this sun set here was spectacular when it was taken. Maybe it was manipulated just a little bit to look a little bit better. But it does certainly do that and it looks great.

Congratulations to the listing agent on this property. I hope that you really enjoy it. I love the close up pictures here. That’s amazing. And as we continue to scroll through, I think I’m just about done, but I like the different sunsets. I like the different clouds. It gives you some options. You know, when they do this feature with the windows, I think it looks pretty cool, just me. But it’s up to you. Look at all the different variants of what the sunset looks like here at this property. It makes me just want to move in and say, honey, I’m home. Anyways, let’s move on.

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