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Why is coming soon status for your listing necessary as a realtor? We’re going to have to talk about that here with luxury real estate broker Shana Acquisto. And what we’re going to find out is why it’s necessary and a few other items real quick.

Yes, we’re going to talk about why it’s necessary and how you can avoid so many calls. So we’ve had some discussions about this. And during the coming soon status, we get bombarded with calls and emails and texts of when are you going live? And, you know, can we see it prior to going live and all of these things. Right.

Everybody’s chomping at the bit to find a home. Yes, they are. So why is it necessary? Most importantly, it is only syndicated out to people who have two prospects, who have saved searches in Ntreis. It doesn’t get syndicated out to the third party sites, Zillow, realtor. com and all these others. So it kind of keeps us real estate professionals in control where we see it first and we can plan instead of your client necessarily seeing it first and going around, I mean, your client’s going to see it, but seeing it without you, basically. So I feel like it keeps us in control a little bit.

So it’s like getting an early look the for realtors and clients that they have set up safe searches. So the most interested people. Most interested people. Yes. So this is the time that you want to be prepared, OK? Now it can be a negative if you don’t do it properly. So what you need to make sure is you talk to your client, your seller, make sure, first of all, what his wishes are. Does he want to avoid chaos and possibly sell it in this coming soon status, which that means no showings, sight unseen.

OK, maybe there are some people who want to do that. But that’s the big question that you need to have with your with your sellers. And then the other thing is, if you want to avoid getting all these calls, then plan ahead by you know, we are really, really adamant about having everything prepared before it goes into even the coming soon status.

A lot of listings that you see will have one photo and it’s not fully ready. Right. So I think that’s a huge negative to the coming soon. So you want to have all of your assets and media completed and in there before you go coming soon. And when you go coming soon, you can promote it on your Facebook and social media and do that. So you as the realtor, the real estate professionals are in control. And that’s why I like the coming soon.

OK, so the the next thing is we talked yesterday about offer instructions. OK, so we’re going to talk about how you can possibly avoid getting so many calls from other agents. Now, you’re still going to get some because unfortunately there are some that just will not read or take the time to to to read or understand what they’re up against. So my suggestion is that in MLS that you put what date you’re going live.

OK, so you need to back up and make sure that you’re having that conversation with your client. So, hey, I think you should go no more than seven days, right? Seven days to me is really long. But if you have all your media. But they need just a couple of days to finish something up, then do seven days. Otherwise I would cut it down to three to five. OK, so make sure that you put that in, not just the private remarks, because it seems like a lot of agents are not, you know, going that far down to to read them.

So another suggestion is instead of starting out with a property description, your description could say going live and put that date in there, OK? And after that, C offer instructions so that those two things in there and then you will have uploaded your offer instructions, which will have all of that. Is your seller willing to accept in the coming soon status if they’re not put that in there. So give them all of this information.

OK, so you don’t want to stop just there. You want to put it in the description. You also want to put it in the private remarks. You also want to put it in showing time, put it in showing time. There’s three spots and showing time that you can put notes may not make sense to put notes. You go in there for the showing time agent to share, sometimes they don’t share all of that, so put it in there. Wherever you see an opportunity to put a note, put that information in there, you can even upload your offer instructions into showing time.

OK, so Zillow will thank you for all that information you give them. Showing time was bought by Zillow. And we are discussing other options. But, you know, it’s really hard when in our MLS that they have the option to use showing time. So. People are going to use them, it’s easy, it’s what we know it’s familiar, it’s what everybody’s using. So it’s hard to make that change, but. We’re going to make a change

That sounded like a real tease, Shana, thank you very much for explaining. Coming soon, state, how it works. You referenced a few other episodes, and I will remind people that all you have to do is go up to the top of the page, type in your description of what you’re looking for, just like the Google search bar. It’s right up here atop it’s added And we have like a whole video section and take a look through there, but always just type something in whatever channel referenced and you’ll see it there.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 4.29.21

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