A Morning in the Life of a Real Estate Broker

Somebody asked for it. So now we’re going to give it to you a day or more, in fact, a morning in the life of a real estate broker. My name’s Mike Acquisto, and we’re going to talk real quick about my morning. You’re probably sitting there and you’re like, dude, the last thing I want to hear about is you. But actually, a lot of the people that watch here are real estate brokers and real estate agents.

And most specifically, they want to know, like, hey, what do you do on a regular basis? What’s your routine? How do you time block? What are you doing, Mike? And your daily basis? So we’re going to quickly cover my morning. So I’ll go over exactly what we do each morning and see how that goes for you. So I start by waking up early. I was once influenced by a gentleman named Brandon Hearn and preferred mortgage lender. Solid, solid man.

And he told me that you can just wake up earlier and get more done in the day. He’s like, just sleepless. If you want to do more, wake up earlier, turn your alarm clock earlier and all of a sudden you’ll have that like five a.m. discipline. And if you wake up at five a.m. and you’re not getting enough done, these that wake up at four a.m. and get up earlier and get even more done.

So I’m not that advanced. I’m kind of a slacker. My morning starts at five, 13. That’s when the alarm goes off. And so those are my typical typical work days. So five, 13 a.m., I get up and then immediately I go into the bathroom, then I get half ready to kind of start.

So I go through and I shave. I brush my teeth. I floss. Yes, I floss daily. I think that’s an important item. Right. So maybe you guys pick up that flossing. I think there’s a link to heart disease. I’m not actually sure medically if that’s actually the case, but there’s plaque in your arteries and there’s plaque in your mouth and it kind of makes sense to me. Don’t get lost in it. I floss daily anyways.

Then I do this nasal rinse. Well, that really helps me actually. Super side. No, I don’t get allergies anymore. I used to have all these allergy problems now uses daily nasal rinse and off I go and I’m good to go right then and go ahead and shave and I shave and get this.

All right. To exactly where we want to kind of put some water on my face, splash it on and off I go. So I’m kind of done. I’m half ready and I’m good to go. So now I can do whatever happens to be next for me. So it really depends what’s going on. If I’m going to go for a run in that morning or if I’m going to work out in our home gym or if I have some stuff going on, maybe I have something that I neglected the day before.

So I have like optional choices. So at this point, once I’m up and ready, I’ll normally go the full Nalgene of water and I’ll just chug that bad boy glug, glug, glug, and it’s gone a whole liter water. And I can just feel this new energy rush all over my body. And I have water in me now and I’m like, well, I’m either going to work out and I like to work out before I drink coffee. Just decide.

No, I don’t know. I think I have better performance. So if I’m going to go for a run or do anything cardio wise or workout, then I’ll do that right at that point. So now we’re at about six o’clock.

After I had the water, I had some stuff I like, check my phone, do some of that stuff, and I have a choice. So working out or getting working on the computer that I didn’t do the day before. So now all that stuff is done and it’s time for me to take a shower. So when I’m concluded with that session, go jump and take a shower.

That takes me about five to ten minutes total to take a shower and get dressed also really works out well because my wife Shawna normally takes a shower while I’m working out because she works out earlier during my normal computer time or workout time. And so she’s also an early riser. So that avoids us both. Being in the shower at the same time works out well for us and then we’re good to go.

Normally when I’m getting ready in the bathroom, she’s around when we talk and we do a couple of things. I try not to talk work first thing in the morning. I just try to be happy and praise her for how amazing she is every single morning. So we do stuff like that. Now, I’ve gotten a shower and I have an option for more work.

So I go back in and I don’t know, it’s twenty paces from from the shower and the bathroom over to the desk. So I come over to the desk and sit down and I have more computer work that I can do, not all that happy about it, but it is kind of what we do here in the computer world.

So as we do that, I’ll get ready for TNT and I’ll do some of my last minute prep. Omkar typically calls me at eight thirty to get ready for our daily morning show at eight forty five. That starts live. Then as I do that, I sit there and I walk through and I talk with Omkar and I do my personal probably five minutes of prep.

When I was in the other room with Shana, I probably said like, hey, do you have any topics you want to throw on there for today? She’ll have the option to have put him on there. Four or not, and as we look like, hey, we’re going to talk about this, is that cool and this and this or anything else. And so we’ll talk for just a second to get two or three topics, then I go ahead with Omkar.

So Omkar goes ahead and tells me what we need to do. We put some topics in. We discuss it for just a couple of minutes. And the wife normally is sitting right next to me. She takes a couple of minutes. We review the topics together and we’re prepped about five minutes before we start. Wive, we hit the mute button and then we start the show.

So the show goes and. Off we are with TNT for our first topic. And we kind of start that depending on how long it takes for normally try to be done at about nine, nine or five, nine, ten, something like that. So I normally have my most important meaning in the day at nine 15. So I like to start it right after TNT, after I have a couple of minute debrief with Omkar and he tells me what I could have done a little bit better and what we did.

All right. So we go through that and now I have computer work and meetings. So that most important meeting of the day I like to do immediately after TNT. And that’s kind of a point there. Right? So I’ll do my best work first thing in the morning, try to get up early, try to get on top of things. The computer time when it’s just me tends to be best and the phone starts ring and things start happening. So most important meeting first thing. So I make sure I get that one done, whatever it happens to be.

And then I do more computer work and I sit there and those are things that I actually have to think for. So if it’s a spreadsheet, if it’s cut and checks, if it’s any of those things, I like to do them right away. Anything financial I prefer to do deal with that right away. And as I go through the rest of my day, I try to have all of my kind of mental work where I’m doing any heavy lifting, mentally done first thing in the morning, any conversations I like to have.

I’ll normally try to hold them for when I’m in the car, when I’m driving around any of those types of things. So that’s kind of in the life of my Acquisto morning, more specifically, I know somebody asked for it, so we gave it to you. I hope you enjoyed it. That’s all I got. See you next time.

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Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 8.5.21

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