Hello, Mike and Shana Acquisto here, real estate brokers and co-owners with Acquisto Real Estate, and you have a super premium luxury property. You like all those adjectives in front of it? Yes, absolutely. And then you want to make sure we yeah. We want to do the right thing. And you are looking at it and you’re like, hey, I’m gonna sell this property. Like, John is going to help you out, whatever. Right. We’re doing this. Yes. We want to do it. But now we have to think just a little bit. And this is the difference. And so I think Shana is an amazing I personally, I would vote for the best in the nation as as a real estate broker, but mostly because she cares. But now let’s think about it from the other perspective. You’re trying to sell something you’re listing.

Well, there’s somebody on the other side who’s trying to buy something, and we’re going to make up to make it up. Right. And we’re going to do all of these marketing things to make it, you know, very appealing and draw in the buyer. But then what? All right. So now we have a buyer.

So now what we have to do is we have to go through this thought process. So this is the part that that we’re discussing. And this is what separates good from great from excellent right is like thinking through the whole thing. And we want to do that for you. And that’s our effort. And so you bought the property, you financed it in some way. If you built it from scratch, maybe you improved it, maybe whatever that is.

But most likely it’s a different property now than it was before. There’s challenges, there’s price points. There’s a lot of different items here. There is a price point that totally is a game changer. It really is. And there’s like all these different angles and different prices that all of a sudden like. So if we’re using small numbers, there’s like loan limits for this amount and then there’s different changes and adjustments. And then if the lant, if you have too much land, then it’s treated differently. We can finance the land one way in the property. We can finance the improvements one way we could do, you know, new construction or add ons, a different way we could write.

So there’s different ways to do this.
But I don’t want to just as a cash buyer, I mean, we have a lot of that, but we want to have options for every, you know, a lot of different options.

We don’t want to just deter. Yes. So the same way that you went through and financed your property to start with, now we have to inspect it from the other side, and that’s what we’re here to do.

So what we’ll do is you give us a call and we’ll go over that will set that meeting up. We’ll both personally be there. And, you know, if it’s a different listing agent than one of us, and we’ll we’ll be present as well, you know, working with us. We want to help out and then we need to bring in some finance people and we need to say, hey, how do we finance this? If we were buying this today. Right. And understand from your perspective, then ask a couple of additional questions. So if this was you, this is how we would finance it. Now you’re like, oh, I see some problems. And then when you see a problem, you have to come up with a way to overcome that obstacle. And then you ask like, well, what if the person had a little bit less money than me or they had better or worse credit?

Or you start changing the parameters, like, is this a first home for them or is it a second home? Is it a third home? Is it a vacation? Is it a whatever those words are? And then you ask it from a bunch of different perspectives and they’re like, how do I overcome this? So what we’re trying to do is solve the problem before it becomes one in answer each of these different questions, because a super premium luxury property. So a lot of words creative, we have to get creative, and that’s what we do.

You are amazing at that many, many times we’ve kind of been at a at a at a point where we think we can’t move, move forward. And Mike gives it a little thought. And, you know, with his. Finance background and just how his brain thinks, which is totally different than everyone else, he is so good at coming up with creative ways to make things work and save deals, many deals.

So I have no idea why I have this. I have the ability to kind of like see things and I understand them and I hear them and recognize them. And then you have to put the puzzle together. And I find that extremely interesting and fascinating. And within just two. Yeah, within just a couple of seconds, it can be like, OK, here’s the problem and here’s how you solve it. It’s like, oh, pretty good. So maybe it comes down to like seller financing for a certain portion of it.

Maybe it’s separating it. Maybe it’s two parcels, maybe it’s husband buying this piece in, a wife buying this place. Maybe it’s the business, maybe it’s an LLC. Maybe it’s like a trust that does this. Maybe you use money from this account or from a retirement account or from like whatever they are. Maybe you use some type of insurance product to be able to purchase it.

Like there’s a lot of options, a lot of options.

And you can’t always rely on the other real estate professional to be able to have this, you know, this type of brain to come up in this type of creativity because the real estate minded. Right. But this is a whole different animal. And you have to, like you said, be very creative.

Yeah. So and that’s what we kind of specialize in. Right. So I’m not like tooting our own horn, but I’m just explaining it makes a difference. We’ve seen it. It’s a huge deal. So we’ll have the other side call us and we’re like, oh, wow, this is the other agents on the property. And it’s amazing. There’s thousands and thousands of agents. I believe there’s like ten thousand in just Collin County alone. There’s a lot, right? Ninety nine thousand nine. Ninety nine thousand and climbing in just Collin County alone. S

o with that many, there’s random agents that sell super premium properties and they come in with a buyer and sometimes they’re like, oh, wow, that’s the person we’re working with. This person is helping this person buy a ten million dollar property. And sometimes you don’t get all the information we have, like see through all of it and like listen to what’s really going on, not what they’re saying and understand and comprehend, like figure and get back story without getting all the information to put it together, to be like, no, this is how we have to do it and get creative and get reversed an offer backwards. Is that the reverse software of our software?

We’ve done that a few times and it’s actually worked out and kind of thrown the other side of off guard.

Yeah, it is. So it’s those are all super creative things in your property that you have is spectacular. And what it deserves is a lot of thinking and writing care and a lot of great marketing and somebody who know knows what they’re doing and we’re here to help you.

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