Life Changes Fast

All right, so life changes pretty quick. Yeah, it does, and it’s important to kind of stay on top of what’s going on, right. So last year we had while last year or this year, I don’t know if the combined type year and all types of things that went on.

So maybe we have a photo that will show off here and see see what we can show you and we’ll discuss it. And then we’ll tell you some more things about how life kind of changes a little quickly.

So let’s see what we can do on car to show that real quick and maybe we’ll pull that up here in just a moment. We’ll we’ll work through that and get this over here.

We’ll pull that picture up. Anyways, while we’re doing that, we just go through and have a quick discussion kind of about what we’re trying to talk, talk through. So with life changing quickly, we had all types of things like covid. Yeah, right. We had things where we could see people we couldn’t see. People were became like super virtual. Then we’re like some people were. You only have an election and that changes things. Financial policy changed and loans got like super cheap. We thought there’s no way that loans can stay this cheap. Right. Then we had prices of lumber spike and lumber went up like crazy and the price went like way, way up on lumber. And that happened, too. So there’s all these different things that go on super quick with with life and everything changes. And no talk about that for a little bit. China and how that affected real estate on your side. You saw that in Idaho, right?

Yes. So there’s obviously such a demand for new homes and so much building going on that they can’t keep up with the lumber, getting the wood and, you know, the prices have just skyrocketed out of control.

And that just totally changed what was going on in construction.

And it’s it’s driving the prices up. I mean, they’re skyrocketing and, you know, it makes affordability for homes, you know, difficult.

And so we finally did get this picture pulled up. So this photograph here contributing to the the wood shortage. You know, what this is showing is that life does change fast. And this is something that I never kind of thought about, you know, I would I would be saying and it’s really weird, I took this picture and it was a little bit unique to me. So what it was, is I got the truck. The tractor stopped down on the lake. Yeah. And so I was working down there and I took that picture and that’s just totally like, what the heck, how did that happen? So No. One, I kind of knew I was encroaching, getting a little closer. It was like one of those things. It was fine. So I had to bring this for the first time.

I would get nervous seeing them down there when we had all the all the trees and the brush. So we worked through that and we get that done and then life changes even quicker because the way that I got it out was I went over and got shot in his jeep and I hope the winch up to it and put it in park and put the emergency brake on and extend the winch out. My good buddy Dave’s there and he hooks that up. And we went the the tractor back out.

No, this is not a midlife crisis. This is just evolving, right? Yeah, we are cheap now. I didn’t think it was a crisis until

you step out. We’re like, we’re not farmers. But let me say, my ranchers, ranchers, the ranchers, you know, and I think real ranchers would laugh because, you know, we just we have a few acres that they’re probably like, really? But for us, it is a huge change.

And it’s we’re doing things that are completely different from what we’ve done in the past.

So and with this change, so this is where the changes. So covid brought us a bunch of different things and we saw migration patterns changing. We saw people moving to areas that were a little bit further away and I saw a shift. So this is a key part. So maybe we’ll go back to the talking head real quick and then we’ll discuss just this here. And so here’s the point with life changing quick, what I believe has happened is every day the shift with real estate is people moving one space just a little bit more for one, a little bit more space. So if they were in an apartment, they’re wanting like a townhome. So they have a little bit more space. If they’re in a condo, they want a house. Right. If they’re in a traditional urban center, they want a suburb. If they’re in the suburb, they want a little bit more rural. If they’re rural, they want like a ton of space and they want something super different and tons and like really remote. So it seems that’s the shift with life. And it seems like that’s what’s going on with real estate. And I think that’s important to kind of understand and even comprehend here is people are wanting just a little bit different with each of these changes. And as it’s going on, that’s important for you as an agent to identify and to be able to capitalize on with them, with your clients. Right. And understand and listen. And those things are happening because covid because you can off is because I don’t have to commute. You know, we were talking about that like some of these offices have like a dozen people in them in the physical office that used to have, you know. Yes. A thousand two thousand people that were in there every day.

It’ll be interesting to see how commercial real estate changes and what happens there. It’s you know, it’s unfortunate. There’s a lot of a lot of businesses that are having to close. But what I’ve heard, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re closing their business, which unfortunately some have, but they’re just doing it differently. They’re changing.  

They’re doing it from home or, you know, not necessarily having a storefront.

So the shift is going to be to much more online, to a ton of deliveries. You were saying the other day how much you really like. I can assure you that I can deliver.

I do love there’s something about going to the grocery store and going to do certain things, but I don’t like to go and shop for hours. You know, I, I go and I like it for a little bit and then I, I get tired of it. So I’ve really evolved into ordering online and I like it.

So each of these business models are modifying and the things that they’re pushing towards is definitely more online. So we’re working hard there for you.

I’m doing a lot of things that you’ll be seeing and those should be starting to become very evident to you and then the video aspect as well, to be able to see over distance to become much more comfortable with video, to be able to engage and discuss things with your clients in a setting just like this, interactive is going to be even more important going forward, not just for like the next couple of months, but it’s changed.

It’s pretty much a paradigm shift. Yeah, it’s really weird. Even when things opened up for a little while, people really weren’t like, oh, let’s get together and meet there. Like, Nah, I’m cool. I kind of like where I’m at now. And so it was a huge, huge shift. Yeah. Yeah, it really was. And what was the other thing about Europe? Right. We heard something about the singers and events and.

Oh so we went out on Friday night and there was a band there that we started talking to at an outdoor venue. We saw bands out. Yes, it was our first like outdoor real venue like that. But we went out talk to this band and they were traveling all over there, a Texas band, but they were going all over to Europe and, you know, different parts of the world. And they were down two hundred shows.

They were they were down two hundred shows versus the year prior said. Two hundred events that they you know, I mean, that’s a huge cut and looking forward, they said there’s a big change in Europe.

I tried to set you up, and what it is, is I don’t remember. In Europe, they closed down and they are having no events. Oh, all of 2020 one already been announced. So Europe is going ahead and it’s for the whole twenty, twenty one. And the next time that they have any event scheduled is for January 1st. Twenty twenty two. So just put that one in the back of the mind there, as Pfizer announces that they are 90 percent effective on a vaccine just came up today after the election. It’s a little weird all of a sudden like now.

But, you know, it is time we are in November. We’ve got two months left of this year. It’s time to start thinking about all of this that’s happened and all the changes of this year that have happened. And it’s really happened fast. You know, a year goes by super fast. You have to start planning for next year. And how have all these impacted you and how are you going to take it? And now, you know, put it into your business plan for next year.

It seems that life kind of rewards the people that act promptly and swiftly.

And it’s hard. None of us really just like of change all the time. No, we don’t.

As as humans, we don’t really tend to like that.

But but adapting is kind of the key and finding the next best thing is going to be important. So maybe a thumbs up if you’re all in to change and you love change. I kind of do. I think that each time each time that something changes, I feel that we win. I think we are able to adapt just a little bit quicker and it’s going to be a little bit more nimble to think just a little bit longer and harder than the others and to put in that effort so. That’s right, it’s kind of the point there.

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