Link Tree For Agent Profiles

Link tree for all your agent profiles and trusted contacts, all in one place. Hmm, let’s see what this is all about. Omkar, let’s share the screen off given the link and see what we come up with your link tree. So this is the only link you’ll ever need. I’m going to let Omkar go ahead and control the screen.

He knows this product just a little bit better than me, but this is one place where all your links come together. If you look right there, it’s kind of crazy. What you see are all these links coming in from above, right? Look, look, look. Oh, those are links from all different places.

And then they all go to one place. So it’s kind of giving you a short code, but all of those links would then show up and then they’ll be a icon of you and a link to all of those different items right down below so you can consolidate all those links into one place.

So if you’ve ever wondered how that works, you would create that account here under Link Tree, you would put your name there. So then you would just have one place that you would put it.

So if you’d like to make all these things a little bit easier for you with all of your social profiles, all in one place, instead of saying follow me on LinkedIn or Twitter or YouTube or whatever it is and giving handles all over the place, all of them come to one specific place.

Then from there they can click on it. As you see in the upper right hand corner here, it’s kind of changing back and forth, and then you would click there and everybody can get to where they want. You can also collect payments.

I’m not sure why you’d be doing that through there. I don’t think you would be as an agent. What else do we got home car down here? Besides collecting payments? We have, you can. You can easily manage it. That’s nice. So you could change things if you need to. You change the background, but there’s all types of cool things that you can do. It’s safe, it’s trusted, and it’s private.

Well, I don’t know if it’s private because you’re posting it to the whole world, sharing every way they can get in touch with you. So I maybe don’t think that it’s private. In particular, you can customize it. You get insights and analytics. Boy, this is amazing.

All right. Well, thank you for bringing that topic to us. Home car and off we go. We are all completed with a link tree. Don?

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Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 11.12.21

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