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Hello , that is Shana Acquisto, she’s a luxury real estate broker that travels for work occasionally we do travel for work.

So we’re going to go over a quick day in the life of a traveling realtor. So this is a question that recently came up and people wanted to know, like, what are some things that go right so real quick? What kind of cognizable? What the intention is, is if we share a piece of us in what we do each day and how that kind of works, then you can find the things that you like and try to emulate those and the things that you don’t like.

You can just let us know and we’ll try to get better at it. But then don’t do it yourself, right? So if you don’t think it works and it doesn’t seem to make sense, then don’t do it for yourself.

So some of you guys will be traveling this month as well. Little work, a little play, but nonetheless, we will be traveling together. So, you know, our challenge we’ll talk about yesterday is, you know, we we try to maximize these trips.

So if we’re traveling for work, which, you know, I would love to talk to all of you about it. We have been having these discussions about how you can travel for work, but we try to maximize each day. We don’t waste one hour of the day. So yesterday was Wednesday.

We left early and we planned for some appointments in the afternoon. We got to the airport and something happened, our flight was delayed two hours, so we were thinking, gosh, we just dishonor our client to this appointment on his own.

We deal with that, you know, we have an agent or two here that can help us out or, you know, we could hop on another flight and get their. Another airline, we didn’t do that, we just kind of. Talked about it, talk to our client about it, planned it and it worked out that we did get there. We got there a few hours late. However, we made our appointment.

So I would just think about that is don’t become so close because several people that we that were around us that were traveling as well, I’m just not going to reschedule already missed my appointment because they had me so close. So I guess that’s one thing. Yeah.

And then as well. So expect kind of delays, but then you made the most of it. So during that time we were able to plug in at the airport and we actually just got a bunch of work going on. I was sending off emails being like, hey, I need some help with this. Hey, can we get this? Hey, should we do that? Right.

So that was good. And it was a big thank you to Megan for handling the meeting. She does a great job on the weekly workshops with being extremely well prepared and having stuff laid out so everybody can continue to get better every day and then sometimes things that we can do as well.

I think the collaboration together is really important. So I hope you guys are all attending those workshops.

Yeah, Megan said there was excellent attendance, so that was really good. And the more you as an agent add in to that, the more you’re going to get back. Right. So that’s kind of a big deal. I think that there’s sometimes distance challenges, but we’re extremely grateful for all these opportunities.

And when we come up here, we see that people do things a little bit different here. So we’re able to adapt to that, but learn from it as well. So there’s so many learning opportunities every time that you’re presented a challenge.

So I want to talk about one thing that we have learned because we do learn a lot is and it’s been on multiple occasions here, the listing agents or the listing agent’s assistant will always be present most while most of the time at these appointments, and these are higher priced properties.

So that could be one reason that they do that. But I feel that. When we ask a question, they try to answer it when they really don’t know the answer. So they kind of, you know, talk about it and then it doesn’t make sense and they say, well, actually, I don’t know, I’ll have to figure that out. So the important thing I’ve learned is never try to to be a know it all. And if you don’t know something, it is OK.

You are there to represent the property and you’re not going to know every single thing. But if you don’t know something, say, you know what? Let’s continue. I’m going to write that down and we’re going to I’m going to research that and get back to you as soon as possible, right?

Yes. Much better to be factual.

You’ll get a lot more respect than just throwing out random.

Fiction and they’re saying, like, I’m mostly sure about that, like, oh, OK, so what does that actually mean?

And you know where we are from another state, you know, we are in real estate, but we are in another state. But we hear them tell they tell us these things and our client and it just doesn’t feel right.

Right. Yeah, yes. Sometimes feel like home.

I’m like, oh, gosh. So that’s you just you tend to lose some credibility when you’re just throwing things out there. And I just don’t want anybody to think just because you don’t know everything doesn’t mean. You know, you’re not going to get respect, you’re going to see a lot more respect if you if you handle it.

Definitely. And maybe plan to eat later in the day. So I like to share during these the day in the life of or something like that, so I personally don’t eat when I travel. It just bothers my stomach. And so what I do is I don’t eat on a travel day before we fly.

So it’s really nice when you book a flight first thing in the morning. So I don’t eat before I get there. And then we showed up and we were late. So then it’s later and then we had an appointment and then we had another appointment and it got later and then we showed another property.

And then the sun’s about to set and I’m like, oh, snap. Wouldn’t it be nice if we got to eat at some point today? Yeah, so you have a little snack because we didn’t we didn’t have any.

But that’s the worst thing that happens in at dinner, and we were like, really good, let’s eat. So that’s kind of a day in the life of you’re not always in control of your schedule. Mean sometimes you’re at the mercy of others, but you can still work and you can get things done.

But you have to be present in what you’re currently doing to have the most success. So maybe you were able to listen just something from from this quick discussion. And I hope it makes you guys just a touch better today. Right?

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