All right, so my marketing tip for those who don’t know me, I actually love marketing, that is my second passion. I think in my next life I might be a marketing director, but I am all over social media. I love social media. Some of you guys might be rolling your eyes because you hate social media. Here’s the thing. Early on in my career, I think it was around 2012 or 2013, I decided that social media was going to be used as a tool and not a toy.

And that is sometimes the mind shift that we need to have as professionals is that a lot of times we associate social media as a toy because we see our kids or our nieces and nephews are and how they use social media and they use it as a toy. But marketing is all about getting behind as many people’s eyeballs as you can, as cost effective as well. And social media opens that door, like it or not. And you can actually touch a lot of people. You can connect with a lot of people. And so my marketing tip for you guys, especially for 2021, is to really get out there and do more videos.

I’ve already been talking to Jana and Kim and my gosh, with this setup, I mean, Acquisto media. I’m like super jealous because my video content is not this good. But here’s my tip for you guys. Almost every real time with the hate video. They hate the way they look on video.

They hate the way that they sound on video. But the reality is, is that is how you look and sound in real life. And so practice makes everything so much easier. And it’s not something that you pick up on overnight. If you look at my YouTube channel, it’s kind of embarrassing.

But like I have videos on there from 2013, the lighting’s horrible, actually. Have a couple of videos where I have a bruise on my cheek because I had my wisdom teeth taken out, but I made a commitment to myself that every Sunday I was going to record three videos and I was going to post them.

And then over time, I’ve created this library of content that is so helpful and it’s helpful in two ways. And this is what I really wanted to share with you guys. Video can help leverage your time, and I call it the power of one timing. And so if you think about all the questions that you answer for buyers or sellers over and over and over again, you know, what is the option for check?

What is the third party financing? What happens if the appraisal comes in low? If I were you, I would get a sheet of paper out and I would write down all the questions, the most common questions that you get as a buyer and the most common questions that you get as a seller. And that is what I would start with and I would make them short and sweet. Two minutes or less.

You’ve got the camera crew and I would talk to the camera and answer that question as if a client was asking that for you. You really want to get it down on on a client’s level, don’t use realtor terms and things like that. And essentially what you’re going to do is after that video is complete, you’re going to upload it to your YouTube channel. And what you’re doing is you’re creating content for your YouTube channel.

So if you’re out and about because you’ve got showings on the weekend, because this market’s crazy and one of your clients text you and says, hey, I’ve got a question about X, Y, Z, and you can’t pick up the phone and call them right

away. What you can do is you on your phone. You can go to your YouTube channel, copy that euro and say, I’m so sorry, I’m currently assisting a client right now. I have a video that actually walks through this question for you. Let me know if this answers your question.

If not, I can give you a call at and you set the expectation of what time you will find that that video explanation will answer their question. And what that does is that lowers that person’s anxiety right then and there. It gives them the information they need, which is what oftentimes that’s all they want is they want their their question answered.

And you didn’t have to pick up the phone and have a 15, 20 minute conversation about something that you can say in your sleep, because you answer it over and over and over. And so start with those one, the power of one, timing those questions that you answer over and over. Once you get comfortable with it, you upload it to your YouTube. That will start allowing you to have the confidence to move to the social media platform.

Those videos can be used on social media, but right now, especially with Instagram, Real’s is the newest thing. That’s what’s getting the most exposure right now. And that that is, I would say, next level. You really want to get comfortable on the initial videos. First, being comfortable talking to a camera, being comfortable with having light shine on you because it’s it’s different.

So start there and what I suggest, especially for the women out there, what I do is I pick a date on my calendar. So I’ve got a calendar like this. This is my marketing calendar. It’s pretty cool.

It is through the months. And I write down what I want my topics to be. I have on here what holidays are in that month because it’s really important that you are, you know, in tuned with current events, you don’t want to post a video and it be Valentine’s Day and your video have nothing to do with that.

It seems a little off. And so what I do is I get my calendar in front of me and I look, OK, here’s my February calendar. Here’s what events are going on. We’ve got Super Bowl. We’ve got Valentine’s Day. We’ve got Presidents Day. Where do I want my video content to go? What do I want my video content to be about?

But what I do is I take one day out of the month, I bring a couple of different t shirts, I do my hair, do my makeup, which I don’t like to do. So all my other days, I’m in a ball cap and nobody knows. And I just knock out all those videos in one day and usually I can do about a month or two months worth. And so they’re knocked out.

And the beauty of that is as we’re getting busy and we don’t have time to do that, you’ve already got an arsenal filled of videos and content that you can post at any time.

Your camera ready. It looks great. They can be reused because guess what? People aren’t paying that close of attention of oh, my gosh, Shauna posted that video about this in February and she just reposted it in April. Nobody pays that close of attention to your social media.

If they do that, probably another real estate agent. It’s not an actual consumer, but you can reuse them and they’re valuable. And there is such a thirst from consumers right now to obtain information and education. And so you want to be the quarterback of that information. You don’t want them to go to Google, but you’ve got to put it out there. And with social media, that is hopefully your sphere of people who already know, like and love you. So don’t be the secret agent.

Don’t post about real estate stuff on your social because you’re afraid you’re going to annoy people. I know you guys already do a great job. I think of Acquisto Real Estate sets the standard for that. I know Meghan has a lot of help with you guys in your social media game, but it is important to show your authentic self, get your video content ready, and then you can just schedule it. And when you get busy or you go out of town or you’re traveling, your video still show up. So mission 2021 video content is huge.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 1.20.21

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