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Lucas luxury ranch, awesome event coming up, June 11, excited about that.

I am super excited about it. It is going to be a great opportunity for you guys. OK, so let’s talk about it. So Friday, June 11th, we’ve been talking about this for a while. We’re having a special invitation only event on cars. Going to share the invitation here.

You guys should have this and you should be actively marketing to your sphere and inviting high net worth people that you think would that you would love to actually network with and bring them to this event. So I will tell you that I this morning opened up the list and there’s not many I only see a couple of you that have responded and have an actual guest list.

So, you know, we we stress this all the time that these are great opportunities for you to even if someone can’t come to share this and get in front of them and invite them and say, hey, we’re going to have great barbecue. Have you ever had Mike and Dave’s famous barbecue? I don’t know, you should want to come and give it a shot and it’s a great opportunity to tour a beautiful home, there’s not a lot of ten million dollar properties around and ones that you can just come in and view.

So, you know, we do these events like our our parties all the time as a way for you guys to have a great marketing tool. And if you don’t utilize this, then, you know, I think you’re missing a huge opportunity. And to me, it’s a little disappointing. I mean, I know how much time and energy goes into all of these. And I would I would think that you guys would want to benefit from it.

Yeah, there’s a ton of great things that go around when you’re able to discuss super high valued items, you get more clients. It’s just good things happen when you do good things. And this is an opportunity for you to have that right there. It’s a great thing for you to be able to call up a lot of different people and have discussions to be able to reach back out. It’s it’s kind of a party.

It’s an event. We’re not able to have certain things due to covid. Right. We didn’t have our Lual this summer. We just opened back up and we weren’t kind of sure. And people aren’t throwing these massive events just yet. But this is kind of the equivalent. So kind of look and think like what? Did I take advantage of that? Yeah.

And we’re with somebody the other day and they were like, you know, I don’t really know any high net worth people. I said, OK. Do you go to the doctor ever? Well, actually, I go to three doctors, OK? You don’t think those doctors are high net worth people? Maybe you should say, hey, you know anybody that may be interested in this property, but, hey, why don’t you come whoever does anything for you, you’re always helping me. Let me help you come into this awesome home and have some barbecue

Reminder that we have like tax time coming up. Maybe your strategy, maybe that CPA knows other super high net worth people. He sees everybody’s money, maybe your financial planner. Maybe it’s a good time for you to reach out to them and be like, hey, how’s everything going? I mean, like, why am I doing this? How are my returns? Do you know anyone else who is having an awesome time right now that might be looking for something different, that their returns have been super high?

It’s not just about I don’t know anybody that would fit the who wants to purchase this property. That’s not high. If you’re thinking that, then you’re thinking like this, you need to expand that and be thinking way outside the box. That’s how you tap into to different opportunities and how you level up. Right. And, you know, it’s a great opportunity. So if you don’t take advantage of it, you

Go to you now say Shana, looking right over your shoulder, if you don’t take advantage of other things in the screen behind us, we have this is my favorite location, I think I’ve said in the world that have happened to Eventa. And so this this picture here I took from my phone and it shows off the iconic moment of when Half Dome on the one on the side where Shauna is, it’s reversed. And it’s interesting what’s going on here. The dynamics right where Shauna is. We kind of have this lip going on there, and that’s Half Dome up in the top behind her.

And I can’t do it like in reverse, but it’s like over on this side, over here somewhere. It wouldn’t be a good news weather person. And then on the other side, we have El Capitan that comes straight up and straight down. And if you don’t think big, you’ll never get to the top. Right, and you have to kind of have this this determination in this effort and you have to put something in there, and then if you do all those right things, you get that one glorious moment and that one glorious moment. I happen to be sitting here in a in kind of a bench chair that made out of stone there.

And it’s just it was just a nature moment. And then rising right up between them was a sunrise. And then right in between there, you get this beautiful sun that’s coming up as the sun rises. And it fits it perfectly because we’re at just the right distance and you have to be there at the right time of the year because the earth rotates and the sun rises, slightly different place and then dozen others.

And so, like, it has to happen at the right time of the year, at the right everything all these things come together and then you’ll see the sun rise right through there. It’s amazing. It is, but you won’t be selling that 10 million dollar home or the 20 million dollar one or whatever that number is, if you don’t start and you won’t get to the top of that mountain without the first step, it’s going to be painful. There’s going to be things, there’s going to be rejection. There’s going to be fear. There’s going to be whatever it is. But you won’t get to the top and you won’t do it if

You don’t invite. So this week, OK, we’re already on Tuesday be thinking, thinking about those people share. We have the invitation that you can share via email. You can share it via text. Just shoot somebody a text and say, hey, you want to come with me and they’re going to love it just to come and have barbecue. Right. But it needs to be somebody that you feel you could network with and, you know, create an opportunity.

So we have that link that will chat in that’ll be in the description so you can get directly to it, so you can download it, so you can save it to your phone, so you can utilize it. So you can text it out as you can do whatever. And this is also something that might be super helpful if we were able to send out directly to him. Yeah. So maybe let me ask a favor right on the spot. Meghan, if you could, could you take this item and text it out to everybody so they can save it directly to their phone? They have it. So just like text, text, text, you have it. And so that they could invite.

Lisa has been working hard on this with me and she’s been putting all of this together and put the RSVP list together. And like I said, you know, Lisa, too, she’s been inviting people. Just because you don’t know somebody doesn’t mean you don’t have to. You can’t invite them. So we’ve reached out to the Lamborghini general manager. You know, think about that, car dealerships.

You know, you just have to think outside the box, but Lisa’s been doing a very good job putting it all together and I really appreciate that. And I just want you guys to create opportunities for yourself. We really want you to step up your game and we’re giving you this. You have to take it in and finish it.

So we’re good. Well, thank you for that opportunity and I do appreciate it. OK, I have several people that I’ll be reaching out to. So, Megan, send me that graphic and then I’ll I’ll jump on that. All right. Any questions? Let us know. Let her know. Contact me, please. And Lisa.

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