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McKinney growing with tech startups. Hey, there, McKinney. Nice job growing with tech start ups. It’s impressive they’ve been investing as a community in technology and specifically young growing companies like Set.

Yeah, me too. Tell us about it. I will thank you to Mike Shepherd for sending this topic over to us. Great real estate agent in McKinney, Texas. He sent this link over and we’re going to show it on the screen and then we’ll obviously share that link out with you guys here, just a second in the description.

So if you go ahead and look through this, McKinney has a grant fund through the McKinney EDC and they have an initiative or an innovation fund. And if we kind of scroll through this, they’ve been investing in a bunch of different companies.

This article here highlights one of the companies in particular that they had invested some money into. But as we go down through here, the basic idea is that McKinney has been putting money into young growing companies, right? Specifically technology, which I really, really appreciate.

And then it takes this money for these companies and allows them to start growing right. And then there’s a chance that they go from companies with five or 10 people to like hundreds and thousands, and they kind of hit that idea, right?

So that’s what they’re kind of looking for here. And it’s super impressive to me on what’s going on with this.

It is, and I know Frisco’s been really good at, you know, bringing businesses to the area.

But I really I love seeing this and I feel like McKinney’s done that in the past in real estate and brought some new concept ideas and, you know, as far as real estate goes to the area.

So here’s the companies in particular, right? So I wanted to go down to the bottom. These companies have all been the ones that have kind of went through this process. And so you can click on their websites, you can take your own time and do your own due diligence on what they’ve kind of put into with this innovation that they’re that they’re looking to accomplish.

But if any one of these companies hits it right, then boom, huge employment base for the local area. And I think it’s worth a shot with investment into it. So I’m very, very happy with it. In total, twenty one companies. Wow, that’s a big deal that they relocated here and they’re working on expansion and bringing in ideas. Right? Yeah. So wow. Very, very excited about it.

Well, I know there’s 21 of them. Well, they’re the ones that they highlighted in here in particular. And so the article in general is speaking about one company, the most recent one that they just did, and it’s most specifically real estate related, OK.

And so I don’t want to totally nerd out on that, but I wanted just to share this idea with everybody, and I think it’s a great one that McKinney is doing. I do, too.

So where do you go, McKinney?

Yeah, so I’m very proud. And off we go. But I think this is good for homeowners. It really is because these should be good jobs, high paying once they if they if and when they get it right. Yeah.

Keep our real estate market hot. Yeah.

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