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The local broker marketplace, so last week I was at in San Diego, at the NAR Convention, and they talked a lot about this competition.

Realtor and I’m going to have Omkar slide this over and I want you guys to save this and go and visit it often. Say this link and visit it, often because what it is designed to be, it’s from nature. But it is like a local broker marketplace where you can go and get relevant information, see what’s going on at the national level so we can inform our clients.

We can inform other members of our association, other realtors, people in our profession and stay on top of it. You know, I really believe that together we are better. And I, you know, I see a lot of people fighting individual battles and competing with one another.

But you guys, we all need each other. And I just really like that they put something like this together because you’re going to get relevant articles. You know, it promotes, promotes consumer access and opportunity. So what this does is makes us more transparent.

Let them know who we are. And I think it’s really a good place because sometimes we forget we get so busy and our, you know, just trying to get a deal under contract that we forget the bigger picture. So, you know, I really like this. Save it to your as a favorite link and go visit it often to stay on top of our market and our industry.

I think it’s really good. So peruse through there. And if you guys have any input on it or questions, I would love to hear, hear your feedback. But I think we’re all struggling right now to show value, provide value to the consumer. They have everything at their fingertips. They can find anything online. So we have to, you know, provide and show value. Why would they need to utilize our services? So something interesting sitting in a small group discussion that I was a part of.

You know, they started talking about, are we are our worst enemy? And I think, you know, that could definitely be true. They talked about things like, Hey, all of us are going online and we’re showing closings. Hey, I just had another closing. Hey, I just won an offer x amount over list price, multiple offers.

You know, all of these things that tell the public that, Hey, this is a hot market, why do I need this realtor? So the things that we’re doing to promote ourselves are really we’re shooting ourselves in the foot. So I think it’s really important to to think about that for a minute.

And are we? Relaying information out there and being all about ourselves, when rather we should be sharing information about our industry, what’s going on out there.

You know, I know Kelly and I had a conversation yesterday about social media and how people what people really want to see? Do they really want to see that you’re going to closing? How is that going to provide value? They should already know what we do, right? So if you’re sharing things like, Hey, I just went to this coffee shop and it’s amazing if you’ve never been here, here it is.

Here’s my favorite drink. You should try it and something unique that someone wouldn’t know that could be relevant to them, that could pique their interest. So.

Just a thought, but going back to the competition, realtor say that link and and like I said, use it, get valuable information from that and share. And I think that’ll really provide a lot of value for us.

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