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Hey, guys, so I want to talk about some upcoming matrix changes, so as you know, I’m on the MLS committee for our Association for CCAR, and they asked for some beta testers that would help in kind of going through the system to see how these changes are going to be affect us.

What’s happening is there is a data dictionary and it is a little complicated. It’s all about how the the terms are viewed and perceived by the public. There’s a lot to it, but they are changing and updating their data dictionary.

So therefore there’s going to be a lot of matrix changes. This data dictionary is, you know, they try to update it into words and phrases that people can identify with. So when I have Omkar slide over these changes that are coming up March 1st, just so you’re aware some will apply, some won’t.

But I think it’s good for you guys to to be aware. So below are the summer I mean attached. Here is the summary of these changes. So when you’re searching and going through metrics through your searches, you’re going to see the display change in a few few ways. Commercial for sale and commercial for lease are now going to be separate. We have them separate residential, so I understand that change.

Multifamily is now residential income. I don’t know about that, but you know, we’re going to have to kind of change what our thoughts are and how we’re thinking through these things. Residential condos and residential townhomes are now separate their separate search subtypes.

So I think I do like that, you know, as things start developing and we start seeing more and more condos and townhomes, I think it’ll be good to have those separate agent and office search is now under a new tab called roster.

So before it was agent search, so now it’s going to be roster sold and leased status is now called closed, you know, sold. That makes a lot of sense because leased is not sold.

So that’s a good change that I think they have temporarily temporary off market is now called hold, and I do get that because people are like, What does that mean? When is it coming back on the market? So I do think that makes sense. This next one I have an issue with, I don’t understand it.

I think it’s going to cause confusion and it’s just downright not accurate. So total baths now mean total of all baths. This means half baths, full baths, they’re all categorized under one. So if you now have a three and a half bath home, it’s going to be for. So, you know, maybe they’re going to add a subcategory to say how many half baths, how many full baths? I don’t know, but at this point, they’re going to display as a total.

So that’s really something you need to be aware of because if someone wants a half bath, you know, say all the bedrooms are upstairs and they want a half bath downstairs or some bathroom for people to not have to go into the bedrooms. I just think it’s going to cause some confusion.

They view their biggest change as the area and sub area categories are now being gone. I don’t search by that. That’s way back in the day where they had a map shows. Do you guys remember maps shows? You’d have to figure out where you’re going ahead of time and take that thing with you and and figure it out? Well, I don’t know. Maybe some of you use the area and some areas, but it’s going away.

You will no longer have that. You can, you know, a lot of us now just search. We either search by a school or by a city, or you can you can draw in your search parameters. So. So anyway, those are some changes. If you have any questions on that, let me know. But just something to be aware of and they don’t.

You won’t see those changes until March 1st, and I’m sure you’ll start to hear more and more about this. You know, the time draws draws closer. If you guys ever have any spare time, there are matrix classes that you can take at CCAR. I think it’s a good idea. I always learn when I’m, you know, just hearing some of these, these things from the classes.

There’s a lot of little shortcuts and hacks and things that you can do that actually make your life easier when you’re setting up searches for clients. So there’s always something new there. So, you know, maybe we can look on and take a look at the tutorials in your mattress portal or, you know, consider signing up for a class and and learn a little bit more about Matrix. Ok. All right. That’s it for that.

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