Fam Fest 2020 – Day 3

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it is great for you to join us here, we have a new award that we’re giving out and this one was just kind of it kind of struck you, Shana, right?

That’s a problem. What the hell? All right. So what you know, you’re crying before this. That’s amazing. All right. So the person just means a lot to Shawna, and it’s incredible. So what I wanted to do it was something that meant a lot to her. And so there she goes. And I guess I’ll talk all about it and you get to deal with me. So anyways, we have a person that started out and their career started a little bit differently. Right. And everyone has a different career trajectory.

And it starts, you know, sometimes it’s not perfect for everybody. And then they they finally caught their groove through hard work, dedication, effort and energy. And then before you know what, they’re just like really achieving and know, the biggest thing with it is they always say yes.

Yeah. Always present. Always. Yes. Sometimes in this business, it it’s easy to just say I, I quit.

I’m throwing in the towel. I don’t think this is for me. You know, we’ve all thought that. I thought that like yesterday. So.

Yeah, no. And it’s difficult. So, you know, he he might be like living in the shadows of a of a giant, so to speak.

So we got to speak the other day about Mike Shepherd and how much he achieves and what he’s done. So he had like these amazing awards that he wins for being like super good with sales and leading the way all the time and being calm, cool and collected all the time.

Yeah. And has to be like the son in law of Wright.

And that’s a real thing. So what we’re looking at here, I want to give the award for the person that says yes. And is always willing to do whatever it is for the other person, super thankful, and so I’m out these different photo shoots or video shoots and I run into him and he’s just like, today’s amazing. And he’s like, I can’t believe that today I get to do this. And this is like work for me and I get to do these types of things. Right. So that’s amazing. And he’s just like, thankful for everything he gets.

You guys, this person helped us one time with a party and there was much outside. And I’m looking for my window and they’re putting mulch in our flowerbed.

Well, yeah, there’s like things that have to get done right. So you can do this. So Logan’s helping me out. Right. And it’s it’s just incredible that whatever the things are, sometimes I’m we just have things to do. And he’s done things to help me out, like wash the car, wash the signs. And it doesn’t matter.

He has this way of doing things that he knows they need to get done right. And he’s willing to do them. And he puts sometimes he’ll put it put like his pride aside or whatever that is. And he just totally leans in and does what’s required. I’m like, hey, we need to learn the matter. It’s like, OK, we’ll do that. And like, oh, OK.

Like, you need to fly drones, like, oh, I’ll do that, Yo-Yo. And all these directions, all different directions.

And he just, you know, from day one, shows up here, takes his notes, asks questions and it’s like never look back.

And you know, there’s not many people like that.

No there’s not. And there’s not many people that I know of that can say that they sold a home to a Heisman Trophy winner this calendar year. And it’s just super impressive. Right. And you kind of get all of that in the one person. So this award is something that will give out when we see it from now on and when it’s kind of been noted and whatever that is, it’s every year somebody is going to possess this throughout the year.

It’s not just it’s totally different from the bad ass award.

You know, we we talked about a lot. It’s really your character is what you’re doing when people are watching. Right. That really defines who you are. And so, you know, this new award is going to be called the Logan Award every year. Somebody’s going to get it and. It’s awesome.

Yeah, and totally, totally deserves it, right, for like every single reason. And so, Logan, we were pulling you up here and we wanted to let you kind of be on the screen. It’s kind of an important thing. So the Logan Award is going to actually be named after you, very similar to your father.

That all worked out. That was just a complete coincidence. We weren’t really what it was actually your award. We kind of came up with for your show for a long time.

And she was very excited to be able to  kind of unveil a single person that works here.

Every single person is like, I love Logan. He’s so funny, so sweet.

Every person, every time he just says yes to everything in such a good way.

And it’s and, you know, I when we started all this video’s stuff and, you know, it’s so hard to go out there and do a video.

And Logan always helped me because he’d be like, OK, this is, you know, think of this and you’re going to be great and all that. And I thought, oh, my gosh, this is amazing. And he really helped me through this.

Yeah. There’s not a person who doesn’t want to do a video with Logan, and he just he does. I think he brings out the best if it’s a positive attitude. I mean, you can be like totally bif a video. Right. And he’ll just have this way of just walking through it and telling you like, all right, shake that one off, like we’ll just do it again. And he like it. I don’t know. It’s amazing and impressive. So I’m sure you’ve all gotten away at the opportunity to to do some things with Logan and have those interactions and to be able to call him a person that we get to work with on a daily basis and be able to trust the brand, to trust any one of those things. Right. To trust your client because he’s going in every client’s home and to be able to do those things is just incredible.

And even when you all ditched your masks, he was still wearing pants.

You know, he just has an amazing presence. His upbringing is just truly impressive. What he represents the, you  know, all of that. So this is an award that we’ve had kind of in the works for a long time. It truly means a lot to Shana. So we’ll we’ll have that on an annual basis. And so we hope that whoever happens to do that next. Oh, my gosh, whoever does that next, we hope that you can live up to that, to the standard that has now been set. So I continue to do that on an annual basis. And Logan, thank you. Thank you very much.

So, Omkar, let’s go ahead and see if we can get a speech out of Logan. Let’s go ahead and enable him and see if we kind of get something going here. It’s time for me to call him directly.

Omkar, I’m on his phone. Or are we going to do it right through? Zoome What’s you’re trying to go ahead and call him on the phone? Yeah, we’re going to call him directly on China’s phone. So, Logan, grab your phone real quick. I don’t think you’re listening to watching the meeting here. Keep your camera all up, if you could, for us. And we will go from here. But Logan, we’re dialing you. Shawn is going to put you on speakerphone and throw it right over here for us by the microphone, and that’ll come right to you. You have a speaker on and just will be totally fine right there. And hello, we have Logan Lawrence with us. How are you doing, sir?

Yeah, Logan, this on here, it looks like you just got drafted, so congratulations, you’re going to a coastal real estate with the neurotrophic. We’re excited for your future. Put the hat on, buddy love.

And we love you so much. You’re awesome.

Thank you, very proud of you.

It is easy to say, yes, everything when I am doing what I do decide on and I feel like I’m having to go out and do everything. I feel like I’m getting to side that we appreciate. You know, everything I do get to the.

Yeah, it’s amazing, Logan, and I know you’ve been through a lot recently, and that had no bearing at all on you being selected for this in the least. But it does make it even sweeter when we’re able to do something like that and we’re able to just be around great people like this. And I I hope that this brings you a little bit of solace. And the honor that we’re trying to bestow on you is so that others can understand how awesome it is and you be recognized so they can also try to mimic you. So it’s amazing fact that, you know, you start right and your father in law does all these things. And that’s that’s not an easy thing to kind of have to  follow. Right. It’s he’s he’s Mike Shepherd. Right. And he’s done all these different things. And now people now you can ask him if he’s won the Logan Award. Right. Because there’s a big difference. And you have you have like all the right attitude . And so it’s a win every day throughout this year.

We’ve talked about this. Like, you just it’s I don’t know. I can’t even.

Just every day to be thankful for what you know, every day is thankful sometimes we all.

We take a lot of things for granted and we try to talk about how, you know what, you know, we’re not going to be greedy. We’re going to do the right thing. And we always think about that. But I think you inspire us to be that, you know, even better than we could be just on our own. So thank you. Love it.

Appreciate it, guys, thanks again.

Yeah, so, Logan, what we’re going to do is we’ll figure out what’s the right way to  honor that in person and what what that can do that, you know, you and linen and having her on, she brings. And it’s just amazing right here at all the events, you’re the first to do things like traveling and, you know, you’ve had there’s things that aren’t easy every day. Right. And we’re super thankful.

And I don’t know how this all happened, how it just, you know, everybody that’s a part of our real estate family got here. But you can never leave.

You know, we’re super thankful and people just need to be recognized when  greatness happens.

And Logan, thank you. Yeah, thank you. You’re awesome. All right.

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