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Good morning, TNT viewers. I am excited to come on TNT today with a topic. And today’s topic is Listing’s. So this can mean a couple of different things. One, if you already have listings or a listing, how to best leverage that to potentially get more. And two, if you don’t currently have any listings, how are we going to help you find more listings? Right. We love listings. So the first thing I’m going to say is a statistic. And that’s. Ninety three percent of agents want to find seller leads.

So if you love sellers and are looking for seller leads, obviously you’re not alone. But how do we best go about finding those seller leads? That’s the biggest key here. So there’s a variety of different ways that you can do it. And everybody’s marketing strategy is different.

So we want to consider that first and foremost. Most of you already have your social media channels established. So how can we utilize those existing channels to create more messaging around either one, your existing listings and or to potential listings that you want to get? So for listings you already currently have. How are you currently marketing those?

What are you doing to capture different details about that listing and really draw people’s attention to that listing? Are you taking different footage when you’re at Media Day to save on your phone and utilize once that listing goes active? You could do different camera pans as an example to do short videos and then put those on Instagram reels or ETB.

Are you taking the favorite parts of the home and really telling a story about that home? Have you identified with your sellers what made them choose that property? And are you using that to leverage marketing that property? Every store, every home has a story, right?

You’ve probably heard that. So how can you take the story of why your sellers chose that home and use that in your marketing? What are their favorite aspects of the home? What different things have they done to the home as far as upgrades? Do you have they added in different things in the backyard? Do they have a built in kitchen area and do they have a pool?

How can you best market those different parts of the home to draw in? Now, one fire audience and two other potential sellers that may be watching your video and be impressed with the marketing that you’re doing for your current listing. And then the other flip side of it is, what are you doing to attract listing opportunities? Are you showing social proof of what you’re currently doing out there in the market, whether you’re working with buyers or sellers? You’re always viewing homes, right.

So are you sharing some of those different things on social media? A day in the life of right can go a long way, but telling stories goes even farther. So how are you putting out a story about your seller and what they love about their home or about meeting with a client, whether it’s a buyer or a seller? Give thought to how you’re positioning yourself online and do an audit.

Look through your social media post on whatever platform is your preferred platform, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, etcetera. And review that from somebody that’s never met you before. What type of business are you projecting online? Are you showing yourself off as a listing expert? Do you have pictures of you putting the for sale sign in the front yard, going through and doing the listing presentation contracts?

Home inspections? Right. Open houses. There are so many different items throughout buying or selling a home that you are involved in on a daily basis as a real estate agent that you can really leverage to position yourself as a market expert. So take any of those different ideas and put them out on social media. The more you put out, the more people see you. Right. So think about different ways that you can influence your audience to showcase that you are a listing expert.

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