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Hey, there, are you thinking in yourself. I need to know what real estate tax is and I totally need an overview then. If so, you’re alone. There’s not one other person out there who wants to actually know that information. OK, we’re going to go over it just because we do or that lonely one.

We’re going to. You are the one. We’re going to give you that market watch and an overview of what that happens to be. That is Shana Acquisto. She’s a luxury real estate broker. And we’re talking real estate here this morning, specifically real estate tax. And we’re going to go over that. We’re going to talk about how you can get property pricing and how it’s an awesome tool. So this is pretty cool. Let’s split screen so we can do.

Well, this is a very simple way for you to kind of answer the question of, you know, what and what’s happening in the market. How is it different from last year? How do you price properties, right. How do you price your listings? So I think if you you know, we go back into our Ntreis and this is another tool that we are afforded the opportunity to have. So this is how you search through Matrix. This is Ntreis tax when you go into an actress tax. We can pull up a logic product. Oh, of course it is.

Wow, they’re taking over. They have a lot of power nowadays.

Let me see. I’m just going to pull up a random property here. All right, let’s just do say this one in Richardson, Yeah. OK. You have the clash over here. All right, so when you pull up a property in tax, you know you’re going to get the information here is something I think is really key to look at is this. OK, so if you’re trying to project what’s happening, you can go back in here and see what happened last year. Right. So last year. Your value was you can see your values here, right, and the change, this is really hard for me to use. I apologize.

So maybe this isn’t a great one to look at, or maybe it is because you can see the percentage of change that it’s had year after year, right? So if you see last year, your land value, for example, was this you see here the land values really going up. So maybe you don’t pay so much attention to the improvements because, you know, people are doing different things. But you can look at the land value.

So in 18, this lot was valued at ninety nine thousand and it went up to 114 and now it’s at one thirty three. So you can look at that trend and then kind of add that and calculate that when you use that data, when you’re pricing your listings.

Hey, that’s really good, a good feature. Yeah, always knowing how to use tools and understanding what’s going on is is really a good thing to be able to.

Yeah. And they have you know, there’s classes there’s a lot of information through reckless tax that I find very beneficial. You can do comparables, market trends. There’s all these things we won’t dive into. Now, I just want to show you kind of something to think about when you’re when you’re pricing your listings, I think is where this is really pretty valuable because it’s really difficult for us.

Also, when you’re preparing your appraisal packets, this is something that would be great to show the appraiser. Right. I don’t know that the appraisers are going in and digging in this deep to kind of see what’s happening. So, you know, if maybe somebody protested their taxes, I don’t know in that value as kind of not where it should be. But you see, the land is increasing. So you can use that as a as a

Challenge of the day. Brought to you by Mike Questo is going to be log in here and find one trend in some way, shape or form that you find to be noteworthy. Search around and find something and report directly to be my email as Mike Tequesta real estate dot com. Send me a trend that you’re like, whoa, did you know that? And then you’ll be able to see that and we’ll take a look at it. Right.

So let’s switch back here to looking ahead, Omkar, and we’ll send over your favorite trend that you saw that you’re like, wow, I didn’t realize that a person who always sends over amazing trends is Mike Shepherd. He sent something to me just the other day and I was like, wow, I think that was a good stat. I shared that with you guys. So if you see something that’s interesting to you, then please let us know. Just let me know and we’ll get that announced on TNT so everybody can kind of see it. It’s always important to be well informed

In mind that the land like Monitoring the land you can send in, you can email any single thing that you want. I thought that was cool. Yeah. All right. Well, that was good. Let’s go over exclusive listings.

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