Marketing Ideas – Hi, I’m Shana Acquisto, from Acquisto Real Estate. This is Hannah Ewing, a realtor in Collin County here, talking about the luxury market. And we’re going to talk about right now some marketing ideas that you picked up from some other agents in your class.

Hannah just recently took this ALHS asset class to get her designation for luxury homes.

And we’re interested to hear about some of these cool marketing ideas.

So, yeah, one of my favorite parts about the class was it was definitely a limited class size. Sometimes you have sometimes you’re in a Zoom class and it feels almost the same as my kids Zoom class and everyone’s just can’t mute their microphone in their talk. It’s so random. And the luxury class, it was definitely a higher level of agent and they brought some really great ideas to the table. So I felt like most of the time I was jotting down everything they had to say.

And so one of the key things that I heard repeatedly was making sure that you are in some way reaching out nine to 12 times a year to your clients or your prospects so that you are always top of mind.

So in some way, you guys and I know we talk about, you know, even just getting on to social media and commenting, you know, that’s a way to reach out. See, they do that because every morning and you do that right, for TNT, you guys are logging on those five minutes and reaching out.

And sometimes it is a handwritten card is huge, especially for the luxury buyer. And so some fun ideas that I thought they had that weren’t really expensive. But just a quick way to reach out was OK tomorrow, St. Patrick’s Day. So if you have a little green flyer and you attach a lottery card, so, OK, you’ve spent a dollar, but you write a cute little note saying, hey, I was really lucky to have met you or something that ties into St. Patrick’s Day and Luck or hey, don’t leave your real estate needs to luck, you know, contact, you know, an agent. So that’s just a quick touch.

And now somebody mentioned at the Fourth of July, she always gets sweet baby Ray’s barbecue sauce and delivers it with a note. Spicing up your Fourth of July. I’m thinking about you. They are cute. And one that I loved, which I thought tied in well to our merch store because we talked about our two bags. So and some of the agents, you know, we always do a pretty close walkthrough with our buyers.

And so they’re bringing a branded tote to the walk through. And in that tote bag would have everything you would need for the day that you move the next day or the next few days. So what do you need when you’re moving? Maybe some bottled water is a tape measure, maybe a bar.

I don’t know. But you have Clorox, right? I mean, absolutely. Somebody said toilet paper and paper plates, you know, because you don’t have your dishes yet.

And so some things that they’re going to need for moving day all packaged in your branded tote and you hand them that during the walk through, which I thought was a great idea.

That is a great idea. I love that. And, you know, we talked before about the potpies, so that’s another way.

And they will deliver them for you. So I think it’s good to have personal interaction.

But, you know, as we get busy, that’s also another avenue to just have those set up because they have cute little depending on the holidays. You can send them out however often that you would like, but then that just goes out for you. So it is really important to keep in touch.

I mean, I think this week alone we had to past clients that, you know, one of them was in twenty thirteen she bought and she came back and ready to move again. So, you know, you’re going to start building those up you guys, and you got it. You got to protect and take care of them because, you know, top of mind, everyone knows an agent, right? Everyone.

So I think in my previous business, I was a financial advisor and our goal was to build a residual income. So you get more assets under management and then all of a sudden you’re going to make money whether, you know, you just have that residual income.

We don’t have that we’re dying. And, you know, every day, if we don’t have a new sale, we don’t get paid. But our residuals are the relationships that we’re building. And so if you can stay in touch with those people, your job is so much easier now than a first time agent because you’re having so much repeat business. Yeah.

So, yeah. And the last thing, like, I’m pretty competitive. So if I ever heard that somebody, you know, went with another agent. Yeah.

Oh, I would be devastated. Don’t let that happen. It’s not like it’s happened before.

It’s not fun. So. All right. Well, these are all great things. Hannah, I am so appreciative of you being here and sharing all of this with us.

Well, I’m thankful that you all offer this program. Yeah, I was taking a class and being able to get reimbursed. Well, it’s great. Yeah, it was really great.

I love it when people take advantage of it. I know. I think Katie has taken advantage of it. You have taken advantage of it. Linda has taken advantage of it. So do it. You guys get a designation, do something that’s going. To further enhance your real estate career and let it be on its.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 3.16.21

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