Good morning, Mike and Shana of Acquisto here, real estate brokers and co owners with Acquisto real estate and we’re husband and wife, which is good. I’m sure they’re looking forward to hearing lot about that.

And we’re going to talk about Matterpack, it is an item that is available through the matter port. So Logan Lawrence does an amazing job with helping us out with Frisco 3D and doing them better port on each of the different properties that we have. And what we get at the end is this nice 3D walk through that you can go through and you can look up, down, you can see everything.

And then we also go ahead and do the floor plan on each one, but we don’t order ordinarily is the matter pack. That’s a tech file that has certain stuff to it. We’re going to go ahead and share the screen and we’ll chat that link in to you. So you’re not just a 3D walkthrough, you guys. There’s a lot. As a matter of fact, there’s a lot to it.

I just I love I know you wanted to say that, right. And so we’re this is helpful to people when they’re trying to do different items with it to like recreate it and to edit it and to be like total nerds about it. So this would help people like architects, engineers so that they could design some other items in it. And we happen to run into one. And they were super happy when  I was able to give this suggestion to them.

So is kind of that went under contract was to a gentleman that I designed and laid out interiors of warehouse facilities and how they operated in the most efficient way. And that was kind of his career path. So he had this technical bent and at different times we had talked about like tech and like slightly nerdy stuff and whatever that was. And I was like, oh, I can get this for you. Right.

And so I talked to him about the matter and I sent him that over. And he’s like, oh, that’s really good. And I explained what it could do, like how you could measure with it and what was going on there. And I was like, this can be your property, so let me go ahead and download this and send it over to you so it only takes just a second to download. There is a cost associated with it, right?

It’s not too expensive, but you first have to do the matter itself and then it’s always there. It’s like an add on. Yeah, it’s a one time add on fee and there’s something that, you know, so if you need it, let me know. I’ll write a minor. If they don’t, we don’t always do them.

It’s always there. It’s always available. You have to just click download. It just takes me a couple of minutes. OK, so it’s one hundred dollars to download this and send it over. OK, but the individual who receives it feels it’s worth a lot more because they can do a ton of things with it, especially like a nerdy person. Right. So now we know the fee associated with it and we’re splitting the screen and showing some different items. And we’ll scroll through the link here and you can put these items together and  utilize it.

So it is there for you now. And now, you know the thing more about you.

Well, so you can recreate the 3D renderings and then go ahead and edit them in the different softwares. So let me think, some items you could do is to measure wall-to-wall and place. You could do so in the standard matter report. You can measure it already. So there’s a measuring tool in there.

So this would definitely be able to, but it would get imported into their program that they standard use and then they can do some edits on it afterwards. So maybe they were like, oh, I want to redo this wall or I want to paint this  color. It’s kind of one of those things that is utilized in like the HDTV and they show and they raw and then they take it away after and they’ll show what that is. So really, all this is the basis of how they go ahead and create that for one hundred dollars.

To me, that is a very reasonable price to get that right.

I mean, I know we already pay what we have to do the first part. Yeah, right. So this would be great for people who are going to remodel for people are considering this for if you had a person and they said something like, we’re going to redo the kitchen for anyone who buys this or we’re going to add something else, I would imagine this type of technology is possibly utilized when they’re going to put like a back.

A pool in the backyard is a way that you could kind of create this if you had a matter part of the outside, which is hard because there’s not walls. So like, scratch that, actually. But if it was inside, if you put a pool inside, then they would definitely use this at most people being visual.

I think this is a great tool to have. And if you have a preowned home that you’re competing with new construction, then you would really want to want to have something like that so people can envision what it would look like and, you know, get them on board.

I love it very. Q Yeah, so I hope you guys enjoy this, I hope you’re able to take advantage of it. And just remember, for the person that’s slightly nerdy, they’re going to totally be super, super happy with this.

And it’s also something to talk about. Even if you go to a listing appointment and it’s a pretty home, something that will differentiate you and set you apart from others, I think is totally this. Yeah. So we always want to do that. Yeah. So great job. Hey, I appreciate it. Congratulations on putting that under contract. Yeah. Nice job. All righty, so don’t do the same thing wrong twice in a real estate transaction, hmm. What’s that mean?

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