All right, so would you like to be on TNT? Would you like to be live? Would you like to go out to your whole social sphere?

Don’t be saying no. I know a lot of you are, like, not really. Yes, you do. They are. Why are they saying no? Not really. It’s just a natural. I think it’s our instinct to not want to be on video, but we know it’s very powerful.

And so video is powerful and this is the way we’re moving. So if you as an agent would like to be on TNT and do a spotlight on you yourself, maybe talk a little bit about you, what makes you different, what sets you apart, what things you like, maybe tell us a story you had recently. Stories are very, very powerful. And that’s one of the things that I hear all the time, that people are like, Hey, Shana, tell me a story. And then I. I just kind of talk and we’ll ask on a just different topics. And she’ll always have something that she can talk about, whether it was a, you know, an influential client that has a name or is noteworthy. She’ll talk about things like like the biggest house she sold, the most expensive one, the most dangerous time, the weirdest client. The there’s so many different things that you can kind of speak on.

And it just tells a story I think I can relate to to real stories. You know, and Susan and I were talking last night about we’ve had some interesting situations throughout the years happen. They come up all the time. Yeah

So that would be one of the things that I think maybe we could get to speak about the client that drove you to the most homes, the one that was the easiest, the ones that you like to work with the most, kind of anything that you like to speak about. Right. And that’s what we’ll do. Now, the catch with this is to be on TNT live. We also want to take the most advantage we can. We don’t want to just sit here and talk to our agents. We want to get this out to a much, much larger group or audience. So what we want to do there is we want to take this and we want to share it with a larger audience. So let’s go ahead. And the caveat is we would use Zoom as a software like our next guest producer always going to do here. She’ll have an opportunity to see that. And we’ll also line that up and go live on your favorite social media feeds simultaneously. So you’ll be on here, will control how long we’ll talk about it in advance, will kind of get some topics lined up just like we do each morning. And we’ll allow people to kind of interact. And we’ll have this discussion here.

You guys all have great personalities and stories and, you know, we want to connect you with.

Everyone out there now in the community, you know, we can even talk about the TNT music if you have a certain song you like or something like as long as we can get it. Yeah, well, so we can’t use any music. We have to have the digital rights to it. So that’s why I like every music is not an option. But we do have quite a few. We subscribe to different things and we’ll discuss it so we can get it all lined up and get a time for you.

So be thinking guys. Let us know and say yes.

Just say yes, be glass half full. Get that out to a larger audience for you. And that’s an option that we would like to do. I don’t have a choice. You have to do that. Oh, they can set it up when they want, but there’s a lot of times that people are like, hey, I need to come up with how I can generate more business. Right. If you want to be put in a position of authority and you want to do these things, you can go ahead and do it right. We’ll work with your branding. We’ll put that on there. We’ll make you kind of a thing and put it out so we can control a little bit of what we talk about.

And I think we’ll have a great time. I did, too. All right, so go ahead and schedule that directly with me. Send an email to me, please, at and say, I would like to be TNT guest alive. I will do it. We assume I do have a computer that works. I do have a camera that works and a microphone that works in a phone network. So we can speak on that and in an earpiece. And you would like to do it relatively soon. Think about your background and tell us what social media platforms you would like to be on and we’ll get it all scheduled right away. Let’s consider that topic close.

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