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An overview from the city of McKinney. This is a transportation update from August. The middle of August. Yes. And we’re going to go ahead and share that with you. Thank you to Mr. Mike Sheppard. Yeah, thanks. Of a quiz to Real Estate four. It’s nice when someone is to go and attend something and bring back this information.

You know, we talk a lot about attending city council meetings or things that are relevant to our business and bringing it back. We can’t be everywhere all the time. So. But if you attend, obviously continue to send us. Yeah. Don’t keep it all bottled up. Just share it. It’s the ideas we need to share.

So we’ll have this. We’ll put it in the description so you guys can see, get the exact link to this. And so this is the updates here of what’s going on with the city. Yeah. And what they have going on four big major projects for new roadways and for how they’re going to be funding it. And then they have their comprehensive 2040 plan, which 2040 maybe that bypass will begin by 2040, maybe.

I think it’s in their 2050 plan. Right. So they have a master thoroughfare plan, they have mobility, they have pavement management, regional mobility with how they’re involved from that big overall perspective. They have a bond update.

Oh, no, I was just you know, infrastructure is really key and it’s really good to know with all the growth that we’re experiencing in North Dallas, how they’re proposing to tackle it. So I just saw Proposition E includes 100 million for traffic improvement.

Yeah. So that’s their bond that they have going on. They have key projects and key updates that are going on. So you’ll see those noted as one, two, three, four and five showing what’s going on below.

Now what’s going on? Reg We see that it’s coming in off 380 WILMOTH That they’re working on that. Interesting. Well, with Collin County Parkway, I think that’s going to relieve a lot of traffic. Personally, we’ll see. They shop. We thank you for sharing that one.

Road improvements, living added additional lanes. Oh, okay. So Custer. Custer has some new new stuff going on there if anyone’s going to help Custer recently. And raise your hand if you’ve hit one of those big barrels. It’s crazy. I have not hit a big barrel, but I will tell you that I haven’t either. But I’ve seen several people who have hit them and it’s crazy. They just go, It’s funny. I read the other day in a Tesla. So the Tesla picks really? Yeah, the Tesla picked me up.

So let’s go back to I’m going to take a quick aside from this old car and we’ll just go back to Talking Head. So I was in a Tesla, in an Uber, sitting in a back seat and we were talking to the guy about technology and you know, he had it on the mode where the car was driving and he was still attentive.

He had his hands like right here. Right? But he was like, Oh, it’s amazing. You know, Tesla’s have self driving abilities, so that’s what he’s talking about. He was so related to this.

We’re in McKinney. I’m on a new road improvement that they have, but there’s a bunch of things going on. So we’re headed down the road and right there at like the Home Depot intersection on Custer going north, they have a barricade up with some of those barrels and then they have an arrow pointing this way. Right?

And so we go up to it and the car approaches it and then he stops and he’s at the light and it stopped there at a traffic light. And all of a sudden the car starts moving and he’s like, Whoa! And it identified something and thought he was supposed to drive between it and it didn’t know is it the light? So he had to stop it from driving in there. But it identified that as a truck is what it showed up on the barrel. The barrels showed up as a truck on the on on the jeeps type thing. That’s what I identified it as.

And that’s like, well, that’s concerning because if you have to make a choice between like if somebody runs out, if it’s a classic scenario that I have, if something jumps out in front of your driverless car and does the car know to hit it because it’s a deer, so to speak, or is it a kid running in the road?

So do you stop or do you hit do you endanger yourself or this animal or whatever that is? And you say, no, it always identifies it, right? It’s like, well, it just said it’s a truck and it’s clearly not.

So how is it going to identify if it’s a human jumping in front of you instead of a deer end point? Right. So we talked about that and then I says, oh, there’s actually a perfect scenario for you to continue to test this on as we go further at 380 and 380 and Custer, they just put in at the Walmart, they just changed the lanes just a little bit.

So the lanes are going straight and then all of a sudden they do this little jog to go north, but they look like they’re going straight, but they actually turn. Yes. So so the road’s going up and I’m like, yep, keep it in this driverless mode. And I said, be aware because the road does a quick jog and does this and I want to see what happens. And so he kept it in. He said, it’s going to be totally fine.

I’m like, Oh, okay, we’ll see. So he continues to drive up and as he got close to the construction, he had to grab the wheel because the car didn’t recognize it and it was going to stay in the same lane and he would have hit the thing in front of him. So what if he sent his car back? I don’t know.

But anyways, it made to the Tesla made two mistakes within within two blocks. So we’re not quite there yet on the self driving vehicles, I would say specifically in the city of McKinney. My other question is could maybe this is for another topic, but could we pull up your Uber rating?

Because I’m just wondering, you always have these conversations and you pull this I don’t know what you do to the Uber drivers to where they just start sharing crazy information. So. I just wonder if you have a really good Uber rating. Oh, yeah. No, I have an amazing Uber rating. Okay. So let me get to the screen update over here on the other one. Sorry, on the car. And I hit the wrong button.

All right. So new roadways, key active projects. We just went over that one. Yeah. Let’s continue to look through this because there is good information on this slide, but there’s 39 pages, so we’re in all through it. Yeah. New traffic lanes, all interactive map somewhere you did here. I mean, infrastructure is super important. I feel that they have to stay on top of this oh 380 landfill oh US 380 and landfill.

Okay, I don’t know what that even means, but that picture right there is definitely 380, that intersection right there. Oh, I can’t see that. Sorry I’m pointing this one. Yeah, that’s 380 in Stonebridge. Maybe. I think it is. I think so, yeah.

I don’t see an update on that one. 380 in Walnut Grove. Oh, wow. They’re going to change. Wow. I don’t know. Maybe might can tell us some more. About 380 and Walnut Grove roadway signage. Oh, I like the new signs. Those are kind of cool. Do they light up like Frisco? I don’t know. Those are going to look cool. Prosper has them. Oh, yes. There’s nothing like a good roundabout just to get.

Everyone says they’re easier. And I always worry that somebody’s going to not get off and keep going and hit me. I don’t know. I have a problem with them. And maybe they’ll get used to. So roundabouts going in all over town. It looks like they got half a dozen of them going in different places. Yeah. I don’t know what you guys, if you’ve traveled in McKinney on 75 and the El Dorado exit.

Right to how you go across the road and you’re basically coming to on going traffic. Yeah. That’s one of the worst intersections in the United States of me. I would think that they have tons of accidents there, but I don’t know. Well, just because that one’s a horrible intersection. They decided in the new plan at 380 and Custer that they’re going to do that twice and they’re going to make you go on the wrong side of traffic twice with the double sx going the wrong way. That’s all that. That’s right.

So if you do any business or live. Travel frequently around the city of McKinney, you might want to check this out. And if you have if your clients are moving out that way and they’re concerned with traffic today, then maybe you share this with them and show them what’s coming. Mm hmm. Right. Yeah. So there’s your update on track. Thank you, Mike. Mike did have more information in regards to this same meeting.

From a real estate perspective. I wish he could. Come on. Actually, why can’t he? He should come on and talk about it. Well, so there’s the new codes that are coming out and some different things. So we’re going to cover the second half of that in a different segment. But it felt like this is about the right time to.

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