Listing Agent Help In Demanding Markets

Listing Agent Help In Demanding Markets :- Hey, listing agents, do you want to pull your hair out right now? Yep, you probably do, yes. So we’re going to go over some listing agent help that you can have here in this demanding market that’s Shana Acquisto, luxury real estate broker. And I’m Mike Acquisto. The topics we’re going to cover within this are going to be how to be prepared, how to communicate with your sellers about the plan you kind of have. Right. Will they accept the offer in coming soon?

Right. How long for this deadline? What are we going to do there? And what’s our plan for showings in the weekend getaway and what’s going on here? All that much more, Shawna. OK, take it away.

So we all know we’re in crazy town right now and you’re just being pulled in all different directions. But what you have to do, you guys, is take a deep breath and calm down. Just be calm. Don’t lose sight of the process. That’s number one. Be prepared. OK, so you’re going to do the same things as you did when you had maybe one listing every couple of weeks or months.

OK, you’re going to want to be prepared. So what does that mean? It means that you go in and you talk with your seller and you talk about all these things that could potentially happen in this market. OK, we’re in a crazy market.

So you need to communicate with your owners, with your sellers, make sure you are not cutting corners, OK? You’re going to want to hurry and rush and get things, you know, move forward very, very quickly. But we’re not going to cut corners. It doesn’t help, OK, because then you’re spending more time in the you know, when the when the home gets listed trying to correct these things that you could have done in advance.

So be prepared, follow the process. You need to talk with your sellers about the plan. What is the plan? There is a chance that if you’re listing coming soon, you might get an offer. So you need to talk with your sellers. Are you going to accept an offer in coming soon?

They need to be aware of what this means and you need to tell them if you accept coming soon and it doesn’t go, you know, to the live MLS, then you could be missing potential buyers who could pay more. So you’re really hurting yourself. If you do that, if you’re accepting an offer coming soon, this is a buyer. Who is it? Sight unseen. Right. They have put in this offer. They have not seen the property. And so what happens when they see the property? Right. We’re starting to see a lot of properties come back on the market.

And I think it’s because people are cutting corners and they’re just ready to hurry up and be finished with that to move on to the next one. And, you know, you’re not doing your seller justice. Right, just as crazy as you are. Your sellers are, too. And they need to you know, they need you to protect and guide and walk them through it and become very good.

That’s amazing, Shana. Yeah.

So, you know, how long are you going to set a deadline? Right. You need to talk about that with your seller. What is the what is the timeline here? So ideally, you know, you as a listing agent, you want it to have ample time on the market to be able to get the highest and best offers for your client. Right. So is that one day, two days? I don’t know. I personally think you should you know, just my opinion is to give it maybe three days. So ideally, you could say, hey, seller, how about you go away for the weekend? Right.

We have this home ready. It’s going to be listed. There’s going to be tons of people in there. You’re going to be going in and out, in and out. So why don’t you just take a nice weekend away, leave on Friday morning and come back late Sunday night or even Monday morning. Get away. Let us take care of it. We’ve got it covered, OK?

Sounds good to me. I like a vacation.

Yeah. So that’s what I would suggest is get them out of there right now. What you’re going to want to do is you’re going to want to check in on the home, OK? And you’re going to want to make sure that, you know, with all these people coming in and out, that you check on it at least once a day because somebody could leave a door open. You know, we had one last weekend.

People were leaving the shoe covers in the trees and like it was like a party happened there. So you’re going to want to check in on it before your seller comes home. Make sure the house looks good. That could be really upset. All right.

I couldn’t even think about it because they’re not they’re right. And all this is going on. It’s like a colony already.

I’ve heard every everything from people going in and eating their food, even wrappers on the floor. Nice. You know, jumping on the. It’s like it’s crazy, so it’s like a frat house. It’s like, yes, it’s like a frat house. Nice guy. So try to think about that in advance. Plan yourself. You don’t necessarily have to tell them all that, but you can prepare them by having them get away

And maybe especially get rid of all the valuables and move that house.

That’s something we’re already we’re telling them to do. You know, it’s the same practice the site. You say they’re going to have more of an influx of people coming through. And you know, something that I did and doesn’t mean you have to do it as I held an open house. So I had, you know, lots of people come through the open house in. Some of them were with an agent. Some of them worked. And depending on your price point and the demand, you may want to ask a couple of agents for some assistance.

Hey, I’m going to have this open house. Could you help me man it and keep keep things in control? And that’s you know, that’s something where you’re there in your present and you can kind of control what’s happening inside the home. OK, so just be prepared. Don’t cut corners, plan for the chaos, talk to your sellers. And the big thing is, are you going to accept an offer and incoming soon, you know, talk to them about these things.

If I want to talk about that, I would say that you’re going to have a much higher fall out rate when you accept an offer and somebody hasn’t seen the property. Right. I mean, just think about that. Logically dictates that now this person’s excited and whatever that is. But accepting this offer is a scary, scary.

So we’re making a decision under duress. Yeah. And so people make reactions, impulsive reaction, you know, reactions like that, and then they get remorse. So, you know, I want to be careful. Just talk to yourself. Stay calm,

Shana. There are like ten subtopics in this and I know that in the future and continue to talk on. Ladies and gentlemen, please be excited because we’re going to be covering a lot more of these items. Yes. In great detail. Broke out as separate topics. But Shana, that was an amazing discussion and just kind of broke down a lot in there. Thank you. OK. Preparing them all for instructions.

Yes, so I think it’s really important right now. I’m Shana Acquisto, broker, Acquisto Real Estate. This is like also broker and we are talking today about listing agent help and the craziness that’s going on. So we want to talk about offer instructions. So we’re getting lots of phone calls and just agents who are not reading, who are just, you know, pretty crazy right now. And I understand. But you know what?

You can’t you’re not going to be able to avoid everything, but you can do these little things that are going to help you and make your life maybe a little bit easier. OK, so I’ve, I think, somewhat Hannah Senate today that a couple of you have sent me. What you’ve noticed in in MLS is offer instructions. Right. And typically we see that for a relo that their specific offer instructions that you want to you want to follow to get your offer. You know, if you want the best chance of getting your offer accepted, you follow these instructions.

I think we need to come up with these offer instructions, kind of letting them know how this listing is going to play out. OK, so Omkar is going to pull over. This is one we did for a relocation, but it’s editable in writer and you can customize it based on your particular listing.

So this is going to say thank you for your offer. And things that we have in there is a deadline. So you probably want to go ahead and put a deadline for your offers. Right. So put your deadline in there and explain to them how this is going to unravel. When are you going to. So you’re going to confirm receipt of email, right? By email. You’re not going to call them. And we have in here, please review dock’s. This is particular to our relocation, so that won’t apply. But I will offer. What is your ideal offer. Right.

Highest price. Yes. No contingencies. A particular closed day. If they need a lease back, whatever it is that’s ideal for your client, put it in there, OK? And hopefully we get lost, get buyer’s agents that will read through this. You’re going to get the ones that do not. But when you do things like this and you’re not going to feel so bad that you can’t return one hundred and fifty phone calls. I can’t. You cannot. You absolutely cannot. And you’re going to get texts and calls and emails. And it’s it’s unfortunate, but we cannot possibly communicate with everybody on an individual basis.

So you want to put this out there and be crystal clear on how this is going to work that way they won’t call and complain on you or call me to complain on you. You’re going to have it all listed. And when we can say, hey, this was out there in advance, I’m sorry you didn’t read it, OK, but put these offer instructions together.

So other things that you might put in the offer instructions is, you know, you must remove your shoes. Please don’t let other agents in like, you know, something’s happening. And with this frenzy going on is we have overlapping showings. So you’ll have agents come in and go in and passing off the key. I don’t care how upset they get at you. If you took that key out of the key box, you’re going to put that key back in the key box, lock the door and allow the other agent to go in. And they’re not going to like it.

But you know what? You’re responsible if you’re the person that took that key out of that box and you’re on record for that, the liability falls on you, OK?

And then anything can happen. So imagine if you’re doing something underhanded, right? Well, you never took the key out of the lock box. If that was a case, if Shauna was responsible and took it out and she hands that key to me and I go in and do pick whatever that happens to be. And I keep passing that key all day and it never gets put in. Everything’s on her record. And that’s you. Is the agent out there doing that?

What if the key gets lost?

Any one of those items?

Another thing that’s happening is when you do that and you’re in there, maybe you go in there and lock the door. And I’ve had that happen many times. And it’s frustrating because I can’t get in. You can ask, you know, the other person to please wait outside or yes, you can come in. But first I’m going to lock the door and you open it under your key. Right, so you can do that.

The reason this is really important is we’re hearing a lot of people going in without their agent. So if they know and they see showings happening, they may just go in on their own without an agent. So you’re letting strangers in the home without authority. You can’t do that, so just be careful with that.

That’s interesting. So you technically don’t have to put the key back in it, right? You just have to close it and the key can go here and it can get handed and it can be whatever.

What if you handed it to you know, if you don’t know what they’re an agent, what if you just hand it off to somebody who’s not an agent? Nice. If you hand it off to a serial killer.

Whoa, hey, no, let’s not do that. Think straight. Can anyone tell us

There’s a very specific offer instructions. And if you have any questions on what you can and cannot put in there, reach out, let us know. But we have a guide for you in Omkar shared it and you have for your customization.

Yeah. Shauna, this is amazing. I’m really, really happy to cover all this. It should help you guys out by doing this. That document we’re going to put in the chat so you’ll have it. You’ll have the link there later on. It’ll migrate down to the description. So you can see that I did see that a couple of people chat it in. So I’m going to make sure that I make a note of those right now. So we do have Jody Daley from Frisco writes in to us that she says agents aren’t reading the offer instructions. OK, no, no, no,

You can’t help everyone. But when you have it out there, then they you know how we always talk about you need to cover your cover yourself. Cover yourself. Right. That’s all you can do. You can only control yourself. So when you put all these communications out there, then, I mean, there’s no way you’re going to be able to respond to everyone. And so I’m sorry if they don’t read, that’s not your fault.

And then I get no one from Rachel Westar in Plano, a a badass realtor. She says that I changed my voicemail with offer instructions and deadline.

Now, if you have multiple listings that you know, you’re going to have to be careful with that. But you could change your voicemail. That’s a good point. You could change your voicemail to. If you’re calling about one of our listings, please look, there’s often instructions. We cannot return all of your phone calls, unfortunately. So, OK,You know, so using technology sounds like a tip that I want to put out there and a topic we need to do a little bit later. It’s like utilizing technology to make it easier to.

That’s a good way to go, guys. Thank you guys for getting involved here. We appreciate that. And I think we’re kind of good. Are you good? Yeah.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 4.28.21

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