Luxury Sign Test- All right, luxury Signs so was and has some new luxury signs that we did as a test and we wanted to see how that worked and see if beta tester Hannah.

So we’re going to pull up that and load it for you and let you take a look at it. So we have that sign here for you and we’ll zoom in just a little bit more if we can. I’m not sure what our zoom factor is that we can get to, but what we have is this is a different format.

So this is a luxury sign that Logan was nice enough to put out in the yard. It might require a person to help you out with it, to put it in. Maybe Logan’s cool enough to chat in how long it took them to put on. Is it a problem or like what was a Logan? Just a little bit. I got no feedback on it.

It just happened. I think it’s so great. It’s really good. But I don’t know if it’s real heavy wood. You know, sometimes you see these large signs in yards and you’re like, whoa, but this one is perfectly sized. It looks very just simple and and luxurious like it’s supposed to be.

And I am interested to see or to hear from Logan about, you know, if it took him half a day, dig in to put that in the ground or if it was something easy.

And the reason we’re testing it is we want to see is like, hey, is this going to work over a period of time? Like so when it rains, is it a problem? Are they are they going to fall off? We need to put a different type of clip on there and those clips maybe be right. So we’ll take a look at some of those different items to see what we need to be doing. But thanks to Logan for that. And congratulations to the listing agent listing agent Hanna Ewing.

Oh, we have no listing in Dallas. And it’s beautiful. It’s like I think it’s one point for whoa, hang on. Say that one more time.

Perfect for yeah, for yeah, no, that’s what we want, so that’s extremely important in real estate. We get paid on a commission basis. So the higher price point homes you sell, the better off you are. Right. So let’s be striving for that. That’s our goal, is to sell more and more properties all the time of higher and higher and better prices, closer in proximity to where you live.

So what you want to be doing is doing some smart things right. And this is one of them. We want to fully support you as the agent and have something like this available for you. So this is that test here. And so I should go over some ideas and give you some parameters here. So item number one is that it is from Hannah Logan. Set it up. And the criteria here is one million dollars in a box and the sign has to be able to be used in that neighborhood.

Sometimes there’s like sign restriction, sign ordinances, things like that.
But I believe we did some checking on signed ordinances to make sure.

And then sometimes in those neighborhoods, there’s restrictions on what it has to be and you have to go through like certain specific things. We are going to require a little bit of notice for this because we need to get the sign into it. We don’t have like a ton of them on hand. In fact, what they are is are custom ordered for you. So we’re making sure we like how this sign performs before we buy more. That was kind of the idea behind testing it. And so we do need a 30 day notice for what we’re trying to accomplish here. I want to see how all of this works.

And look, if you have something you think is coming up, let us know and we’ll get the sign in. If it doesn’t work out for whatever reason, you know, don’t worry about that. But don’t wait till the last minute.

Correct. The key, the luxury sign. We do need a little bit more time once this property sells, because I’m sure it’ll sell right away, because Hannah is an amazing agent. Hashtag selling in suburbia. Is that. Yeah. Yeah. All right, good. So anyway, she’ll do a great job and we’ll get to sign back right away.

So that will be a problem in the least the writers. So you can have two writers on here. I believe they said you can clip one on the bottom and I think one clips to the top as well. I don’t see one on the top here at this moment. I believe more were ordered because we didn’t have the exact phrase we wanted here.

So we can have two writers there. We do have several here, but not like all the words, because it’s a different size than the standard the standard sign that we use. And so you’ll have to, with a 30 day notice, give us the writers that you want as well, because we don’t have them all the printing time.

There’s just like a turn around for anything that’s print and shipped. It’s not really thirty days, but I don’t want to create a consistent problem for her. Megan, who does a great job on this. And so there’s, there’s a couple of things to this and we’re happy to unveil this. Congratulations to Hannah. And if they know anything else on the side of it, I’d love to buy like ten more and let’s get way for million dollar listings.

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