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Hey, let’s return some relisting equipment, we have like a lot of stuff out there. I have even more props to bring in here, right. So we have all of these things here. Right. And what we do is we buy a lot of them, just lots of stuff that we buy as a business. These are not cheap.

You guys know we pay for it. Would be super nice to get it back, like, really nice. What I saw the other day said some unnamed the listing agent that came in and was like, oh, I’m going to bring some of these signs like I really need them. Right. Like it’d be great to have some of these. And then I looked up and the agent took one and two. And then she’s like, oh, well, maybe this one would work and maybe this one would work. And then all of a sudden I looked and they took four of them for one listing.

And I was totally cool with that, right? Like, I know there’s things and then I thought about, like, wow, they already have a bunch and that’s all fine. Just eventually they have to get returned. And it’d be really nice for calling all listing equipment home. Yes, we need it. Plus we’re short on it. We’re going to be placing orders for more

Because we need to change our policy. You guys get signs, you don’t pay for them. You get writers, you get all of these things, lock boxes, combo locks, and they’re all for free. So please, please return them.

Well, they’re not actually free. When I place an order, we pay for them. Well, they’re not as the company

Complimentary to them. Yes, they are. And I want to bring this up here for you. OK, so this is from Medio. So if we’re taking a look at this from a distance, you might not be able to tell, but this one’s pretty nicked up. And what happened is maybe if I show the right angle, you’ll be able to see it a little bit better. And I bring that to your attention because, like, what the heck? Maybe I was in a hailstorm.

No, it wasn’t what it was. It was in somebody’s trunk. And then somebody left it in there and there. Things just scratch across it and it gets damaged and you don’t really think about it. You just drop it off. You’re like, oh, well, here’s a songwriter. And then I look at it and I get it back and we clean it and get it ready. And then it’s all scratched. And then I go to give it to the next person. Right. And it’s like, well, I don’t want that one. That’s all damaged. And no one’s accountable for it, except we pay for it again. Yeah, right. So what would be the best practice is don’t leave them in your car trunk and drive around and sign on.

Yeah, I mean, take care of them. Don’t put those don’t put the lock box on top of it and let it get scratched. When I see the signs, no one wants to take the ones that are all damaged. Right. So we just buy more and it’s not reticulated.

We want all the nice stuff at our listings and you know, we’re showing off a great home, so we want our signs to match. Yeah, take pride, take pride, take pride in what you have. And also, we don’t want to make a new policy.

So we’re going to be buying more stuff right now. So what I’m going to ask you to do next. OK, so this is an action item, another action items action. OK, this is called We got their attention. Yes. Our action item, if there’s any sign riders that you would like. That we currently don’t have or you feel we’re short on, please email that to at Questa real estate dot com right now. We’ll go ahead and order those if there’s just something you want. I don’t know exactly the listing’s I don’t know when you’ve ever really thought about it. That one’s good,

Single and available. You can make them funny.

Yeah, so if you have anything, let us know we have to order a minimum amount of them to get a reasonable price. I think I don’t know. Megan would know the number like maybe five or something like that to get a reasonable price. So they can’t be that outrageous. But if we do use them, we want to make sure we have them. I think we’re short on coming soon.

So we’re definitely going to be we’re always short on coming soon. But I like Nichi and  new ones leave and never return. So. Right. OK, so whatever. Let’s get some of that ordered. Let’s get them all returned.

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