Listings agents, that’s you, right, have everything ready before you go live. That is Shana Acquisto. She’s a luxury real estate broker. She’s going to talk about why you should definitely have everything ready right away in this crazy real estate world we’re in. And what is everything?

Listings agents

So let’s have a quick discussion about that. Some of the items are way docs, sellers, disclosure’s surveys, sellers, home inspection. Yeah, do that right. Mud’s PUD’s special assessments, transfer fees, taxes, all of that have that handled. Understand exactly what’s going on. Photos scrimp on this. Get them all in there. Right.

So let’s talk. If we don’t have everything, say you have most everything, but not everything. It’s why don’t you have it all? So we understand sometimes that, well, we’re understanding this and things are getting turned in late. And, you know, we’re starting to see some issues with that.

And we need to stop because when you know, you have a listing appointment and you go to that listing appointment, you should be asking about all these things. So you should know if they have a survey or not. So you can address it right then. Right. Give them all of the documents when you go to the listing appointment.

So they’re familiar and they are preparing themselves for what they need to start gathering. So, you know, we also need to ask the questions we came up witha new form to ask our sellers if they are in a mud and a pit and a pod and all that. If they’re like, I don’t know, then that sparks another opportunity for you to show them where they would find that information.

OK, so if they think, I don’t know, maybe this is what I pay. So we need to get with our title companies and really dig deep into that and find out if they have it. So something we need to be aware of. If you go through a contract.

OK, well, you get it listed and you start receiving offers and you have not given as a seller the buyer this notice before you execute a contract. Actually, you’re in violation. That has to be disclosed to a buyer prior to executing a contract. So do not execute your contracts before you have those photos. Obviously, we need to have the photos. And that doesn’t mean the photo. It means all the photos. Before you go into coming soon, you must have all of the photos or it really defeats the purpose of having the coming soon status or going into it. Yeah.

So just one second. Hirschorn is just think about this everybody just like you zone in on this if you want, like hundreds of phone calls to yourself that are not revenue producing, just don’t listen to what we said. Right. And then simply put it out there and then have every single person call you and be like, can I get this document? What about this? I don’t see this. Right. So you’ll get tons of those. So there you go.

Are they insipid? I don’t know. You know, and going back to that, yes. Like Mike said, you’re going to receive all these phone calls, but it also is not doing the job of what a true coming soon status is. And it’s time to start getting it out there in front of people and letting people know about this listing. If they can’t see all of the photos and they’re going to start calling you, can I see a floor plan? Can I see the master bedroom? Can I see the kitchen, whatever it is.

So, you know, it’s better to delay it. Don’t go into coming soon unless you have all of the photos. I know there are some times that we’ve made some exceptions, but we’re going to stop making these exceptions unless it’s something really, really good. You’re going to have to sell us and Stacey on why we should do that. So.

All right. It only makes sense for yourself if you do this correctly.

Documents say what people are starting to ask, can we have a rental in there? Can we do this? Can we do that? Get your documents ahead of schedule. Once you know that that listing is secured and you are going to list that property, then all of these things need to start, start, you know, happening. You need to start gathering and getting all of this stuff immediately. Don’t wait until right before you’re coming soon. Do it immediately. That way you have it all when you’re ready to go into coming soon. And then when you go to live, it’s just it’s instantaneous instant tape. Instantaneous, instantaneous. I don’t want to say instantaneous.

It is not contagious, but, you know, it is contagious is if you do your job correctly and you really, truly care and do the best thing, put the best foot forward for the property, you’ll get repeat and referral business that is contagious. Great listings begat more great listings.

And you guys are in the driver’s seat here. Don’t let your client dictate to you. They have hired you as a professional, be their professional and say this is why we do this and explain to them why. And I think they’ll appreciate it. You know, people are in a panic right now. We have to keep control of the train and just be like at home. Yeah, right. Maybe practice, practice yoga. Yeah. You like yoga now, right? I love yoga. All right. See, there’s there’s something to it. You just have to gain focus, gain clarity, be in charge and say thank you.

So think about this one. The moment that that client says, you know what, we are going to go ahead and list our property, we want you to represent us, I think that is a great opportunity right there to truly be thankful. Right. You’re going to earn a commission, a very good one. And that’s a great time to be like. Thank you. I truly appreciate that. It’s an honor to get to represent you.

I tell you, I always let our employees know that. You know what? I know you have a choice and I appreciate it. And I’m going to make you proud. Right. So we now need all of these things, right. And this is how we’re going to get you the highest and best price for your property by being proactive and gathering all this information.

Tell them why instead just, hey, I need this, this and this and stressing them out, say, hey, you know how we’re going to get the highest price. This is what we do. We get all these things in advance. Then we don’t have to worry about it. It eliminates the doubts that people have about the contract.

And and how about making it super easy on Stacy sending everything over in one night?

Last but not least, yeah. Just like basically I mean, that lady, she’s going to go ahead and announce what we were doing. But she said she had nine contracts come in last week that were signed and executed. Right now, just think about that. That’s a lot of work. And if you want her to do the best that she can for you, just help her out occasionally. Yes. Just like every once in a while to be kind of nice.

Don’t take those things you don’t like, there’d be like a Boy Scout, be prepared to get all of your items ready before you list.

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